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  1. Windshield cowl weatherstripping

    Didn’t even think of that. I did notice when I removed my ac lines that the connector on the firewall was a little loose. I'll check it out.
  2. Windshield cowl weatherstripping

    Pulled the fender and checked. There was a little dirt in the forward hole but the rear one was clear and the sunroof drain was intact. The only thing that makes sense at this point is the windshield must be leaking. Going to take it by my local glass shop and get them to reinstall it.
  3. Windshield cowl weatherstripping

    Ok. When I get it painted I’ll just put a strip of butyl tape on the underside. I’ll definitely check the drain holes to see if that’s the cause of the leak. Already tested the sunroof drain tubes and they are ok.
  4. Windshield cowl weatherstripping

    I removed my windshield wipers and cowl to get the rust off them and repaint them.The weatherstripping on top of the cowl is cracked and broken along the edges and I believe this is the cause of my leak that I get when it rains hard. I’m sure it’s probably impossible to find an oem one but has...
  5. WTB: Stock rear mud flaps

    Oh ok. I wasn’t for sure.
  6. WTB: Stock rear mud flaps

    Looking for the rear mud flaps, my car didn’t have them when I bought it. Would prefer from a Nile Black car but I’m not picky.
  7. FS: Free Parts - Intake Manifold, Cams, 3-bolt axles, rear diff

    I’ll come snag all that stuff from you. I can stop by pretty much any day. I think I still have your number. I’ll try texting you.
  8. WTB: 3” Galant VR4 Catback

    Looking for a 3” Galant VR4 specific catback
  9. WTB: Driver side shoulder belt or shoulder belt assembly

    I’m looking for a shoulder belt that I can install in my existing assembly or the complete shoulder belt assembly that sits in the center console. My car is Nile Black so I’d prefer the grey colored belts.
  10. FS: '92 Kensington Grey GVR4 Partout

    Do you have the exhaust for the car?
  11. Rear quarter window adhesive

    My rear quarter windows are leaking so I’m going to take them out and reseal them. Has anyone done this before and know what the correct adhesive to use is?
  12. The "Registry"

    I have 104/1000. Nile Black sunroof car.
  13. FS: Tokico struts

    I’d like to pick up a set of the Might Max rear struts
  14. FS: last of my Gvr4 dsm stuff

    I’m interested in the wiper arms
  15. FREE: Fuel Filler hose and bumper brackets

    Holy crap. I’ve been looking for those brackets. I’ll take them.
  16. WTB: RWS Power Steering lines

    I’m looking for the power steering lines that go from the rear rack to the reservoir. I believe I have all the brrackets for underneath the car, but if you have those I’ll take them too.
  17. FS: 2 Different Front Grills

  18. WTB: Stock intercooler and intercooler piping, compressor outlet pipe

    Thanks for the replies. I was able to find an intercooler and complete piping
  19. WTB: Stock intercooler and intercooler piping, compressor outlet pipe

    I’m looking for a stock VR4 intercooler and intercooler piping as well as compressor outlet pipe. If you have one or all of the items let me know.
  20. FS: Leftovers

    Is the stock intercooler piping still available?
  21. 18GVR4

    Bought a harness from Mark. Item was as described and was packed well.
  22. WTB: GVR4 engine harness

    Yeah, that was me that replied to that ad.
  23. WTB: GVR4 engine harness

    Looking for a Galant VR4 engine harness. Would be prefer a fully intact one but willing to take a one hacked as long as the fuel injector, cas, isc, tps, and maf connectors are in good condition and have at least two feet of good wire attached to them since these are the connectors that have...
  24. FS: Harnesses

    Yeah if you could send a pic and pm me your PayPal that would be great.
  25. FS: Harnesses

    I'm interested in the stock GVR4 engine harness. Does it have all the connectors still intact?
  26. Partout: 543/1000 (UPDATED w/ current parts list)

    Is the fuel pump kit still available?
  27. New to

    I've been wanting a VR4 for the longest time and just recently purchased a 1992 project. Doesn't have a title but I'm working on that and doesn't have the engine or transmission. The guy I bought from apparently bought it to take the engine and transmission and put it in an Eclipse Spyder (go...
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