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  1. fuel injector # 1 issue

    both wires to on the clips have power to them except # 1. i tried a known working resister pack and same issue. ive also have tried 3 known well working ecus( no leaks or bad boards) and same issue. i have power tested anything that i can think of. i tested the power wire to the all injectors...
  2. black box ecu question

    im wanting to use the black box...i understand the whole harness issues, i have tactrix 2.0 setup and ecu flash. where would i get the stock ecu image that i could flash on the car. can i do this with a data logger from the stock ecu? to me this is way more cost effective than dsmlink. any help...
  3. 47/1000 help from everyone...

    That's what I'm scared of...I've already spent thousands on this car because i had the title waiting till i got back in town from work to Register. I live in Idaho and not Washington. I bought the car from Oregon lol
  4. FS: 1587/2000 Part-out OBO

    still have the interior? i would like the center console top...the lid that open and closes
  5. 47/1000 help from everyone...

    what if they decide to not sign it over?
  6. 47/1000 help from everyone...

    i need to track down the previous owner of 47/1000 because i am the 3rd person to purchase this vehicle without a title change....well i lost the title or my stupid drunk roommate threw it away
  7. app

    Is there an app for this site? I've search on the app store and couldn't seem to find one, just curious
  8. building of a ggsx

    Solid build...I'm liking your progress. I'm also doing a ggsx. I'm I'm about to throw in a 2g 7bolt( i chose a 7 because i have a 0 mile rebuilt one just sitting in my garage) and keep the auto trans though. It is aggravating like you stated but i just want a little more power and boost of...
  9. transmission questions

    Awesome..thank you
  10. transmission questions

    I thought or gear ratio was diff from the talons so the rear ends would bind up?
  11. transmission questions

    I've searched and did find a post that shows usable transmission numbers for or cars. My question is, what transmission work without a rear end swap? I am the new owner of #47/1000 to go along with my 91 ggsx
  12. lowering ggsx

    Lol I've done that to a couple of talons(2g) and regretted every minute in the cars after that..
  13. lowering ggsx

    I'm not really looking for benefit...there are some local lowering springs for cheap so i want to know if they will work?
  14. lowering ggsx

    Another question...would 99-03 galant (just the coils) work on a 91 gvr4?
  15. lowering ggsx

    To use Evo 8 kyb's you would have to modify wouldn't you?
  16. lowering ggsx

    I've searched and searched to lower my ggsx with parts with other dsm parts. The best answer i coups find was evo8 rear coils and 1g lowering this true? I would like to use all the ggsx's oem struts and tophats. Yes i could do trial and error, but would like to know before i digg in...
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