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  1. High Idle with AC on

    Well this is probably a dummy question but a search has come up empty. Running ECMlink v3. Car runs and idles perfect with the AC off. Now that its getting hot out, I turned the AC on and the idle jumps to a steady 2000rpm. If I sit still for awhile it will eventually go back down to 950...
  2. DD Build 474/1000

    178,500 mile update:Went to the track on Saturday to check out some EcoBoosts. Thinking about getting in to them so I thought I'd go take a look at what was available. It was the same price to watch or race so I figured the Galant would be upset just sitting in the parking lot. Not...
  3. Initial performance tune - Boost and Timing targets

    Thanks for the response guys. Yes I'm sure my base timing is set. It sounds like I need to bring the timing down a lot, increase the boost, and then bring the timing up. Right now timing logs 17 and climbs to 21. Maybe I will bring that down 10 degrees to start, creep the boost up to 20, and...
  4. Initial performance tune - Boost and Timing targets

    Hi guys, sorry to beat a dead horse. I'm looking for basic boost and timing targets to start. I've got about 10k miles on my engine and I'm ready to start upping the performance. This is my first real hooray with a Galant. I'm currently at 12psi and 21 degrees at 7k rpm.9:1 wisco eagle...
  5. Help! "No response received" w/ECMlink

    I just had a connection error that took me a couple weeks of leisure time to fix. It turned out to be the driver install. I had wiped my computer clean over Christmas and reinstalled the software and drivers. Computer said the drivers installed properly but the ECM would not connect. It saw...
  6. New Personal Best with 1837

    Nice runs! Glad to see the car getting to where you want it. I've broke the plastic zip ties on launches before. I'd say its the launch breaking them more than the 100+ speeds. Good job.
  7. Intermittent wiper position not working

    Mine has a mind of its own. I'll have to try this, thanks!
  8. DD Build 474/1000

    10/28/15 Been DD'ing it for the past 3 months. Hit a small milestone yesterday. 175,000. Still running at 10-11psi. Last week I had a frozen left rear brake caliper. Found a replacement at Advance Auto. List of mods I hope to install soon:FPR AEM Wideband Fuel Pump hot wire kit.After I...
  9. New Owner Of 1546/2000

    Did you try swapping the PTU?
  10. FS: Minty stock leather front/rear seats

    I'm interested in the fronts only. This may actually work out.
  11. New Owner of #860/1000 (Mac's old car)

    Congrats, I picked mine up after my second daughter was born. They make great family DD's. I put about 300 miles a week on mine. Kids love it.
  12. Timing maps

    Thanks for the info. I've been running a 1G map with 9.0:1 pistons for the past 4000 miles. Fortunately I have the boost set low to 10psi. I'll give the 2G a shot.
  13. FS: Minty stock leather front/rear seats

    Those are beauty's. If only you were closer in FL!
  14. Drive Shaft

    I get a thumping sound from the rear under wot at higher boost levels. Is this the driveshaft? I always thouhht it probably was. Anyone running the dss unit? I have a 1 piece carbon fiber on the stealth and its been great.
  15. New Personal Best with 1837

    Nice, congrats on the 12. What did you change in your tune?
  16. recommend me an awesome slimfan...

    Thats great news. Congrats. I can't idle mine for more than a couple minutes currently. Will have to try your setup. What radiator is that?
  17. Still chasing phantom knock... maybe?

    Now that you mention it, it seems to happen more often with the coolant temp are above 210.
  18. FS: JDM Dash mat $40 shipped ** LAST ONE **

    SorryMy wife likes to put her phone up there. One time I sent her blackberry across 3 lanes of traffic during a spirited left turn . Maybe this will help.
  19. Still chasing phantom knock... maybe?

    Yeah, I've pulled timing in that area, fuel, added fuel, etc. and it still occurs. No balance shafts.I've picked up knock counts from rod knock and broken piston rings before. Everytime I get weird phantom knock it brings me right back to the broken piston rings lol.
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