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  1. how many of you have a "budget"build on your GVR4?

    I have maybe 1600 in 1755 bought her as a shell for $800, my buddy sold me a recently rebuilt engine and trans from his talon went through it with all new gaskets, new clutch replaced the wheel bearings and brakes and tie rod ends im very budgeted atm unfortunately
  2. 1755 lives on!

    Haven't been keeping this updated butttt click she runs!
  3. 1755 lives on!

    ^^ Yes they do Well got a lot of work done today on her, She's AWD again! Haha got the axles installed, tcase bolted up, clutch bled, most wiring done, and a good section of intercooler piping!
  4. 1755 lives on!

    Got the motor placed in the bay then got surprised by a free lynyrd skynyrd concert so I left everything where it was haha.and today I got the engine bolted up
  5. Looking for a new clutch

    Exedy stage 1
  6. new owner of #1755/2000

    Thanks guys!Quoting turbophein: Of course it was clean! It was one of mine, once upon a time! One of my all time favorites.just think if i didn't hold out for almost a year trying to sell it, it would of been scrapped and never seen again. i just couldn't do it. good thing i had the...
  7. tried joining an evo group and i get shut down xD

    I got into my local evo group (NEEVO) no problem haha even got a warm welcome.
  8. 1755 lives on!

    Hey guys picked up 1755 a little over 2 months ago as a rolling shell and saw she's been posted on here a couple of times, and i figured i should post a build thread to show that she's still kickin! If any of her previous owners are still on here id love to here some feedback from you guys!me...
  9. new owner of #1755/2000

    Thanks guys cant wait to start really wrenching on her! Just pulled the engine and tranny out of the talon today.
  10. new owner of #1755/2000

    Hey guys new here and just picked up #1755/2000 i see the car has been posted here multiple times and im glad im able to add to her story and save her!1755 next to her donor car 92 Talon tsi.
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