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  1. Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    8989691982162467This discount code expires on October 14, 2018
  2. Celeste manual anyone?

    I was more looking for the original one, not Haynes. And preferred in PDF. Usually US have for most cars.
  3. Celeste manual anyone?

    Heya.Yes I know its not a celeste forum, but it is full of expert Mitsubishi folk, so here goes. Im acquiring a Mitsubishi Celeste 1600 ST 1980 (Dodge Arrow in your parts I think)atm. As preparation I wanted the full workshop manual for it, but I cant seem to find it anywhere. Anyone know or...
  4. Is this forum only for the older style Galants??

    As far as I remember there are only 2 "proper" Vr4s (87-92) in Denmark. I have 1(still in garage) and the other is in Fredericia I think. Both originally US cars(LHD)
  5. WTB: Stock Maf + Can

    Yes, Fedex is a little too rich for me. try USPS.
  6. WTB: Stock Maf + Can

    Quoting EgonOlsen: Need a stock Maf + the metal can. You need to be willing to ship overseas.Hit me with a price incl. shipping.
  7. WTB: Stock Maf + Can

    Need a stock Maf + the metal can. You need to be willing to ship overseas.Hit me with a price incl. shipping.If you have trust issues, read my gg thread.
  8. I need smart people. :)

    Finding parts in EU for a VR4 is always a hassle, so to the question.Can someone tell me if Transfer, Driveshaft and Rear diff is the same on a Galant GTI Dynamic 4 as on the US VR4?Considering getting 1 for parts.
  9. WTB: data logger

  10. ODB Plug has no power

    You seem to misunderstand. Pin 2 on the ecu is the diag port. thats = pin 1 on the ODB, that is working. Its the flat 4.5 volt on pin 10 of the odb plug thats not working. thats afaik NOT pin 2 on the ecu?And its a US VR4 so..Edit: Hmm maybe I misunderstood :PPlug ECU pin1...
  11. ODB Plug has no power

    Yesterday I finally got my ECMLink package. Was so exited.Went out and just got no connection error. Should have known it was too easy.Did some readings on the plug. pin 1 pulses as it should. pin 12 is ground but there is no voltage on pin 10.So is there a fuse connected to that I can...
  12. WTB: DSMLink V3

  13. Different versions of tail lights that fit our cars.

    They dont fit, but I have a set you can buy if you wanna try. they are amber though, not white(the middle part) and say Galant, not Eterna.
  14. Air duct

  15. Different versions of tail lights that fit our cars.

    Quoting GSX_TC: Don't forget about the EDM 92 tails, they are the unicorn amongst all the tails IMO.There is nothing EDM about that tail. Not the middle part anyway. Almost all EU countries have long narrow plates, so they would never use that middle part.Most look like this:
  16. FS: dsmlink ecu / SOLD

    DSMLink WikiSeems to be a DSMLink V2 for 1G
  17. WTB: Bushur Sparkplug cover.

    Ok ended getting a friend in US to buy a new ECMLink and take it with her for holiday in denmark. So no longer need Link.I would still love a Bushur Racing Sparkplug cover if anyone have 1.
  18. WTB: Amber bumper markers.

    I actually prefer ebay, they have so much security for buyers. Never had a problem there yet.
  19. WTB: Amber bumper markers.

    these?Ebay Listing
  20. User Diego Missing

    Im pretty sure he has personal issues. I had to do a pp claim to get my money back for ECMLink that he changed his mind on. I never did a Bad thread on him cause ive had lots of good deals with him. Admins has been informed though.My advice, get the PP claim started. odds are he wont reply in...
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