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  1. WTB: starion wheels

    Looking for a set of starion wheels. I'm located in Louisiana. The closer the better but I'll pay shipping if the price is right. Lmk what you have or if you know of a set for sale.
  2. FS: stainless radio gauge bezel, data logger cable, trailing arm poly bushings

    Stainless 3 gauge radio bezel made by a member here but I forget who, never used it. $60 shippedData logger cable. $25 shippedNew Super pro SPF1439K trailing arm poly bushings $35shippedPrices are shipped but please pay pal as a gift or cover the fees.
  3. FS: rear aws rack,aws 3bolt, 4bolt, alt, a/c compressor, valve cover....etc

    Rear AWS rack in great shape no rust or leaks. Rubber boots are in good shape as well $200GVR4 AWS 3 bolt rear end with pump, axles and cups. In great shape as well. $2504 bolt LSD rear with axles and cups $300GVR4 trans. As far as I can remember it was shifting fine when removed...
  4. FS: 92 vr4 885/1000 2.3L T4 60 trim FMIC... $5500 or trade Louisiana *UPDATE!!!*

    Finally got the timing issue fixed and the car now pulls hard with the boost set at only 10psi and drives great!Link to previous sale ad.New paint (not the best but still nice) interior is clean and all original except for the 3 gauge A-piller pod with boost, oil pressure and water...
  5. FS: BNIB dsm link V3 SOLD!!

    I'm going to be selling my cars soon and not using this so it's up for sale.Dsm Link V3 $395 shipped with Insurence. Pay pal as a gift or cover the fees.SOLD!!
  6. WTB: 680cc injector isolator thing

    I have some 680cc injectors. One of them is missing the little rubber isolator thing on the bottom of it. I'm not sure what brand they are so I'm having a hard time finding one online.
  7. WTB: XS power wastegate spring

    Looking for a 10 psi spring for a XS power 2 bolt 38mm v-band wastegate. Used or a link to a new one would be appreciated. I have searched and can't seem to find one.
  8. Installing MBC on my vr4

    Just need to know what vac lines to tap into to install my manual boost controller.
  9. Switching VR4 number badges

    I now own 2 vr4s 885/1000 and 147/1000. I have owned 147 for about 10 years now. It was my first car in high school and I have a lot of memories and sentimental value towards it. I was young and dumb back then, always racing it and blew it up a few times. I had it torn apart with plans to...
  10. New owner of 885/1000

    Drove almost 1200 miles in 21 hours from Baton Rouge LA to Atlanta Georgia and back to pick her up. Have plans to add 1000cc injectors, AFPR,Boost contrler and DSMlink. Then go thru the suspension and do a few tasteful mods then clean the sh*t out of it inside and out and best of all enjoy...
  11. WTB: DSM link

    Looking fir dsm link v2 but will consider v3 if the price is right. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it.
  12. FS: 680s with keydiver chip

    Just bought 1000s don't need these anymore. 680s with a keydiver chip to match. $200 shippedThe chip includes: No fuel cut 7500 rpm rev limit A/C cutout Octane reset Evo 3 maf 680 injectors 800 rpm idle Factory boost gauge converted to knock gauge No airflow cap 37 psi AFPR...
  13. How to fix a sloppy shifter?

    The shifter in my gvr4 is looser than a $2 whore in bancock! What bushings do I need to replace, what is the best brand of bushings to use and where can I get them? I plan on swapping in a 1g TEL shifter at the same time if that makes any difference.
  14. WTB: Boost controller

    I need a boost controller. Not looking for anything electronic. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it.
  15. LSX swap into a vr4

    I dont care about your why would you do this to a VR4, the 4g63 is a great engine, the car is precious blah blah blah comments.....Realistically, How hard would it be? Rear wheel drive of course. One big thing I can think of it not enough clearance for the trans. Their are videos of a v8...
  16. Engine build and head gasket questions

    Both my head and block are copper O-ringed. From what i read, I have to run a copper head gasket with it. I found the copper head gasket on summit racing. They have two different thicknesses. I am already running low compression(8.5:1) so i am guessing that i need the thinner of the two. My...
  17. FS: LS1 swaped 88 RX7 $11000 Baton Rouge LA

    Up for grabs is my prized possession for the past year and a half. It’s a 1988 Mazda Rx7 GTU. To give you some background on Rx7s the GTU is the sportiest of the N/A 7s. It has manual windows and locks, 4.10s, LSD, turbo seats, 4 wheel discs and so on. Now for the important stuff...
  18. DuckButterRacing GVR4

    I bought a 14b to 1g mas Dejon Tool Intake Pipe from Nick. He shipped just like he promised and I received the package on time. [ 07-10-2004, 06:17 PM: Message edited by: turbogalant ]
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