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  1. WTB: Stock turbo

    Looking for a stock turbo for my 91. Need one that wont need a rebuild. Something I can swap onto the car and go. Would like it to come with the water pipe and fittings as I am unsure if my current ones will work.
  2. FS: AEM boost and wideband, Palm Pilot Data logger.

    Was using these in my car and now no longer needed as car is gonna sit for a while.AEM digital boost gauge. Installed into ECS pod along with the wideband. Wideband sensor has never been installed, only the gauge has. Would like to get $280 Shipped as is in the ECS pod. The carbon fiber...
  3. Wideband/logger question.

    So before I got my data logger I had bought an AEM wideband. But now that I have my logger, I was contemplating selling the wideband to get s couple other things for the car. I tried looking to see if it was ok to go without a wideband for the time being, but couldn't find much.I am not...
  4. Hesitations while driving.

    Ok. So after I got my Galant and got it going again to use as my daily driver, I have found one issue.Sometimes when accelerating the car will feel like its missing or hesitating. If you continue to try and keep accelling and trying to get into boost the motor just cuts out. Almost like its...
  5. WTB: data logger

    I am looking for a data logger for my Galant. Not looking for anything special, just something that I can log with and check DTC's.Looking to buy asap to hopefully sort out the small problems with my car.Thanks.
  6. Saying Hi

    So I have been on here for a little while, but have only a couple months ago got another VR4. And all I have been doing is fixing it lol. But I finally had some time tonight and thought I would post up some pics and what not.1991 galant VR 1055/2000So far I have not done much. Bought it...
  7. FS: Hallman ES MBC

    I had this on my VR4 for about 2 weeks. Getting something different.$30 shipped.I will try to get a pic of it, but its nothing special. Just black in color.Thanks
  8. WTB: Non cruise throttle cable.

    I am pulling the cruise control out of my galant, so I am looking for a non cruise throttle cable.Thanks.
  9. WTB: GSR dash Pod.

    I am looking for the dash pod off a GSR. I have seen people using them to mount SAFC in them, and I would like to try and get my gauges up there. If anyone has one let me know asap.I found this pic of it in the archives.You can text me at 701-471-3482 Its easier to get ahold of me that...
  10. 1g fmic on VR4.

    I remember seeing a post the other day about this being done and i am seriously considering it. I just cant seem to find the post anymore. Does anyone have any pics of it done?I will keep searching, spent about two hours on here tonight trying to find it again. lolThanks.
  11. WTB: Drivers side a pillar trim and gas door latch.

    I am looking for the drivers side a pillar trim, and the piece that connects that one to the center post trim. Also looking for the plastic(i think its plastic) latch piece for the gas door. I will try to get a pic of it, but the car is about an hour away.Thanks.
  12. Galant AWD swap questions.

    Ok, so i previously had a galant VR4 that had its life cut short by a stupid tree that fell on it. Now i have recently acquired a 1990 Eagle Talon TSI and am gonna use some parts to get my Laser RS going. Now i really really want another AWD Turbo galant. So can i swap the TSI's harness into the...
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