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  1. ApexHunter

    I want to thank him for sending an extra 20$ for the tail lights he bought from me. I seriously miscalculated the shipping costs to send them to him, he voluntarily sent the extra money to my paypal, even though I told him not to. I ended up using the money to make a donation to the site...
  2. FS: headlights, taillights, mirrors, glove box, corners NEW PRICES!

    Glovebox is still available. Pm if you want it, I will get it out asap.
  3. unistylef

    +1 to that. We had a very good transaction, everything went well because communication was good. Brian went above and beyond what the original deal was. I have had several tire-kickers lately, folks telling me that they want something, I drag it out to take pics and package it up, then I...
  4. FS: headlights, taillights, mirrors, glove box, corners NEW PRICES!

    all of these wonderful parts can be yours today! Well, maybe in a couple of days from now. All prices are what I think are comparable to past sales from other members. If you think I am crazy about a certain price on something you want, let me know, I am reasonable. Add shipping costs...
  5. FS: Complete steering column, and or wheel/comb. switches

    I have a complete steering column for the taking, 100$ plus shipping. If you are not looking for the whole column, I will separate the wheel and sell for 75$ + shipping. The leather is in good condition with a little wear, but not too much for the age of the wheel. I will also throw in the...
  6. WTB: interior parts

    you have a pm.
  7. WTB: transmission in midwest

    If it doesn't work out, I have a 1st gen trans for 200 as well.
  8. Gg: Jason G.

    +1 bought some ammo brass, well packaged, fast shipping, great overall transaction. Thanks a bunch Jason.
  9. NEED a running engine

    I have one, 6 bolt longblock with turbo and manifolds and everything else, ready to drop in, I'm in eastern indiana though. I just got quotes on shipping a trans, it was over 200. A long block is going to be much more, I'm assuming. I think it may be worth the drive. I have lots of other...
  10. WTB: Handgun and rifle brass

    Jason-pm'd, Terry, thanks for the offer, I just don't have any use for 40's, Definitely interested in 45's when you get them. I have a bunch of 40's already, but don't have a 40 cal, just stuff I have been given or picked up. Thanks again guys.
  11. WTB: Handgun and rifle brass

    Like I said, wtb .45 acp and .223/5.56 once fired brass. I reload all of my ammo, and have used up most of what I have. I want brass, not aluminum or steel, as those can't be reloaded. For the .223/5.56 I would prefer those without a military crimp on the primers, but would still consider...
  12. FOUND: USDM Foglights and brackets

    I have a set, you have a PM.
  13. FS:complete eng, drivetrain, subframes, body parts,wheels

    I am hopefully going to get around to calling a carrier today about another part, I will try to find out about shipping the motor too.
  14. FS:complete eng, drivetrain, subframes, body parts,wheels

    Hey guys, just realized what a pita it's going to be to get all of this stuff out without a paypal account. Too much hassle. So... let me know if there is anything you are interested in, couple of items are possibly pending, but nothing is for sure yet. Thanks.Also, like I said in original...
  15. FS:complete eng, drivetrain, subframes, body parts,wheels

    was planning on selling as a set. 20 bucks? I'll pay shipping.
  16. FS:complete eng, drivetrain, subframes, body parts,wheels

    All of this stuff for sale: All of these parts are used with the exception of a few badges. I make no guarantees that the parts are perfect. They have been sitting for a few years, but should be in good working order for a daily driver. There are a few parts that I have no experience with or...
  17. WTB: Like new driver window switch?

    I probably do. I'm in Muncie. I'm really busy right now, but I'll try to look tonight.
  18. WTB: trans

    I have one i want gone. I'll send a pm later or tomorrow, really busy right now.
  19. Ball joint removal

    in my opinion, it would be much simpler to not by the tool, and take the c-arm's to a shop and have them do it on a big shop press. Obviously, that doesn't work if the car being repaired is your only one, or you can't afford it, but most shops will do it reasonably cheap, if they don't have to...
  20. body question-anyone ever roll without exterior door trim?

    Oh, I do bodywork. However, I don't really like the idea of using sheetmetal screws. So, I guess I can assume that this has never been done before, or at least, no one has pics. First time for everything....
  21. body question-anyone ever roll without exterior door trim?

    I understand that the doors are the same, and I have two sets of doors for the car. One thing i considered during my build was to leave the door skirts off, and weld over the holes. I would still have the other set of doors to put on if I don't like it, but I mocked it up before teardown, and...
  22. must be something other than the ecu

    ^^^that's what I meant to say, thanks for correcting me.
  23. body question-anyone ever roll without exterior door trim?

    Anybody on here ever shave the exterior plastic panel on thier doors? I've been contemplating this ever since I started my build. I'm not really a big fan of them, and think the car would look nice without them, and a few other things. If anybody has, please let me know, or if someone has...
  24. must be something other than the ecu

    i haven't read your old thread, but have you looked into the injector relay? Gold box looking thingy down by the ecu.
  25. I need wiring help please

    atc250r, are speaking of the pink wire?
  26. I need wiring help please

    eureka!!! I think I just firgured it out. Here goes. The green and red wire in the ecu harness is probably not supposed to be therre. That pin was for california cars, and wasused for the egr system, according to the pin diagram in the how to archive. However, the wire color that would have...
  27. I need wiring help please

    Someone please help me identify the purpose and routing of these two wires. Right now I'm knee deep in fixing all of the &^%%#*(# jacked up splices/taped-up/scotch locked connections on my project. I came across these two wires that have been cut/spliced into aftermarket wires. I cannot find...
  28. Window Urethane, where to get??

    ^^^I know, that's why I specified "the u.s."
  29. Window Urethane, where to get??

    most auto parts stores in the u.s. carry that.
  30. gvr4315/andy

    Andy, how do you find the time to log in, and send out other parts, but can't seem to find the time to send me back my money? Do you think you can find the time to act like a big person and send me back my money?
  31. BoostedAWD91

    good guy. I received my brake lines on time, in good shape, and he communicated well. Thanks again.
  32. Need Help- loud clunking noise from the front passenger side

    brake caliper or mounting bracket? Could something be loose like the abs unit? those have rubber bushings between the unit and body, maybe one or all came out. Things like these would not show up by simply jouncing the car up and down, like they would when going over railroad tracks. Does...
  33. slow window... how much time do I have (and other questions)

    sounds to me like the regulator motor is going bad. Have you checked voltage at the motor terminals? If it's around 12.6 volts, and nothing is binding, then the motor is going bad. Replace it soon, or stop using it. If it quits in the down position, and Murphy's law tells us that it will...
  34. gvr4315/andy

    Well, as of yet, I have received no fender, no money, and no response. I see that you are still checking in occasionally, Andy, but don't have the common decency to do the right thing. Maybe I'll have to look into some other options...
  35. gvr4315/andy

    Forget about sending the fender. Luckily for me I found one in a junk yard. Just send back my money.
  36. gvr4315/andy

    Terrrible seller. Plain and simple. I discovered in a parts for sale thread, which has now been deleted, that this member had a drivers side fender for sale. I sent a PM to him regarding the condition and price of the fender. His response was that the fender was in good condition and that he...
  37. New cup holders!!!!

    you may want to check out an older nissan maxima cupholder. They had one that worked in the radio slot, but it took up the whole space, it also doubled as a storage bin, if you wanted. I think it was on the early 90's models. Would probably fir our interior nicely.
  38. $25 home depot rally car paint job

    he only had 25 dollars, not 28.50. jeez.
  39. air blowing out my intake

    blown i/c pipe?
  40. seat mount bolt broken!

    jepherz is correct. The stud CANNOT be accessed from under the car. I just went out and looked at mine, which is on a rotisserie right now. There is no access from there. You would have to cut a hole in the bottom of the floorpan, and through the driveshaft/exhaust shield that is also welded...
  41. my galant is naked!

    not really. More like a lot of work.
  42. my galant is naked!

    POR-15 time!me likee por-15
  43. 1126 rebuild

    you would not use any belt with a/c removed. The a/c has a dedicated belt and tensioner, so without a compressor, there is no need.
  44. my galant is naked!

    Alright, some new pics and updates. I borrowed a plasma cutter yesterday and finally cut the rockers off. What a mess. The exterior panels were actually in much better condition than the unseen reinforcement panels under the rockers. I also have pretty much finished up the stitch welding...
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