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  1. WTB: hks 272s

    Looking for a set of hks 272s or something similar
  2. WTB: Built head, turn signal pigtail.

    Looking for something with at a minimum upgraded springs. Also need a pigtail for the drivers side turn signal.
  3. clutch/ignition cutout switch

    Mine is fubar. Does anyone know where to locate a new one. I can't seem to find any on the Internet.
  4. WTB: ETS intercooler.

    I am in need of another ETS core or full kit.Let me know what you got.
  5. FS: Garage cleanout, Help fund my repairs

    12' -6an braided hose $5022 spline tcases $65 each.GVR4 valve cover $100'91 Nile black wheels $100moats burn 1 chip programmer $60GVR4 custom 2.5" cold side. fallows stock route. has ait bung. I built this back in 2006 and been running it ever since.'92 talon tails $100will...
  6. 1544/2000

    This should cool things off a bit
  7. WTB: 68 HTA, bastard 20g

    Looking for a 68HTA or another big stock appearing turbo. let me know what ya got.
  8. **SOLD**

    I acquired a set of crower 280's I don't plan on using them so help me fund my next upgrade. Looking for $250+ shipping Also open to trades.
  9. EGR CEL

    I have a non California car with a CA. ECU and I keep getting a EGR check engine light. Is it possible to keep this from happening short of getting a different ECU?
  10. turbo repair

    A buddy of mine snapped a bolt off in the oil return on his 16g. I have my old frank jr center section. Is it possible to swap the 16g guts over to the frank center secton. Both are tdo5
  11. FS: aeromotive afpr RC 550 possible trade

    aeromotive afpr $150 oboRC 550's $125 obo
  12. electronics behind the glovebox.

    My car has been cutting out for a few weeks now. At first I thought it was my hacked up ecu harrness so I fixed all them when I installed my wideband. I've narrowed it down to something behind the glovebox since if I shut it too hard the car dies and if I reshut it it fires back up.. and...
  13. FS: RC 550's

    Help me go speed density $150 shippedNothing wrong with these I just pulled them last week to put in my 1050's
  14. 90 trans

    Long story short I bought a tranny a few months ago and the guy said it was a 94 trans. turned out to be a 90. According to vfaq to put a 91+ trans in a 90 you have to change the cables and bracket, So would I have to do the same putting the 90 into the galant?
  15. DSMCENTRA DRAG DAY Sunday - June 5th, 2011

    2011 DSMCentral DRAG DAY At Cordova Dragway In Cordova, ILSunday - June 5th, 2011 Gates open at 11:00 AM Racing Starts at Noon and goes through 4pm for less that 150 racers Over 150 racers we will keep the lanes open until 5pmENTRY FEES: $35 FOR THOSE RACING $10 FOR A SECOND RACE VEHICLE...
  16. Heater core question..

    This is probably a stupid question.. But when hooking the hoses up to the heater core does it matter what hose goes where? I recently replaced my core and my heat only seem to work good if I hold the rpms around 2k..
  17. Trans info

    I picked up a 5 speed trans and Tcase for $25. The guy bought it used and knows nothing about it. Is there any way to check if it's good? I know "when in doubt rebuild" However the trans in my car is crapped and I would like to send the better on the two to be rebuilt .
  18. Sunroof problems

    Only half of my sunroof tilts open. But the whole thing slides back, and to get it to slide forward I have to help it with my hands.. it there more then one motor that controls the movement.
  19. Galant eating ECU's

    I am having an issue with my car burning up ECU's. I am on my 3rd one in the last 5 months.It's always the same thing, middle ECU plug ends up with green coronation on it and the caps go boom.This has got to be more then just bad ECU's.Anyone know what could be causing this problem?
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