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  1. FS: 2 galants are being parted!

    I'm going to be putting one together so parting out is very limited. I'll keep ya updated on what I'm not using and make a thread of it all.
  2. FS: 2 galants are being parted!

    I have them now.
  3. 1517's thread ***More pics added 12/31***

    this is all bad, diego told me about your build when i met up to look at 1309
  4. I found....

    now i just need to own one fack!
  5. i wonder

    almost crazy enough to make sense
  6. i wonder

    Ive been wondering if they ran really good or mechanical nightmares due to the number lol
  7. i wonder

    i wonder what happened to cars 666/2000 and 666/1000?
  8. Slow to start what's draining the Battery?????

    check check and re check all your grounds and positive cable to make sure there isnt a short somewhere also check if the diode on your alternator is open (simple check at autozone), if everything checks out good than make sure all the bolts or fasteners are tight with the battery.
  9. I'm a new guy!

    welcome, have fun and behave yourself, aaaaah just kidding, but seriously have fun
  10. what's up

    Whats up everyone, my name is jordan, from colorado and like everyone else love gvr4's. I have been on this site for just under 2 years now gaining knowledge and some what laying low for the most part (and lack of not having a computer). I dont have my gvr4 yet but i am in the process of buying...
  11. Painting over carbon fiber...

    i just finished composite material technology, and carbon fiber was our main material, we had to repair, bondo and paint the parts we made. so for a little insight on the subject, it is very possible (like everyone else said basically) do a thin layer of primer (epoxy does work a bit better imo)...
  12. FS: 1991 Galant VR4 - NorCal - $4,000

    i am interested in the car but only one problem i live in CO
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