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  1. FS: FMIC

    I have a relatively large intercooler for sale. I got it as payment for working on a car and I dont need it. I believe that its never been used. 3" in/out. Im pretty sure its an ebay core but will fill your front bumper for sure! Lookin for $80 shipped obo. Lmk.No banana, so coke can...
  2. WTB: Plastic door handle trim DS

    I need the little plastic piece of trim that goes on the drivers front door handle. Apparently now that there are more vr4s in sioux city, i need to watch my car a little closer. PM me or txt 641 590 0849.Pic for reference
  3. FS: Injectors and crank for sale.

    I have some parts lying around that could use a new home. If interested please call or text 641 590 0849 to get a hold of me faster. Thanks!Used 1g 6 bolt crank good but needs a polish 100 shipped. Set of 450cc injectors in good working order asking $50 shipped.
  4. FS: AC plug

    Ok so it literally took my local mitsu dealer 2 months to get this and by the time they had (actually 6 weeks before they had) I ordered one off ebay. Anywho by the grace of god they obtained one and I figured it offer it up here. 12 bones shipped. call or txt 641 590 0849 for details. Oh...
  5. Aeromotive afpr question

    Crazy thing here. I bought a used Aeromotive afpr off here and ive got it installed on the oem rail however for some reason the gauge wont work on the unit itself. Here is the troubleshooting I have done.Took gauge off and swapped it with known working one off diegos gauge worked...
  6. FS: Random parts

    I have 2 fittings both -6an one is a 90 degree female to female and one is a straight female to female coupler asking $7 shipped for the straight and $12 shipped for the 90 degree or $15 for both. Never used or installed.I also have an oem fuel feed line from the filter to the rail. $15...
  7. FS: 1g fuel feed line

    I also have a 1g/GVR4 fuel line. It is the one from the filter to the rail. Asking $20 shipped.PM or call/text 641 590 0849.
  8. Stripped threads on trans mount.

    Ok so Im starting an engine build and sourced a 90 6 bolt out of a DSM. anywho long story short i will just be using the short block to build and then be adding the head, sensors, everything else out of #65. So i went to mount it on the stand and, assuming we all know what four bolt holes are...
  9. 14of2000

    I drove up to sioux falls with some parts to trade and met Mike and 222. All around great guy and had some really good parts i could use too. Hope to deal with him again!
  10. FS: Garage Cleanout

    I know a lot of this stuff is crap lol but if people want it id let most of it go for price of shipping. Anywho heres my leftovers.Used FMIC $50 shipped oboAlmost complete OEM IC setup. Everything included except the braided hose that goes over the manifold. Theres also the battery...
  11. WTB: MAF Translator

    Wondering if anyone has a MAF-T lyin around they wouldnt mind getting rid of. I have the GM maf just need the translator. PM or txt 641 590 0849 thx!!!
  12. WTB: Drivers side motor mount bracket.

    Hey, i need the drivers side motor mount bracket. By this i mean the part that the motor mount bolts onto (next to the cam gears) that bolts to the engine. Its the bracked that the two bolts bolt straight down into. Some joker stripped the bolts and threads to sh*t last time it was put on. I...
  13. Quick question about main caps

    So a DSM buddy of mine gave me an old 6 bolt block, crank, pistons, and rods for free this weekend and i had planned to use this to start building a replacement for 65's current 4g. Bad thing is he cant find any main caps and ive read a few things saying if you do not have the matching caps...
  14. WTB: ets j pipe

    Found....Thanks guys!!!
  15. Need help with a FMIC install.....smh

    So i bought a fmic with a dave brode pipe kit and ets j pipe and i cant for the life of me figure out how to piece it together. if anyone is using this pipe kit and could post a pic i would appreciate it very much. Also im not sure this is really a ETS j pipe if you have one please post pics...
  16. WTB: Fuel rail adapter and/or fitting

    I bought a fuel rail adapter off eghay and it was for a 2g, called em and they seemed not to know what i was talking about when i said that the 1g fuel rails were different. anywho im trying to setup my FPR and if anyone has a spare fuel rail adapter lying around let me know. Also if it is an...
  17. TB Sensor?

    Hey ive been doing some research on a certain throttle body sensor and im trying to find out what its called so i can replace it. It is the one with a single pin plug. On mine the plug has melted away horribly and the pin has snapped off and the sensor is melted to hell too.....If anyone needs...
  18. FS: Pretty much all AC things under the hood......

    If you're trying to piece AC back together in your car i have all lines/condencer/dryer/compressor etc from #65 for sale in great shape!! txt 641 590 0849 or PM with questions on the pieces you're looking for. (Pics Tomorrow)
  19. WTB: FMIC, IC hard pipes, trim pieces.

    Looking to buy FMIC, IC hard pipes, kit or custom fab for stock 14b, interior pass a pillar plastic trim piece, pass rear body trim that goes right in front of the rear wheel...might b called dog leg....not or txt 641 590 0849. thx.
  20. WTB: 4g63 Block

    Spare 4g63....preferable bare block.....lemme kno what you have, if nearby ill come get it. id prefer not to have to ship it....
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