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  1. FS: Star Wars + Motorcycle T-Shirts

    Hey all, I made some shirts for May 4th (May the fourth be with you/Star Wars day) and just for fun by combining two things I enjoy. Star Wars and motorcycles. There are more designs in my etsy store too. If you're interested, obviously there would be no shipping and I'd be more than happy to...
  2. plastidip

    Works great, it's holding up well too with the midwest weather. I'll be spraying on another coat this summer to match some new accessories I've picked up.
  3. WTB: JDM Rear Bumper

    good looking out, i'll contact them... anyone here stateside have one they want to get ride of?
  4. Took the VR-4 to Buttonwillow last weekend

    absolutely gorgeous car james!
  5. WTB: JDM Rear Bumper

    Please let me know if you have one!
  6. photoshop peoples...its friday and you ain't got sh*t to do.

    curtis! why are you giving away my next plans!? hahaha no need to photoshop if i can manage to get my hands on some!

    tried posting but it got delete

    Plans have changed, found a spoiler for my car so this is up. Bought from a local, who bought it a local that did a full Evo conversion on his Mirage. Not sure if it's oem, has third brake light. Looks like it was originally white and someone did a cheap black paintjob over it. Not perfect but...
  9. 808/1000 *Plastidip + Fender Flares*

    Just more snow shots from the other day.
  10. WTB: EVO III Hood Vents

  11. WTB: EVO III Hood Vents

    someone has to have a set they want to get rid of...
  12. 808/1000 *Plastidip + Fender Flares*

    Totally looking forward to getting on the corn, I've heard good things and it's no longer doing daily duty. I'd really like to autocross this so come summertime the car will be raised to fit some bigger tires (currently on meaty snow tires).i do love these wheels much more than what i had...
  13. 808/1000 *Plastidip + Fender Flares*

    yep, front and rear are cut... so it'll never look stock again
  14. 808/1000 *Plastidip + Fender Flares*

    Thanks man! Yea the flares may not be for everyone, this is a Minnesota car so there's definitely some rust going on so I didn't feel bad cutting it up. Because of that, I have some plans to just make the car look quite agressive while maintaining the "reliability" with a simple 16g setup...
  15. 808/1000 *Plastidip + Fender Flares*

    Just some pics from Christmas, pulled the Galant out and swapped the 5zigens back on. I think I'm just going to keep this setup.
  16. No more Fast And Furious movies?

    A lot can be done these days and the storyline can always be changed. Unfortunately it'll never be the same though. They did film tokyo drift and tied that together, with Vin in a short cameo appearance at the end.Not sure if you guys knew, but the guy that played Proximo, Oliver Reed in...
  17. VR-4's that inspire you

    I love those BBS' Get some meatier tires and maybe coat 'em and your car will be perfect sir!
  18. 808/1000 Hello from MN!

    Quoting desant78: Man great job with this car! I can tell aside from me you have inspired a lot guys on here! If you don't mind, what are the specs of yourast wheel including offset?Keep up the kickass job!Thanks man, if you're looking for more updated pics, I started a new thread. Since...
  19. WTB: EVO III Hood Vents

  20. WTB: EVO III Hood Vents

    They sold the day of :-/
  21. WTB: EVO III Hood Vents

    PM me what you want for 'em!
  22. FS: Evo 1/2/3 Bonnet Vents

  23. Rebirth of #1759

    huge fani agree about the lip as well. not to whore out my car as of late but i do have a hyundai lip on my jdm bumper. it tapers off at the end which works well with the bumper, it's not perfect but not shabby for 40 bucks. check out my thread "dipped 808" for more pics.looks great...
  24. 808/1000 *Plastidip + Fender Flares*

    some pics of the whip from this weekend's all mitsu cookout in rogers, mn. The flares yes, were then custom molded.
  25. All Mitsubishi Cookout and Car Show -- August 25, 2013 -- Rogers, MN

    some photos taken by 2of9 from the show!click
  26. 808/1000 *Plastidip + Fender Flares*

    yep, custom fitted datsun flares, drilled in.. my car is a midwestern car, body is far from perfect and rust here and there.
  27. 808/1000 *Plastidip + Fender Flares*

    i bought 3 gallons of gunmetal which is a very light silver in reality. I added blue into the tint, so it looks quite blue at certain angles. Then a gallon of black for all the other parts. Pretty sweet stuff if you're trying to find a cheap solution, u can get pretty wild with it too. Debated a...
  28. 808/1000 *Plastidip + Fender Flares*

    Many of you on facebook have already seen it. I'm happy with the outcome, still have to do the handle and trim and it should hold up just fine until I can get a paint job. Will have better pics up at some point. Next up is retrofitting some headlights and projector fogs. Anyone have any JDM...
  29. Front Lip from Hyundai, who's running them??

    check out my page.. it looks decent but there better lipsclick
  30. Took #801 on an Epic 5k mile road trip last week.

    agreed, love how your car looks with those wheels. props!
  31. FEELER: Gauging interest in CF bits

    Quoting 5OF2k: I'd be interested in RS style hood, wingless trunk, and an interior guage holder for either the speaker or badge area, FWIW.Git 'ER DONE!-Jakei second this
  32. 808/1000 Hello from MN!

    it's pretty level but i will be bringing it down just a tad more. as for the wheels, i'm not a fan of the finish it came in. they'll be dipping it black. i think it sticks out too much with the polished lip but the fitment is pretty good. let me know if you decide to come through the midwest...
  33. 808/1000 Hello from MN!

    New wheels for the summer, trying to get the stance just right before I dip it. Still 17x10's all around. Considering a tad lower.

    oh yea, i monitor on the daily. i passed on the amg.

    Anyone have one? Shoot me a PM what you're looking to get for it. Thanks.
  36. Finally I can complete the 5 lug swap ... (with daylight photos)

    paul! looking great! time to get these seats over to you... man, i have been itching to make it back over there lately...
  37. 808/1000 Hello from MN!

    never switched to e85 cause it's harder to get around here. made 297.7 awhp at the dyno on some pump gas. pretty happy about it, no problems or leaks. chances are i'll get tired of it and switch to corn a fewer months in now that a few of my cars are able to be daily driven. just some pics, my...
  38. 808/1000 Hello from MN!

    yep, i bought it cut already. i would have preferred uncut but the fmic fills it out pretty nicely.
  39. 808/1000 Hello from MN!

    I'll be getting it done by Shane at DB Performance.. probably a conservative tune. I'm only running an evo 16g and supporting mods.
  40. 808/1000 Hello from MN!

    finally tracked down a bumper and had it mounted last night. next up is the dyno tune tomorrow and get my car dipped. will update soon with some dyno results.
  41. FS: Driveshaft Rebuilt Kit from JNZ

    sold, thanks for the interest everyone.
  42. FS: Replica Keyfobs - Updated FEB 2023!

    i'm interested.. add me to the next batch list
  43. Couldn't find a JDM hood so i did this.....

    Paul,I actually think what he did was plastidip it, which turns out quite nice and even. I'll be spraying mine down in the upcoming weeks here too until I can afford a real nice paintjob. Holds up well and doesn't look faded like primer jobs.
  44. Couldn't find a JDM hood so i did this.....

    that's stock evo 3 as well i believe.. nice!
  45. New Owner of #1899/2000

    always good seeing a local minnesotan! sick wheels!
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