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  1. FS: 1990 gsx vr4 conversion 97503 Oregon $ 2500

    90 galant gsx, very rare (1700) produced. its awd turbo. Registered to 2013 imported jdm 4g63 motor, around 60k Lancer evo 3 16g turbo polished external wastegate boost regulator full 3 inch exhaust with flowmaster evo 8 injectors evo 8 pollished fp regulator evo 8 fuel pump safcII...
  2. ashley

    beaner i have accepted all the blame, as i have already told you, get on with it.... As far as you publishing an unlisted number with out the owners permission (and yes even if its members only) is illegal, do yourself a favor and look into it. That is why hertz is not saying anything about it...
  3. ashley

    i have received payment, and he has received the ecu, would you like a tracking number?
  4. ashley

    hertz did you not read? it is complete.
  5. ashley

    I am tired of getting harassed because click published my personal phone number. I talked to a friend/sheriff earlier and he said, "It is absolutely illegal to publicly release an unlisted/do not call list phone number and you could press charges if desired"... I strongly suggest the host of...
  6. ashley

    my phone number is on the do not call list and is unlisted remove it now!
  7. ashley

    my phone number is unlisted and on the do not call list!!!!!!!!!!! i suggest the owner of this forum take my number off now. you do not have my permission to show it.
  8. ashley

    not only that, but he is relay pissing off my wife from all the immature texting. this transaction is a damn joke. whats funny is he says "all i want to do is tune my car" but he told me he already has dsmlink v2. and just wanted to upgrade to v3. so wtf?
  9. ashley

    Oh an why should i send you the part when i don't even have the money in my account for the part its not that i don't have money its the fact that the money for the part is not in the account, so yes i asked you so kindly contact pay pal but no now we are both waiting because i don't feel...
  10. ashley

    to everyone who cares first of all beaner you did not tell the whole story! like i told you, the ecu was sent by a guy i have working for me. he sent the wrong one, beaner then called,text and harassed me non stop while i was camping for 3 days, as soon as i could i called him back. i thought...
  11. WTB: hood

    hi i can trade a polished evo3 16g mhi turbo for an aftermarket hood plus cash on my end. or??
  12. FS: go-fast goodies in whitecity oregon 97503

    put the car back to stock price includes shipping in us only paypal accepted check after clearing1gb dsm link v3, ecu, 20 foot of cable, cd, $soldevo3 mhi big 16g turbo polshed, setup for external gate and extra boost/vac. port instaled $350force performance manifold $ sold...
  13. WTB: Looking for a BIG 16

    hi i have one, its polished,shaved, and setup for external only, ill get pix soon. asking $400
  14. WTB: EVO 8 body parts and more

    im looking for the same, are you trying to do a front end swap too?
  15. WTB: gvr4 driver seat cushion

    hi i am looking for only the bottom driver seat cushion(gvr4) thanks!

    I decides to make a parts washer to clean all the greasy brackets and what not while i was rebuilding my engine.why: 1.cheaper to diy than take to machine shop 2.easy to build 3.very practicalparts: 50 gallon plastic drum($15 steal scrap yard) 12 volt water pump($50grange co-op) 8' 3/8...
  17. 14b turbo upgrade/dress-up

    how to on a cheap turbo upgrade/dress-up.the reason i did this is because:A) it looks great. B) it is not changing your motor configuration enough to need to tune. C) it will help with turbo spool A LOT D) easy to set boost E) CHEAP!Tools: -c-clip pliers ($10 craftsman, sears) -grinder($20...
  18. evo 8 injectors and evo 8 fpr swap

    how to on a cheap fuel upgrade alternative. the reson i did this is because: A) According to my sources, evo8 f.p.r.'s do not have issues with f.p. creep. B) The evo 8 fpr is rated at 43ish p.s.i. C) Mitsubishi puts out good o.e.m. parts D) The O.E. injectors are engineered for the O.E...
  19. WTB: oil punp and water pump

    in new condition, equal to or less thatn ones on ebay thanks.
  20. WTB: keydiver chip

    ok my do you have one for sale or you just like to correct ppl?
  21. WTB: keydiver chip

    evo 550, 2g maf, 2g pistons(8.5:1) anything else is all good, let me know thanks.
  22. timing belt

    yes I agree this is kinda frustrating, At first I thought I might have installed two intake cam gears or two exhaust's, but I put my dial indicator on it today and it is set correctly, (a half tooth off lol), but I might add, its correct on the down side not the top side, (center cam marks are...
  23. timing belt

    hi all, i recently replaced my timing belt and can not get the timing marks on the cams to line up perfectly, if i put a straight edge a crossed all 4 marks they do not align,its a tooth off no matter what i do... the center marks on the cams line up, as does all other marks, but it will not...
  24. FS: galant vr4/gsx project $2000 located in 97502

    sry , it is a gsx/ vr4 conversion. 5 lug swap, dsm 3 bolt rear end and front struts.
  25. FS: galant vr4/gsx project $2000 located in 97502

    90 galant vr4 project car needs finished. 4g63t all wheel drive. nice interior sunroof evo 8 inter-cooler evo 8 ecu and patch harness. 2.5'' inter-cooler piping rebuilt motor that sounds like it spun a Bering. $2000 firm located in central point Oregon 97502. too much to list...
  26. - WTB/WTT: Galant VR4 -

    wtb gvr4 price up to 1000 i live in southern oregon would drive to cali, washington, idaho, nevada looking for a roller, no motor or trany email me at [email protected]
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