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  1. yubh8tn

    Worth parting or try to get driving?

    Wow, that's insane. Mine is a 93.The galant vr4 did not have active aero. I would love to purchase one of your active aero units, and if you have one for sale, the transmission for the 3k if its a lower mileage unit. My phone number is 208-699-9801, text me if you don't want me to hog your...
  2. yubh8tn

    Worth parting or try to get driving?

    Willing to sell that front active aero for the 3000gt vr4? Mine needs it! (please say yes)
  3. yubh8tn

    New to me 1990 Galant GSX

    We got a good deal on it for it being rust free. You should turn that 6-8 months into 6-8 weeks :devil:. Stoked to help you build it :rock:
  4. yubh8tn


    Been a while but I finally got my engine back from a local-ish shop, Gibson Performance in Spokane, WA. Total of about $4300 with the forged internals. Wiseco 1400HD's and Eagle rods. Hopefully it'll stay together this time.Hopefully buying some FP2x cams from @mitsuturbo and then I just...
  5. yubh8tn

    My car in all its glory. Is this savable? (Rust)

    Drop it off at a rust repair shop and be ready to pay thousands
  6. yubh8tn

    Amin. Please Delete

    what was it?
  7. yubh8tn

    ETS intercooler upgrade. Great option for galant builds. 750whp and fits amazing.

    Forgive my ignorance, but how is this intercooler any better? It looks nearly identical to the ETS
  8. yubh8tn

    Factory turbo inlet pipes and maf (SOLD)

    Sent it out. Thank you!edit: deleted the image of the receipt because it contains your name and address. I thought this all was a dm. Lol
  9. yubh8tn

    Factory turbo inlet pipes and maf (SOLD)

    They want $20 to ship the whole set. $16 for just the hoses. I'll separate if you want to save the $4. My PayPal is @EliDribben
  10. yubh8tn

    Factory turbo inlet pipes and maf (SOLD)

    Dirty though. Will need a clean inside and out
  11. yubh8tn

    3G maf with vibrant filter and adapter (SOLD)

    Switched to SD. Comes with pigtail. $50+shipping
  12. yubh8tn

    Factory turbo inlet pipes and maf (SOLD)

    Switched to 3g maf. Need to clear space. Few bent combs, shown in pic. $40+shipping
  13. yubh8tn

    Car won’t start. Need help!!

    Fresh gas?
  14. yubh8tn


    Price range?
  15. yubh8tn

    Misc Galant Parts

    I would like to buy the tachometers and the steering column trim. What is your paypal?
  16. yubh8tn

    Galant GSX build (and how to evict rodent squatters) from nicholas cesca's thread
  17. yubh8tn

    Clutch Grind?

    Slugs, the disc and pressure plate(and everything that comes in a clutch kit) are the same for all 4g63t's. The differences are in the flywheels, awd ring gears are smaller than fwd. Sorry for derailing, just wanted to clear that up
  18. yubh8tn

    Built 1992 Galant Vr4 #420 for sale

    Amazing deal. Worth driving any distance to buy if you have the money. GLWS
  19. yubh8tn

    NJ: 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Cylinder Head, Camshafts and Crankshaft 4G63

    No disrespect but high prices only hurt the community.
  20. yubh8tn

    Galant GSX build (and how to evict rodent squatters)

    Thanks for explaining the v brace. I'm not in a good enough place to support another car right now but as soon as I can, I'll try to find one. It's good to know about the parts pricing, I almost bought a 1st gen a while ago but backed out. And on an unrelated note, I'd also like to import a...
  21. yubh8tn

    Electrical issues - dash lights / headlights

    Car will start with the clutch switch unplugged^headlights only come on with ignition on. I've killed my battery a few times by shutting the car off but not the running lights because the headlights turn off automatically.
  22. yubh8tn

    Galant GSX build (and how to evict rodent squatters)

    Love the updates. I'm fiending for a 1st gen Montero, hopefully I can get one some day soon. Also, what does the rear v-brace do and why did you decide cut it out?
  23. yubh8tn

    front end panel

    I'll be by my storage building to check in the next few days
  24. yubh8tn

    front end panel

    I think I do. I removed mine to install some 2.5inch.
  25. yubh8tn

    Galant gen8 vr4 6a13tt fwd automata transmission

    thank you for updating us all. I'm very glad it works
  26. yubh8tn

    Doesn't switch to 1st

    This problem can be caused by an improperly functioning clutch system, whether it be not fully bled or a bent clutch fork or what have you. If your clutch isn't fully disengaging then you'll have a hell of a time getting into first. Does the car go into first when it's not running?Make sure...
  27. yubh8tn


    Today I got the engine torn down. I was very wrong with my post yesterday.This bearing tried spinning ^the right bearing is impregnated with metal and that groove looks like the grand canyon in real life^To prevent a fourth catastrophic engine failure I will be letting the professional...
  28. yubh8tn


    For those unindoctrinated, you can read the horrors this car has suffered by my hand here. Since then, I pulled the engine out again yesterday. Oil is full of metal dust and there are significantly large flakes that got picked up by a magnet. Today I will tear it down and inspect bearings and...
  29. yubh8tn

    Smoking like a freight train. Looking for some diagnosis help...

    My experience is heavily limited and, similar to any car guy, very anecdotal. But my car had nearly identical issues to yours, bad smoking on decel, idle, etc. This was on a 0 mile rebuild, though. I have still not exactly figured out the issue but I am heavily leaning towards something in the...
  30. yubh8tn

    new owner of 1384/2000

    Sorry if this is considered a necro-post, but I decided it was worth doing anyway. This is my (almost) three-year update.After putting in the transmission from Shane, it lasted 10 days before my balance shaft belt disintegrated and caused my intake cam gear to slip a few teeth, causing them to...
  31. yubh8tn

    4g63 Mechanics

    Good luck, let us know.
  32. yubh8tn

    4g63 Mechanics

    Well, I don't remember what that bung on the manifold goes to and my car is apart so I can't find out, but you could always just remove the T and connect the one line directly to it. From factory that bung only has one hose coming off of it, that line might just go to something that isn't used...
  33. yubh8tn

    4g63 Mechanics

    Can you explain what you are searching for about timing? I think I may be able to help. As for the unhooked vacuum line, that could definitely be affecting your idle. Could you post the clearest pictures possible showing where each end of the line currently is?
  34. yubh8tn

    4g63 Mechanics

    Welcome! You can quite easily check for vacuum leaks yourself if you feel capable. A boost leak tester and a bottle of soapy water should be able to sort it all out for you. If you don't find anything and the issue persists, it could likely be a tune or possibly something more major like timing...
  35. yubh8tn

    Main Bearing Specs

    I remember struggling with this on my rebuild. I ended up ordering 3 sets of bearings and only one worked. I couldn't figure out the part number I needed so I called King Engine Bearings, the manufacturer of the most widely recommended bearing for our platform, but they made an error and gave me...
  36. yubh8tn

    Installing engine and transaxle

    I've done it both ways. I've had good luck doing trans separately. After putting the engine in, benching the trans up isn't extremely difficult. Just make sure you align that clutch well so you don't have to redo it after struggling to put the trans in for a while. Definitely not speaking from...
  37. yubh8tn

    Centre Gauge Pods

    looks like this guy has one
  38. yubh8tn

    Centre Gauge Pods

    Here's a write-up thread I dug up for you, it's called the ECS pod. I suppose that stands for Electronically Controlled Suspension, as Iceman said. It looks to be some sort of control/monitor unit. Pretty nifty. The only problem is availability. Definitely a hard to find piece...
  39. yubh8tn

    Blew a rocker

    You are genuinely evil. How dare you suggest I run a 2g head on my 1g? I have scoured the dsmtuners forum and now I am questioning many things. It seems the consensus of reputable people (notably Kiggly himself) that 2g heads are superior due to their higher casting quality and more...
  40. yubh8tn

    Blew a rocker

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get my galant on the road again (for the 3rd time) and besides my massive oil burning issue I found some damage in my head. It looks like I absolutely disintegrated a rocker and damaged my cam, retainer, and lifter. I believe the valve is fine but will inspect it when...
  41. yubh8tn

    A/c system

    Also, performance partout has just about everything you need.
  42. yubh8tn

    A/c system

    @pot might be able to sell you what you actually need
  43. yubh8tn

    exhaust manifold

    Are we talking about the classic FP cast manifold? If we are, I'm sorry but this just doesn't sound right to me. Many vehicles have proven to run extremely well with a big 16g and fp manifold. I have read on some forums that changing away from the FP manifold helps spool on LARGER turbos as it...
  44. yubh8tn

    fwd to rwd

    The lazy way to do it would weld some covers over the front axle outputs on the tranny, put some CV axle ends in the front hubs, and weld the center diff. Then you're RWD. But you're gonna break stuff. You could get a super-built tcase that'll hold the power but who knows how the rest of the...
  45. yubh8tn

    WTB Tail Lights

    @pot Got anything for him?
  46. yubh8tn


    Hello, hopefully looking for the whole assembly. Just the housing and the foglight switch would work, or just the foglight switch itself. Don't really need rheostat just housing, figured I'd buy it all as an assembly so I have a spare. Regardless, would love to get the housing and/or foglight switch
  47. yubh8tn

    FS: 2G DSMLink v3 (no cable) SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Hoping for $500+shipping but open to offers as I'm not sure what's fair. I can get a brand new cable for you for an additional $90edit: SOLD FOR $500+pp and ship
  48. yubh8tn

    WTB 91 awd shift rail (1-2)

    broke my 1-2 shift rail end, right on the bottom lug used to shift into first. Hoping to find a new one but can't. Gonna use one out of my spare trans that has 280k on it but need to replace that. Thanks. Code is NPXV
  49. yubh8tn

    OEM Radio Pinout

    I think he was looking for the pins direct out of the radio
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