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  1. Indiana GVR4 owners.

    I still have #59 but haven't driven the car in a long while. At least it is toasty in my garage.
  2. Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    Code 5545724248893093Expires February 19, 2017
  3. FS: Key Fob replicas

    Thanks a lot Steve. My wife thinks I am stupid for buying $40 in keychains. What does she know...they rock. Steve for president.
  4. FS: Key Fob replicas

    Payment sent for two 59/1000.
  5. Replica Key Fob Interest Thread

    I would like 2 for 59/1000 (1992) if price is under $20/each shipped.
  6. Any serious interested parties?

    This is a sad day. If it wasn't for Nate and this car GVR4's would not have the interest they have today. Good luck Nate.
  7. FS:1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 #978/1000---$4,500.00. Pitts, PA----SOLD!!!!!!

    Nice car. Since you have a shop you should be capable of doing an auto swap.
  8. #139 - 16g dragstrip results: got an 11.

    Quoting gizmovr4: I met up with Nate at Island dragway last night. We had some pizza and talked for a little while- then Nate got serious. He helped both my friend and I run the fastest times we had run to date. Nate adjusted on our cars after each run. Here are the fastest results for my GVR4...
  9. Rear End caught on Fire

    You can go with a 4 bolt rear with cups and still keep four lug hubs. You will lose steering pump unless you swap it out.
  10. #139 - 16g dragstrip results: got an 11.

    Great runs. I love seeing builds maximizing a small turbo vs just bolting up the largest turbo you can buy.
  11. Finally recieved my JDM bumper in the mail today...

    Quoting Diego: Where did you order?+1 eBay or some other shop?
  12. new wheels and pics

    The photos look great. Do you have any direct side shots to get a good look of the wheels.
  13. Finished painting trim, removing pinstripe, and molding bumper

    Looking good. What grit did you use to sand the trim before painting?
  14. Mitsubishi posters (Galant VR4, Evolutions, etc)

    I will be moving into a new house soon. The wife is getting her way with decorating the house. I want to deck out my new garage with Mitsubishi memorabilia (posters, flags). I saw a few things on ebay but nothing that great. Does anyone know where there is a good site for such items? Why...
  15. #139 - 2010 Reset Button #2

    Looking forward to new times, I hope this one hold up.
  16. SOLD: 95 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III Atlanta GA 9.5k OBO

    Is this the car when you bought it. click I love the car, wish I had the money to buy it. Good luck with the sale.
  17. 488/2000 Rescued- The build begins.

    Good luck with the build. I hope you bought it cheap because you have a lot of work to do.
  18. 1g dsm Spearco 1-992 fmic on a gvr4? Anyone done this?

    Here is a picture with the bumper on. With this core I had to cut 50% of the bumper support away for it to fit, but that is no different than any other FMIC on an GVR4.
  19. What bumper is this???

    . None of the above but good guesses.
  20. 1g dsm Spearco 1-992 fmic on a gvr4? Anyone done this?

    click It is a spearco 2-221 assembly, the core is 2-115.I will get pictures of my car later.
  21. 1g dsm Spearco 1-992 fmic on a gvr4? Anyone done this?

    What is his setup? Nice run. My best is on a small 16g and a low compression motor.
  22. 1g dsm Spearco 1-992 fmic on a gvr4? Anyone done this?

    Here are some pictures. They are run like a DSM but you must use a slim fan and relocated battery. It is a tight fit. I used a DSM J pipe and built my own piping. You have to cut some of the headlight support to have room for piping to fit around the rad. If I can do it anyone can.
  23. 1g dsm Spearco 1-992 fmic on a gvr4? Anyone done this?

    I have this intercooler on my vr4. I pulled it off my Talon and I paid too much for it and I would't get anything for it so I made it work. It isn't the shortest piping but it works. I have had this IC since '98 when DSM parts where a lot more costly.
  24. What bumper is this???

    I tried to get my wife to go junk yard hunting on my honeymoon in Jamaica. I didn't happen.
  25. 504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    You are doing what I want to do but don't have time or funds to do. Great work so far and looking forward for updates. How much did it cost to rebuild the driveshaft?
  26. Can you still buy rre "no-name" clutches?

    No I didn't ran out of car play money.
  27. Can you still buy rre "no-name" clutches?

    Just contact them. The last time I was looking for a clutch I asked them since it wasn't on their sit at the time.
  28. What gauges to run?

    Oil pressure for sure. Unless you want to trust your engine to the idiot light.
  29. hola fellow noobs

    Mavis, Are you trying to be as famous on here as you are on Tuners? BTW I never got your autograph
  30. First night at drag strip for #139: goals met.

    Wasting no time seeing what she can do. Very impressive and good work on the build.
  31. Sticking rear caliper

    I rebuilt mine and lasted about a year and a half. I finally just replaced it from Advance Auto and no problems. I would suggest just replacing it.
  32. 139/1000 Rebuild

    Great work. Can't wait to see the finished product. You should be a POR salesman after coating everything in it.
  33. 139/1000 Rebuild

    Great work. I wish I had the time to do something like that to mine.
  34. New Valves

    Did you get stock size or +1?
  35. Members with 16" wheels... what tire size?....

    It depends on the width of the wheel. The most common is 225/50/16.
  36. 225/50/15 on oem wheels

    They will also be smaller outside diameter, about an inch.
  37. MB Wheels

    Have you done the 5 bolt conversion? Just a FYI they are not available in 4X114.3 but I am sure you are aware of that.
  38. Do aftermarket 15's look good?

    I would run 15's but the problem is available tires that are about 24.5" tall. They are either that tall but narrow or you find wide tires but they are only about 22" tall. For that reason I would go with at least 16" wheels.
  39. JDM BUMPER tally please

    Quoting turbowop: Quoting boostedinaz: Mark, have you had a lot of good luck with buying those bumpers from Malaysia? They always seem to be normal prices and some are in decent condition, but buying anything out of country always plays on my mind.The one I just put on 503 was the first...
  40. Rear Caliper Piston Removal

    Quoting atc250r: I've rebuilt calipers and generally it isn't worth it IMHO. If you get a rebuilt set they'll be nice and clean so you can shoot a nice coat of paint on them before installing them. I rebuilt the Camaro calipers I got for my Camaro/Cobra brake kit but it was only to make 100%...
  41. alternator removal help pic?????

    I didn't have to pull the rad only the PS pump and bracket. I didn't have factory IC so that gave me a little bit more room.
  42. number3 on the move...

    Harry what are your plans for the next project? I think it would be hard to build up any car to fill the shoes of #3. I hope this doesn't mean you won't be part of anymore.
  43. E85 and what it takes

    Thank you for that information. Very thorough and thought out testing of this fuel in real world conditions.
  44. Clutch bleeding method

    The speed bleeder is the same size as the brakes.
  45. How'd you meet your Gvr4.

    Quote: First one: (Maroon Car) It was 1992, and I was told I had to find a car, and so I started taking test drives in new cars at the time. I drove a few Sentra SE-Rs, I think I drove a Chevy Beretta GTZ, but I really wanted a Maxima. A friend and my gf at the time told me I needed to...
  46. FEELER: 71/1000 Galant VR4 Indiana $4,500obo

    I hope you feel good about yourself selling a total POS to an unknowing buyer. Karma will get you.
  47. How'd you meet your Gvr4.

    I already had a 92 TSI AWD so I knew about them. Ran across an ad in the local Indiana Auto &RV. It was in the repairable section. It stated 92 galant, 5 speed, turbo $2850. This was back in 1999 when GVR4s were selling over $6000+. I knew it was a GVR4 so I called them up to get...
  48. 92 Black Galant VR4 (3/1000) - SOLD

    Quote: I had a couple real nice guys stop by to check out number3 and they seemed very pleased with what they saw.I don't know who wouldn't. In my opinion you are giving it a way for that price and I would be at your door in a heart beat if I had the money. It belongs in a museum and...
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