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  1. WTB: Stock Radio

    PM sent
  2. WTB: Stock Radio

    Looking for a working stock radio. It doesn't matter which version it is. I may be interested in a broken one too.
  3. WTB: Long shot...Galant GSX Fender Moldings

    Looking for any and all Galant GSX fender moldings. The little plastic ribbed pieces that attach to the fender. Need the Passenger side the most but all would be great.I think it may be the same as GSR and GS but not the VR4.Anyone seen one in a wrecking yard?
  4. GVR4 and GGSX Knuckle

    Hello everyone, have a quick question that I can't seem to find an answer to.I have a 1990 Galant GSX. The passenger side wheel bearing is toast (front). Do they share the same knuckle as a GVR4? How about a DSM (1g)? This is a daily driver so I am looking to find a used knuckle to toss in. I...
  5. FS: stock pre turbo intake pipe

    Is this the intake tube that goes between the MAF and the Turbo? Looking for the stock inlet pipe (has the almost 90 deg bend right before the turbo).
  6. WTB: W5M31 Transmission

    Thanks for the info from car-part. Not sure what I was doing wrong but it was turning up nothing even when I searched the whole country. Probably just going to swap to the W5M33 and change our the rear diff.Thanks again!
  7. WTB: W5M31 Transmission

    Looking for a GGSX tranny. Would love to find one that I can just drop in but I am looking for one to rebuild too.Anyone have one laying around?
  8. GGSX Bad Tranny?

    Never got around to updating this thread....Replaced the rear diff....that was not the problem but helped since the new one was not cooked.With new struts and 4 new tires it appears the problem is in the tranny. It feels like a welded center diff so I have to assume that the cetner diff is...
  9. WTB: Stereo Brackets

    My GGSX came with no stereo...getting kinda tired of no tunes. Anyone have the stereo brackets for sale? I have yet to find them at a local junk yard but I have not really been looking hard.I will pay $25 (including shipping) for them. If you feel they are worth more let me know.
  10. CEL 24 and 42

    Rebuilding the TB since it needed to be done. Probably won't help with the CEL but atleast I will know the TB is not causing an issue.
  11. aws

    According to Mitsubishi literature the 4WS significantly reduces the pull on a car from cross winds....I find the 4WS predictable, just a sloppy feel with my G2's installed at stock height. I just flick the car into the turn and wait to feel the rear end plant. In my opinion the 4WS causes the...
  12. Bought a '90 Galant GSX

    I have a 1990 GGSX too. Looks nice sitting next to the VR-4 too :-)The transmission is different...weaker and the final drive ratio is different so that means your rear diff will need to be GGSX specific. I got lucky and found another GGSX at the junk yard and pulled the rear diff because mine...
  13. CEL 24 and 42

    Hello,Trying to figure this one out but I keep hitting deadends.My 1990 Galant GSX has the CEL on and it has two codes.Code 24 for the VSS Code 42 for the Fuel PumpThe car drives fairly decently with only a missfire or two that I blamed on crud in the bottom of the fuel tank. As soon...
  14. Time For A Colorado Meet?

    Well I now have my EVO back on the road so I have to pick which car to bring. Since this is a GVR4 meet I should probably bring the GVR4 :-) Feels weird since the GVR4 is basically stock and is awaiting a full paint job. I guess its not too bad
  15. Time For A Colorado Meet?

    I have one off an EVO 8 turbo...not sure that will work. To be honest I think I have 4 or 5 of them so you can have one just to see if it works :-)It is at the shop, I will be there tomorrow putting my T-Case in the EVO. I will grab it for you.
  16. need help on spark plugs

    Wow, never considered going without the protruded tip. I often will get blowout where the boost literally blows the spark out. I will have to give the non protruded tip a test in both the EVO and the Galant. Thanks for the info!
  17. GGSX Rear Diff

    Sounds like a GGSX rear diff from a MT is more rare than the VR4 :-)I am going to pull off the back cover of the rear diff and see whats going on in there.
  18. GGSX Rear Diff

    Thats the same as the MT correct?
  19. GGSX Rear Diff

    As I keep trying to turn my GGSX into the daily driver I continue to replace parts :-)Looks like it has a bad read diff and to replace it I need to find another one. Does anyone know if the same rear diff is on a Mitsubishi Expo or any other vehicle? I can find the transmission codes but...
  20. Time For A Colorado Meet?

    August 21st looks good for me...Not sure the EVO will make it out there but the GVR4 will and I might bring the GSX too.
  21. Any one have Exprence with Jack Transmissions Rebuild Kit

    Never said shep was better. Just said that given the choice I recently selected shep. Communication is key in any transaction.EDIT: Plus if I had a problem then I would contact Jack. Same goes with shep. No need to air dirty laundry.
  22. Any one have Exprence with Jack Transmissions Rebuild Kit

    Jack, not having problems with the unit. Currently it runs great and many of your past transmission have ran great. I recommended shep because I have had sheps in the past with great results too. The only difference I have had is with turn around time, phone calls, etc. It just required less...
  23. Time For A Colorado Meet?

    Sorry I was clearing out the garage to put down epoxy. It is now done and curing, it looks awesome.I am not sure I can run up north today but let me know if you end up coming back down towards Denver. I can meet just about any other time.
  24. GGSX Bad Tranny?

    I put the car on the lift and checked all the model numbers for the tranny, transfer case and rear diff. They are all correct :-). This car actually has all original parts based on the VIN numbers and models found on the car.I then checked the tire size....looks like the previous owner...
  25. Any one have Exprence with Jack Transmissions Rebuild Kit

    Shep.....and I say that having a Jacks in the GVR4 now.
  26. GGSX Bad Tranny?

    Thanks! I will pull the numbers first to see what I am dealing with.
  27. GGSX Bad Tranny?

    Hey guys. Finally finished some things at work and I can get started on making my Galant GSX into a daily driver. I love the idea of N/T AWD for Colorado!Anyway, here is my problem or possible problem. My GVR4 has a welded center diff. It is not my first tranny with a welded center diff. My...
  28. Hunting Idle on Hot Start is driving me nuts!

    You said is almost died when you sprayed near the ISC. There are o-ring gaskets for the ISC and yours could be clickStill wouldn't hurt to get the whole unit rebuilt.
  29. Help! New Clutch-No Fans

    On the thermostat housing you should have a total of 4 sensors. If you stand at the front of the car with the hood popped take a look at the thermostat housing. On the side that faces the front of the car you should have two sensors. A 2 wire sensor and a 1 wire sensor. 2 wire is for ECU temp, 1...
  30. Hunting Idle on Hot Start is driving me nuts!

    Grab a can of starter fluid and start spraying it near the TB at idle. I have used this to pinpoint the problem.Have you tried following this? clickWhen I get lost in an idle surge issue I usually come back to the vfaq and it helps me find the problem.
  31. Hunting Idle on Hot Start is driving me nuts!

    That sucks your not seeing a change. I hate to say it but it might be easier to just get the entire TB rebuilt. All new seals, etc. Not sure where but it still sounds like too much air is passing through. Shaft seals?Do you have your EGR blocked off?
  32. 1517's thread ***More pics added 12/31***

    I have a used 2600 if you just want to get it back and running. I need to check at the shop to make sure I didn't toss it. If your interested let me know...its free. I won't put another ACT clutch in my car.
  33. Hunting Idle on Hot Start is driving me nuts!

    From my experience it sounds like your ISC is not working correctly (especially since your FIAV is blocked off). Do you have anyone near you with a spare? I can ship you one that I know works if you want...I don't like to toss parts at a car but it is a simple test if you have a known to be...
  34. 1517's thread ***More pics added 12/31***

    That sucks. Anything strange when you were taking it apart? Like lose bolts?
  35. 1517's thread ***More pics added 12/31***

    Uhh ohh sounds like something bad happend. Any update?Edit: Need to look at post times sorry
  36. Time For A Colorado Meet?

    I am in! I have yet to meet anyone face to face. Only days I can't do are Aug 13 and Aug 14.
  37. DONE: Dataloggers

    I want the pocketlogger! PM Sent.
  38. FS: 1309/2000 Sioux City, IA $4,000

    Bump.....if I had the $$ to make a reasonable offer I would!
  39. Buying a vr4 galant. What do i look for?

    Diego, if I had the $$ to spare I would be all over it
  40. Hunting Idle on Hot Start is driving me nuts!

    So, yeah this just closes the FIAV. You can also screw it back out to the same position as long as you count the amount of turns it took to close it. I have about 3 working ISC motors that I was able to test with so I quickly figured out it was the FIAV.Someone please correct me if I am wrong...
  41. Buying a vr4 galant. What do i look for?

    I have tried to setup a meeting to look at this GVR4 but the lack of response tells me something is fishy. I would get 5-6 word emails and when I offered to bring 1k cash he flat out said that wouldn't be enough....In my opinion this is just a rolling shell. If the title is clean (big IF...
  42. Hunting Idle on Hot Start is driving me nuts!

    I just finished blocking off my FIAV today and it solved my problem. I had idle surge really bad and I simply followed this little guide.clickMy problem is fixed and it is really not hard to do. This is a good place to start because you can always change it back quickly and you don't need to...
  43. Cleaning up some Rust

    I have some future plans to repaint the GVR4 and during that process I will cut out the cancer and weld in some new material. It really is only a small spot for me but its just going to grow and get worse. My temp fix is to keep it from getting worse over the next 6 months. So, here are some...
  44. WTB: A Pillar Driver Side

    Broke my A pillar plastic on the driver side. Anyone have one for at the junk yard was broken too :-(
  45. WTB: Light plugs (males)

    Well I also have these two plugs. They went to the head lights. The parking/indicator lights I don't have but can get them.
  46. Car still leaks, not if there's anything I can do about it

    Here are some places to check that I have chronic issues with...Oil return line from the Turbo...i built my own after messing with the stock ones for long enough Transfer Case......recall....enough said Output shaft seal on the tranny Axel seals on the tranny Valve covers like to leak a lot...
  47. Cleaning up some Rust

    Even though I live in Colorado and the GVR4 is a Colorado car it still managed to get some cancer . I was only going to clean and detail the car but I decided that enough time had gone by and it was a long enough weekend to remove the front quarter panels and empty the dirt our of the pockets...
  48. WTB: Light plugs (males)

    These are two male ends that connect to the corner lights.This pic has is plugged into the corner light.I looked at your pics and my corner light is the same so I am confident that these two male plugs are what you need.
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