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  1. FS: Nile black 1699/2000 green bay, wi $1000.00

    Bump for my old car. I really wish I had the space to store this car and restore it. GLWS!!!
  2. SOLD: 91 VR4 #1699 $3300 obo WI

    SOLD to joosdawg!
  3. SOLD: 91 VR4 #1699 $3300 obo WI

    OK guys, I really don't want to do this but the car is more project than I am willing to take on right now. I don't have the skills, space or time to get it to where I would like it to be so it would be best for me to get rid of it. I will not part out the car, if it does not sell I will...
  4. FS: OH: 91 GVR4 #1725 rolling chassis, $1000obo SOLD

    Your pic isn't working. I would also like to see pictures of the rust on the a pillar as well as some pics of the undercairrage if possible. I have cash in hand if it looks good!
  5. Progress on 629 **Wrapping this thread up with pics!**

    That looks like the clearcoat on that wheel has oxidized. I would say the only way you are going to get that off is to sand it.
  6. Possible Gauge Pod Idea

    That looks very nice. A lot better than the one that I made, good work! Did you end up cutting the bezel completely apart or did you cut the pvc to fit the bezel?
  7. FS: 1991 Galant VR4 in Wi $2900obo...Sold...

    As I said in the emails I have sent you let me know as soon as the car is running. Also, what does the car now have in it as far as a steering rack goes, and does the motor have the balance shafts?
  8. my car is a 5 lug and suppose to be 4?

    Go and get rotors from They are cheap and I haven't had a problem with them
  9. RRE Camber Plates

    Does anyone know if they would fit evo struts?
  10. Super sleeper in the making - gauge mounting solutions???

    I don't know how sleeper this is really but they work well, and aren't completely obvious from outside the car.
  11. Radiator setup

    Is the koyo radiator that you speak of aluminum or just a stock replacement?
  12. Super sleeper in the making - gauge mounting solutions???

    That is pretty sweet man, great ideas!
  13. my front bumper

    Nice work man, seeing that it can look that good makes me think I should do that to mine.
  14. Opinions: HID Retrofit

    that looks bad ass, a write up for the how to section would be great!
  15. injector clips

    I got mine from machv... here. I have had them for a year and they are awesome, very easy to remove.
  16. How many VR4s are left

    Don't we already have that, it's called the members ride section?
  17. **Sold**FS: '92 Galant VR4 #580 Metro Detroit, MI $4200

    Wow, that thing is clean. Good luck with the sale, it's sad to see another MI VR4 leaving though...
  18. EVO suspension install

    I think that I understand what you are describing and it sounds interesting. I have thought about doing something simular when I install mine. Pictures would definately be helpful though.
  19. Modified Injen 2G Intake Pipe For GVR4

    Nice work that looks great! I had to clock the bov flange on my dave brode kit to work with my 2g intake pipe.
  20. Fresh motor & 3kgt brakes on #826

    Your car looks sooooo clean man, great job!
  21. AC delete How-To?

    Oh yeah, I just took my condensor out ^^^^ what does everybody use to plug that hole? Is there something from the factory that is supposed to go there or something???
  22. My AFCO radiator install.

    Man will you get this thing running already! I can't wait to see some pics of it together
  23. 2g mas

    You need some type of fuel control device, be it a keydiver chip (my recomendation), and safc, or dsmlink. There are many different models, you just need to decide what you are going to do with the car to decide what is right for you...
  24. non abs hardlines and awd proportioning valve Part Numbers

    UPDATE: I received all of the lines from MINUS the prop valve to passenger side front line. It is NLA from both them and the dealer, just FYI.
  25. non abs hardlines and awd proportioning valve Part Numbers

    Yes, these are the part numbers that I used on 2/4/07 with prices: Master cylinder to proportioning valve lines:MB534-426 caps# 56256B $4.52MB500-561 caps# 56255B $4.88Front brake lines to proportioning valve:MB857-176 caps# 56267R (passenger side) $3.60MB534-428 caps# 56267L (driver...
  26. non abs hardlines and awd proportioning valve Part Numbers

    I would only look for a used prop valve if you are doing this conversion. I just bought brand new hard lines from for like $32 shipped! If you want the part #'s I can pm them to you, or post them up.
  27. RiceKiller

    I got a non-abs proportioning valve from him a few days ago...perfect transaction, thanks again!
  28. 1G AWD Springs-Pictures/Comparisons

    Nice write up! This is very helpful to me anyways, as I am in the middle of trying to decide what I want to do with my suspension. I am thinking about going with the evo suspension set up as I should be able to get that for cheaper than the cost of the agx's alone.
  29. 3G steering wheel installed.

    Wow, that looks really nice! To disable the airbag did you set it off or just not hook up any electrical?
  30. stevep

    I have to say this was absolutely one of the best transactions that I have ever had with a dsm'er. I sent in my ecu on a Saturday, he got it on Tuesday, and I had it back by Friday. He turned my dead ECU into a fire breathing monster. I had him repair the board, replace the caps and install...
  31. Possible Gauge Pod Idea

    I tried to do something like this. I ran into problems mounting the gauges into the pods. I ended up having to cut out a lot of the cluster and was having problems making it look good (I am a perfectionist). So I just ended up stopping it for a while. Here are some pics that I have of the...
  32. Galants with 1g springs, any pics?

    yeah, that stance looks really nice.
  33. Rally GVR4 Donut FUN!!!

    haha, drifting before it was cool.
  34. Replacing fluids on my GVR-4

    I just replaced the rear diff and t-case fluids last weekend, I just put in mobil 1 synthetic 75w-90. The rear diff was a pain to fill for me since I didn't have an lift or pit. I got it though, but not before getting some in my eye (that was fun)
  35. What Clutch setup?

    What about the spec clutches? Is anyone on here using one? I know that there are a lot of DSM guys that are running them now, they have a bunch of different levels and are reasonably priced as well?
  36. Galant VR4 Members Map!

    That is pretty sweet! Just added myself.
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