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  1. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Happy to ship internationally, although the cost might be quite high. Planning on knocking out a couple more kits this weekend!
  2. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Planning on posting it on facebook and ebay but right Id like to get a couple more built first so they are ready to ship.I hate the fact that Facebook is replacing forums, Forums are such a tighter community for people that are regular posters, much more of a family feel.
  3. custom 20g bolt on setup, manifold, 3" vband downpipe, ewg etc..

    I saw 22psi by about 3600 rpm. My ignition table was quite lazy though, i feel like i could have done a bit better if I spent some more time tuning.
  4. 600hp Vibrant core bolt on intercooler **SOLD**

    SOLDSome of you may have followed my thread on the forum about bolt on intercooler kits for gvr4s. This was my prototype intercooler so its not quite as nice looking as the finished ones and not up to my standards for selling as a brand new intercooler for full price, so Im listing it here...
  5. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Thanks for the support guys, you are right, this time of the year is not great for these types of sale. Ill wait it out, they will all sell eventually anyways.
  6. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Quoting idreamidrive: Quoting GSTwithPSI: Wow. $400 + shipping is dirt cheap. Nice work.Looks like $400 is just for the intercooler, it would be $780 + shipping for the intercooler and plumbing if I am reading this correctly.Correct. This is not far from the original numbers i was spit...
  7. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    I wonder if anyone is still interested in these...Anyways, I'm pretty much done with the first one and all the fixtures/jigs to get going on them. I apologize for how long it has taken.I have enough parts to complete an initial run of 8 intercoolers and I only intend to do that many at first...
  8. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Guys, lets get a bit of a format here for confirming what you want, Im having a hell of a time digging through all my pm's and I need to order up bov flanges and misc bungs to complete these orders. Please Post in the following format, forgive me if you have already taken the time to pm me this...
  9. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Invoice literally just came through 5 minutes ago for my parts. I will be picking them up on friday and finishing up the prototype hopefully this weekend and posting pictures.I will then be accepting payment for orders with an apprx 2-3wk lead time from the time payed. Unfortunately I have...
  10. Portland OR machine shop

    M&B cylinder heads would be most peoples recommendation for Portland.I like Toms Performance Machine and Repair which is just over the river in Vancouver Washington, their prices are better and they do nice work.
  11. Methanol kit recommendation

    I'm a fan of progressive controllers. They allow you to use a slightly larger nozzle and vary the amount injected depending on boost levels. This allows you to start spraying early and take advantage of advanced timing early in the rpm range and help with spool up. I was never super happy with...
  12. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    I am waiting on parts to be laser cut and formed at the moment, still several weeks out, but definitely making good progress and on the road to getting this done!Quoting Munky: I would be interested in just a Intercooler if possible.Yes, just the intercooler will be available, just...
  13. custom 20g bolt on setup, manifold, 3" vband downpipe, ewg etc..

    Still have all this for sale.... cant believe no one wants it
  14. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Keeping pricing as low as I originally wanted is not going to be possible. With the core costing $204 it means I need to sell the complete intercooler for at least $400 before shipping to make any money.On top of that, the piping kit is needed. The cost of tubing, bov flanges, custom cut...
  15. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    No you don't need to cut the bumper support in half, just remove enough to fit the intercooler. I couldn't be bothered, so I cut it in half with the chop saw This kit will clear fogs, I have no way of telling weather it will clear jdm bumpers, can any one think of an easy way to tell rather...
  16. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Still plugging away. Intercooler is done. Hot side piping is just about done. Just realized I need flanges for the throttle body, will draw it up and have them water jet cut. Thanks for being patient guys, I have been extremely busy, and only getting more busy everyday!Robbie
  17. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    I plan to offer a core that has an inlet orientated for a top and bottom firing turbo, I might be able to make them the same if the piping takes it into account.
  18. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Got end tank parts today finally! I plan on getting the core all welded up tonight and then I can start pipe routing and figure out how to clear fogs.Sorry for the slow progress, I have literally been waiting for these laser cut parts for over 2 weeks and before that just struggling to get...
  19. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Quoting Pot: I called ETS last week to hear it from the horse' proverbial mouth to confirm a few things. One, they no longer offer the piping kit to go w/ their galant vr4 specific core. Two, they disposed of their jig and/or didn't make one. Three, not even a group buy will resurrect their...
  20. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    The car for mock up is planned to be delivered this coming weekend, should be able to start on it soon after.If you are ready for an intercooler kit, please pm me and let me know exactly what your current setup is so I can ensure it fits.The goal is to come up with a setup that I can swap...
  21. Hesitation at high RPM's - all gears. w/logs. (RESOLVED)

    You sure are digging in deep with the logs, its good to see, alot of people don't understand how valuable logging is! I look forward to meeting you and the other few local pdx guys! I am planning on taking my car to hms in sherwood sometime within the next month to get on the dyno and do some...
  22. Hesitation at high RPM's - all gears. w/logs. (RESOLVED)

    I always hook up my map sensors with one dedicated line directly into the intake manifold. Ill tee all day long with the other parts but never the map sensor. If your line coming off the manifold before the tee is small enough you might have an issue.
  23. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    I have a 24x8x3.5" vibrant core on the way. Found a nice local Galant owner to let me have has car for mock up of the intercooler kit. I hope to have something sorted out soon.I will be mocking up with stock turbo and also with a bottom mount holset on an aftermarket t3 manifold. More info...
  24. custom 20g bolt on setup, manifold, 3" vband downpipe, ewg etc..

    Never had it on the dyno. No more than 3k miles on everything.
  25. custom 20g bolt on setup, manifold, 3" vband downpipe, ewg etc..

    BumpStill for sale, make an to trades.
  26. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    You are correct, the design of the core is everything and like I mentioned previously, i have had no issues with quality of my ebay core. I have had no luck finding a well designed core on eBay they are all straight through fin design, if you know of one, please share.I will be testing out...
  27. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    I see them between $50-$100 quite often. I would much rather provide a quality pipe kit that fits an oem intercooler than provide a cheap eBay intercooler that people will give me bad reviews about.I think I have found a good design core for a decent price. Hopefully I can make some progress...
  28. Is this piston useable?

    Id smooth it out real good and run it. Like Apex said, the burs will cause hotspots and cause det. If it truly happened at start up it shouldn't have done any structural damage to the rest of the piston.
  29. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Yes, I plan on making piping kits and mounts to make evo 8 intercoolers bolt on, I already have an intercooler. My biggest issue is finding a stock or relatively stock galant locally...
  30. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    From the information I have gathered, a quality core is going to cost around $400, this makes it pretty much impossible for me to even compete with companies like ETS who use the same quality core but buy them dirt cheap in large quantities. At that price I could barely afford to sell a finished...
  31. 909/1000 Build thread

    I happen to have a pair of these calipers sitting in my room...I like where this is going
  32. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Looking at ordering a couple cores to get a couple of these made for the guys that are real eager. I have decided, no cheap ebay cores, I will be looking for something quality.Been doing lots of research, and Im not as happy with Treadstone as I thought I was. Mainly looking at garret and...
  33. Robbies 1137/2000 build

    No more pesky leaky flange/bolt holesWe getting ready for some ethanol!Made a coolant overflow, should have stripped all the anodize off the fittingFinished the downpipe and got started on the aluminum exhaust
  34. Milodon Vac-U-Pan Systems 85700

    I have one on my car, seems to work well. Plenty of other people using them with good results. Results are very dependent on how much your exhaust flows and the velocity.I am using the vibrant one.
  35. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    For anyone following this and interested, I just want to check in and let you all know I do still fully intend to pursue this! I have been very busy with my personal car lately and need to get that out of the shop before I can work on this stuff.I still need to find a Galant to mock this...
  36. Robbies 1137/2000 build

    Did the abs delete finally, very happy to get rid of that crap. I will be doing a full fluid flush and refilling with ATE Blue racing fluid.My used nascar quartermaster 7.25" twin disc arrived, along with a hydraulic throwout bearing. So I can now get started on my budget twin disc setup...
  37. Ebay Aluminum Radiators

    I do not have A/C installed, in fact I have removed quite a lot from my engine bay at this point. There are several people on here with the scirocco radiator, maybe one of them has a/c installed still, but I'm not sure.
  38. Quite possibly a build thread..

    Probably my favorite build, really appreciate the quality fabrication!
  39. Ebay Aluminum Radiators

    I took a gamble on an ebay aluminum radiator. Didn't have any issues with it. Only ran it for about 3k miles. I popped one headgasket and the pressure seems to have bowed out the sides of the core a bit, but didn't seem to affect the way it performed, I didn't notice it until I removed it to...
  40. Robbies 1137/2000 build

    Not a whole lot new, been tying up lots of the little things. Still waiting on the shop to finish my stainless lines Did a little cleaning in the bay, acetone worked well to remove the nasty cosmoline. Cant wait to ditch the abs and build a new engine harness!One -4an for the turbo...
  41. Robbies 1137/2000 build

    Decided to go 3" intercooler piping...Cut off the 2.5" in/out on the fmic and welded on 3". Redid all the piping, somewhat short route now. Somehow managed to fit 3" on the stock TB flange, lots of porting to make it smooth and work but atleast I have 3" all the way to the manifold for when I...
  42. Robbies 1137/2000 build

    Thanks man, im happy with the progress lately!It did have a/c but I ripped it out, only a couple months of hot weather a year and I dont like driving it in that heat anyways.I got a smoking deal on this great condition garrett 35r for $500 bucks and its single scroll, I would have loved to...
  43. custom 20g bolt on setup, manifold, 3" vband downpipe, ewg etc..

    I don't want to split it up because the rest is useless to me. But considering I have had no interest, I will take 400.
  44. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Alright guys, sounds like there are several people interested, I will make an effort to get something going here.Jverts, I like this idea, it means I wont need to find a car to mock up on. Does your setup fit a 100% stock car? Can you give us some details on it?
  45. Robbies 1137/2000 build

    Ah I see. If you are not in a hurry, lets see how I end up doing mine and If it works out without blocking the drain (I would like to) then I could probably knock out a couple more.Keep tabs on my build and when you see the north/south bars installed, shoot me a message, otherwise Ill forget
  46. Robbies 1137/2000 build sells much nicer chromolly ones and I could not compete with his prices.
  47. Robbies 1137/2000 build

    Ordered the heims and misc hardware for them.
  48. Initial performance tune - Boost and Timing targets

    Yea im almost to the point of just filling up a couple 55gal drums from Jays, i think there is another place in hillsboro?Getting off topic but ugh i want e85!
  49. Robbies 1137/2000 build

    Made a tube subframe this evening. I will add some bars later. This will give me some room to run my hotside charge pipe down low away from the radiator and downpipe. Tommorrow I will be modfifying a couple lifters to be solid adjustable so I can time my cams. Also bought an aem CDI so I can put...
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