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  1. FS: Noah Galant-specific car cover $120 + ship

    This was on the car for a few months in '08, and has been in its box ever since. Car was intensively washed before the cover went on, and the cover remains in nearly perfect condition. Includes cable lock.
  2. ------SOLD----- FS: White '92 953/1K. CO, $6000

    Pre-emptive first question: why are you selling it? Answer: We had an emergency and had to take our daughter to the hospital last week. None of our vehicles were appropriate for the task. I couldn't sit directly beside her in our Mazda5, my wife won't drive the Galant, and the Civic was too...
  3. castor/toe specs for a wheel alignment with Evo8 suspension?

    The local Lee Myles is offering free wheel alignment inspections, so I signed the Galant up for Tuesday. It drifts to the right, and the steering wheel is slightly off center so we'll see what kind of shop they are. I've got nearly new tires, and the car is overdue to have the wheels pointed in...
  4. WTB: water pipe

    I need another one. I cracked it when I bent the heater core line to clear the scattershield. It was soldered up and lasted for 3 years. It's starting to leak, so I'd best put an unmolested one in its place.-Scott Y
  5. WTB: FP3052 w/2.5" recirc O2 housing

    Long shot. FP3052 w/recirc 2.5" housing. My BR20G is holding up just fine, and I'm weighing options of upgrading to meet my goal of a fuel weight, high altitude 11.90 pass easier.-Scott Y
  6. FS: ESS AMT 1C, $550. You classic audio guys know about these

    I've got my cherished ESS AMT 1C's on Denver Craigslist. If you like speakers that produce a big wall of sound and can shake the plaster off the walls, here they are.The text of the craigslist ad : The speakers perform faultlessly. The grills are original and are in great condition, no rips...
  7. Can the electr. connections on the fuel pump sending unit be rebuilt?

    I'm chasing electrical gremlins, and I need to redo the connections to the fuel pump. I don't know what to call them, but I mean the electrical junction that is riveted to the sending unit cover that passes the positive current through to the pump. Can those junctions be purchased and installed...
  8. Weird Bosch 044 noise, only when engine is running.

    Summary: Fuel pump operates normally when started via DSMlink with the engine not running, but starts making strange noises after engine is started. I put about 1000 miles on this configuration, and one day out of the blue the noise started. At first I thought it was something loose in the...
  9. Bosch 044 intank installation gone bad. Doesn't fit!

    Hi. Tried replacing a Supra TT pump with a Bosch 044, intank. It was looking great, until I tried to install the pump, and the assembly is too tall to fit in the tank. I followed the install here at DSMtalk and mine looks nearly identical, except that my pump sits lower. The thread shows that...
  10. need clarification on alarm disable. pic inside

    I've been looking at the pics in the Alarm Disable How-To, and I can't make sense of it. It looks like the wiring harness is routed differently on the example car than on mine. Basically, the only yellow w/blue stripe wire I can find is connected to the module above the cruise control unit. This...
  11. Clutch master + slave, Eclipse or Galant?

    JNZ has different listings for Eclipses and Galants, plus this site has multiple slave types listed in the how-to section. Color me confused; I think I should get the eclipse pieces, but I need to make sure. I'm pretty sure I can just get the eclipse pieces listed, but my paranoia made me make...
  12. Tool quality question: how much for quality dial gauge?

    I've spent too much time on the web looking at dial guages, and I can't figure out if I need to spend $200 on one to ensure accuracy, or not. I was going to go through MSC, any other suggestions?I'll initially be using it to do flywheel step measurement, but I can see at some indeterminate...
  13. ACT solid street disk. Minimal feedback on the web. Anyone?

    I am contemplating a 2900 w/solid street disk. I ran a 2600 + organic disk for over 2 years of 12sec passes plus thousands of street miles. It was a great clutch, but I want to be able to shift faster at over 7K or NLTS to post some low 12s, and I thought that this combo may work for me. No...
  14. Heater core, Best to go OEM?

    I turned on the AC last week and a blast of visible moisture came out of the vents. The windshield has a film on it, and I can smell antifreeze a little bit. The heater core is original, and it's gone 175K miles. It's an unexpected and unglamorus expense, of course, and that makes me cringe at...
  15. Winter wheel/tire storage - inflate or deflate?

    I'm putting some mounted winter tires away until the snow flies again. We have a storage shed that I'm going to put them in, and I'm going to clean the wheels up, put them in tire bags, and stack them in the corner. Should I leave the tires fully inflated, partly inflated?-Scott Y
  16. EVO VIII suspension, Chapter II

    Here's a bunch of pics from the install. Pivvay and myself did the work, he welded the rear mount, made the front brackets, and provided a pair of hands. I have more pics if you want, just let me know.Subjective rating of the suspension: awesome! The car is night and day different than the...
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