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  1. On the value of heat shielding.

    You also have these options to choose from, or like me, you can run both:clickclickI would choose only the blanket if you are not wanting to spend that much money. I can attest to how well these work together, though.
  2. Check out the AMG intake manifold. (PICS!)

    I don't have the manifold on the car just yet. I determined the actuator stop to protrude 3/16" as both of the manifolds I have are set at that distance. Additionally, I was able to fix the actuator.
  3. Check out the AMG intake manifold. (PICS!)

    The butterfly opens up a second bank of runners. Hard to tell from the second picture, but the second set of runners joins the first set an inch or so below the butterfly.
  4. Check out the AMG intake manifold. (PICS!)

    I wonder if it is useful to send an AMG ecm over to Thomas Doris and Dave Mertz over at ECMTuning, Inc. so they can pull the bin files, and compare the timing, AFR, and activation point for the cyclone.I can work on finding one, if people are interested.
  5. WTB: AMG "Cyclone" intake manifold

    Unicorn(s) obtained.
  6. WTB: AMG cylcone intake/info to find one

    Quoting G: In your op you never mentioned price. So if it's available in jp I can get it nib. They are around $500.00.G, are you able to get these NIB? Any idea on shipping cost?
  7. JDM & EDM part numbers

    How about AMG engine parts, intake manifold to be specific or the coil bracket and vacuum actuator for the butterfly valves?
  8. WTB: AMG cylcone intake/info to find one

    Quoting fuel: ^^ AMG Cyclone works on the same principle but is different again - the plenum chamber is much larger and the runner lengths are very different in length in contrast to the regular Cyclone. The AMG works by switching between long runners for low/midrange torque and then to short...
  9. Check out the AMG intake manifold. (PICS!)

    I have one of these now. Wanted to post some additional pictures for everyone.The manifold is quite a bit taller than the "regular" cyclone.The actuator is unique (AMG on right)And finally, a pic of the manifold. The one I have has a provision for an EGR.
  10. Exhaust coupler: Torca clamps

    Give NAPA a try, they had most sizes, or could get them quickly.
  11. DynastyLCD

    Great seller!
  12. WTB: AMG "Cyclone" intake manifold

    Bumping this up.If anyone has any leads on this, please forward my way.Thanks in advance!
  13. WTB: AMG "Cyclone" intake manifold

    WTB: AMG Cyclone intake manifold.I do realize that this is a VERY long shot, but if anyone has one they would be willing to sell. Please get in touch with me.I already have a rebuilt "standard" cyclone manifold, and at my current air-flow ~65 lbs/min, I am curious as to how the AMG will...
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