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  1. FS: Mitsubishi DiaQueen LSD 90w Gear Oil

    I have a full 4 liter (1.05 gallon) metal jug of Mitsubishi DiaQueen LSD 90w gear oil.From what I understand, they don't sell it this way anymore (only 1 liter bottles now).Used in all kinds of Mitsubishi differentials and transfer cases.$60 shipped.
  2. SOLD: 92-99 FWD Quaife Differential

    Not really applicable to GVR4s, but thought I'd throw up the ad here anyway.I've got a slightly used (approx. 5k miles) Quaife LSD that fits 92-99 F5M3x transmissions (Turbo 1Gb and 2g Eclipse or FWD 3000GT)Looking for $750 shipped CONUS.
  3. FS: Cyclone Manifold

    I have a Cyclone manifold for sale. Painted a gold color. Butterflies have been removed and holes plugged.SOLD: I also have 2 of the 3 pieces that make up the Cyclone - Plenum and center piece as spares / replacements / etc.Will sell all of it for $125 + Shipping, or make offers on...
  4. WTB: Timing Cover, FWD Flywheel, 90 OFH

    Still putting parts together for my 1987 Montero project.Looking for:A good quality 6-bolt lower timing cover 6-bolt FWD OEM Flywheel (110 tooth) 90 Oil Filter HousingThanks.
  5. WTB: Long Shot - Kiggly 6-bolt crank sensor

    Hey... If somebody can put up a WTB for a AMG intake manifold, I might as well shoot for a long shot too.Looking for a Kiggly 6-bolt crank sensor setup. Let me know what you want for it shipped & PayPaled.Thanks
  6. Issue responding to threads

    I've gotten this on several occasions lately. It's a real Pain, because when you go back, everything you typed is gone.------------------------- All of the required fields are not filled in.Please use your back button to return to the previous page. -------------------------
  7. WTB: Stock 14b/16g Wastegate Actuator

    Let me know if you have one laying around I could buy.Needs to be the stock 7psi opening pressure.Thanks.
  8. WTB: Exhaust housing or blown turbo

    I'm in need of a good exhaust housing for a 14b/16g turbo.Let me know what you've got.
  9. FS: 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart - Oconomowoc, WI - $15,999 - SOLD!

    2009 Mitsubishi Lancer RalliartTC-SST transmission (dual clutch 6-speed automatic or manual) AWD with traction control Turbocharged 2.0l 4B11 engine (same long block as Evo X) Factory 18" alloy wheels Fast, reliable, and AWD for great traction in all conditions!Upgraded intercooler...
  10. FS: Gauge Cluster, 87k miles

  11. SOLD! NEW! Centerforce Dual Friction (CFDF) Clutch DF536010

    Brand new in the box. Bought it for my Spyder, but the CFDF in there is still in good shape (after 100k miles), and I'm selling the car, so I don't need it anymore.These things are fantastic for holding extra power, but keeping the stock light clutch pedal. Compares half way between a...
  12. FS: 1996 Eclipse Spyder GS(T) - Oconomowoc, WI

    As promised, the Spyder is going up for sale too. It started out as a regular GS model car, and I added a turbo to the stock 4G64 it came with. The really good part about that is that the insurance premiums are REALLY low, since it's rated as a non-turbo car.Pretty much all the upgrades are...
  13. FS: Garage cleanout - pistons, rods, ABS Delete, ECU, Tial BOV, +MORE

    Prices do not include shipping or PayPal fees.Band NEW: Ross 4G64 6-bolt .020" oversize 9.5:1 Piston & Ring set $450 SOLD Brand NEW: AN Fitting adaptors for each end of a fuel rail $35 for both or $20 each SOLD Brand NEW: ARP Head studs for 7-bolt $50 SOLDUsed ARP Head...
  14. SOLD!: 1992 GVR4 - 56/1000 - Oconomowoc, WI - $4500

    1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 – 56/1000 - Belize Green, 193,000 miles on Body Car runs perfect and drives great. It’s my daily driver currently – don’t be afraid of the miles. In short, this car has had most of it gone through and has been fixed properly. I'm buying a new (used) car, so the...
  15. Feeler: Who would be interested in a headlight rewire kit group buy?

    My defogger relay wiring got messed up and was causing some very strange problems (Wires got rubbed through and were shorting out), so I ended up pulling up my wiring harness in the front corner (passenger side) of the car to splice in some repair wiring, and in the process was realizing how...
  16. Amp Draw while off - clock circuit

    I just had a fairly serious problem with about a 2.5A draw on the battery at all times. Drained my battery overnight.Found out my Alternator was grounding out somehow FINALLY (pulled every fuse on the car - couldn't find it). Removed the nut on the big single wire to the alternator, and...
  17. Board Slowdowns

    Been having trouble the past week+. Just wondering if it's been known.Generated in 41.848 seconds in which 41.804 seconds were spent on a total of 27 queries. Turbo powered. Generated in 38.386 seconds in which 38.373 seconds were spent on a total of 6 queries. Turbo powered.
  18. Help me Diagnose a wierd problem

    As a short term solution, I had a circuit breaker in place of my fuse for my trunk mounted battery. Yesterday, while coming to a stop, my battery shifted and pushed the “test” button on the breaker, thus removing connectivity to the battery. The car jerked, I heard the MFI relay...
  19. ripemloose

    At the urging of several members on my local board, I'm going to post this up here, since he has a bunch of parts up for sale now. Not looking to have this turn into a flame war, but I think its right thing to do to warn the members here. I'll state just the facts, and everyone can decide if...
  20. dsmtalontsi95

    Had/has a bunch of DeWalt tools for sale for great pricing. Picked up a brand new drill. Communication was good, and shipping was quick. Thanks!
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