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  1. WTB: Stock turbo

    Looking for a stock turbo for my 91. Need one that wont need a rebuild. Something I can swap onto the car and go. Would like it to come with the water pipe and fittings as I am unsure if my current ones will work.
  2. Rear window guard

    I have been thinking about getting one. Would it help with keeping the sun off the top of the back seats? Mine are pretty sun faded and starting to pull seems apart.
  3. Gsxconvert

    I have been off this site for a while and I come back and see this. I paid this guy for a bunch of parts for my talon when he was parting out that red eclipse. Paid him something like $160. He kept giving me the run around on what was taking so long, and me, being the nice guy I am gave him a...
  4. swaping tansmission output shafts

    I ran into that when I did my trans swap in my galant. It was so simple. Just like said before, remove end case on the trans, one snap ring to remove the viscous coupler, and the shaft just slides out. But dont lose the little ball that holds the shaft in. Mine dropped somewhere and I lost it...
  5. AEM UEGO face plate

    I was trying to find the black gauge one for my wideband and searched all over and could not find it seperate. You would probably have to call up AEM and get it direct through them.
  6. FS: AEM boost and wideband, Palm Pilot Data logger.

    Sent you a PM. phone died last night due to 2 year old thinking it was waterproof.
  7. FS: AEM boost and wideband, Palm Pilot Data logger.

    I can get some in the morning for ya.
  8. FS: AEM boost and wideband, Palm Pilot Data logger.

    Wideband Sold!!!$150 shipped for the boost gauge and ECS pod now.You'r pretty much just buying the gauge and the pod. The little piece I made to hold the gauges in there was just glued in. I never got a change to make a different holder yet.
  9. FS: AEM boost and wideband, Palm Pilot Data logger.

    Was using these in my car and now no longer needed as car is gonna sit for a while.AEM digital boost gauge. Installed into ECS pod along with the wideband. Wideband sensor has never been installed, only the gauge has. Would like to get $280 Shipped as is in the ECS pod. The carbon fiber...
  10. Manifold vacuum sources.

    I have my AEM boost gauge tee'd into the FPR vacuum line. Have done that on all the dsm's I have had and it works great.
  11. Average Tank Fill? Weird Issue.....

    I usually fill mine till it clicks off, than put a little more in. Seems like thats the only way for mine to seem like it doesn't suck gas down.
  12. Upper Midwest "Newbie"

    If your kinda sorta looking to buy, check out I have mine up for sale on there, and I know there is at least one more too. That site is based out MN so they should be close to home.Now that I look in the FS ads again. I see the only one not on here fro sale is mine. lol. All...
  13. Wideband/logger question.

    Quoting DR1665: Quoting Perkul8r: I am not doing much as far as modding. Just turning the boost up a little.Messing with the boost on a 16g? WBO2 is more important than just about anything else that $50 logger setup could ever tell you.Wanna see this thread blow up? I wonder how many...
  14. Wideband/logger question.

    So before I got my data logger I had bought an AEM wideband. But now that I have my logger, I was contemplating selling the wideband to get s couple other things for the car. I tried looking to see if it was ok to go without a wideband for the time being, but couldn't find much.I am not...
  15. Stock alarm system going off

    Look in the How to section. There was a write up about this. First thing people check is the pin switch under the hood. I just unhooked mine. And than go from there. I heard that one is common for giving issues. THere are a few sensors on the car. Hood, doors, and trunk. In the write up i...
  16. Hesitations while driving.

    Well. Now I got my data logger I have figured a couple things out. First of, yes the tps is shot. I was watching it while drving back home cruising at 65 mph and it was at 0.0% on the logger for most the time. I have also found out that my alt is dying, my oil pressure is around 10 psi at...
  17. Hesitations while driving.

    Got the logger all setup and working. And checked the DTC's right away. 2 came up. MAF sensor and TPS. I erased them cause I did forget to plug my maf back in yesterday when doing some work and I wanted to see what came back up. Well. The tps one keeps coming back up. So I am gonna check it out...
  18. Hesitations while driving.

    Ok. So after I got my Galant and got it going again to use as my daily driver, I have found one issue.Sometimes when accelerating the car will feel like its missing or hesitating. If you continue to try and keep accelling and trying to get into boost the motor just cuts out. Almost like its...
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