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  1. WTB: Evap canister hoses.

    Looking for the hoses that come off of the evap canister.
  2. FS: '89 Goodness - Auto seatbelt DS a-pillar added

    I'll take the single din with pocket if you still have it. Let me know, thanks!
  3. WTB: Door-lock actuator

    I am looking for a drivers front door-lock actuator(Left front). Thanks!
  4. FS: Fresh start on Pick and Pull Galant parts + some extras

    I am looking for the drivers door door-lock actuator. Let me know if you find one. Thanks!
  5. WTB: Single Din radio bezel

    Ok, found one, thanks all!
  6. WTB: Single Din radio bezel

    I am looking for a single din bezel with pocket for my vr4. Why are these so hard to find?
  7. OEM VR4 90 93 and aftermarket *UPDATED april 5* LOTS OF PICS ADDED!!

    If the radio trim and pocket is still available let me know, thanks!
  8. FS: Garage sale

    If the silver top timing cover is still available, I'll take that. Let me know, thanks!
  9. Sensor

    Sweet thanks! I don't have A/C so that won't be a problem. I'm still trying to figure out why my damn radiator fan isn't kicking on.
  10. Sensor

    What is this sensor for?
  11. WTB: Radiator Fan resisitor pack

    number 3 in picture.
  12. WTB: Radiator Fan resisitor pack

    I'm looking for what I believe is called the resistor pack for my stock radiator fan for my vr4. Thanks!
  13. WTB: A couple of pigtails

    I am looking for a pigtail for the tps and cas for my VR4. A whole harness would be ideal, but I'm pretty sure those are pretty hard to come by these days and/or are very expensive. Any info would be great, thanks! Matt
  14. AC cooling fan

    Did you ever find out what caused this, because my AC fan is doing the same thing.
  15. WTB: Brake booster vacum hose

    I'm looking for a brake booster vacuum hose assembly for my GVR4. Looking for a complete hose with the check valve included. Or any advice on creating my own with any recommendations for what check valve to use. Thanks!
  16. Radiator Fan issue

    With my car off (not runningg) my radiator fan was not spinning when I turn the a/c on high, so i tapped it with my finger then it started spinning slowly. So i replaced it and turned the ac to high and the replacement was spinning at what looked and felt like normal operating speed. Then I...
  17. FS: Photobucket link of a few of the parts I have for sale.

    How much for 1 of the upper timing belt covers and the a/f gauge shipped to 14580?
  18. WTB: 6 Bolt head

    I'm just looking for a head for my VR4. Not looking for anything fancy, just a stock one would be fine. My head has some bent valves and wasn't sure if it would be cheaper to have it rebuilt or if someone had a useable good condition one for sale. Any info would be great. Thanks!
  19. WTB: VR4 Brake booster

    I am looking for a working brake booster for my vr4. Thanks!
  20. WTB: 1991 Right Rear Tailight

    I am looking for the right rear tail light for my VR4. I think it's the 1991 tails I'm looking for. With the red at the top, not the bottom. Thanks!
  21. WTB: Rear calipers

    Sent you a pm Paul.
  22. WTB: Rear calipers

    Still looking for these if anyone has a good set. Thanks!
  23. WTB: Rear calipers

    I'm looking for a set of rear calipers in working condition. Ebrake must operate. Thanks.
  24. WTB: Radiator Fan

    Looking for a radiator fan for the VR4. Thanks!
  25. Radiator Fan

    I was wondering if any dsm radiator fans will bolt right in or do I have to get a VR4 one to be plug and play? Any info would be great, thanks!
  26. Rear calipers

    Excellent! Thanks all.
  27. Rear calipers

    Yes VR4 specific or all the same?
  28. Rear calipers

    Are the rear calipers the same as on any other dsm or GVR4 specific?
  29. 97/2000

    Got my JayRacing timing belt tool set in yesterday and re-did the timing. Boy do those tools make the job a breeze. Anyways, the car is running great! I still need to figure out whats going on with my cooling fan, its not kicking on. But the car makes boost now, pulls really good and barely...
  30. 97/2000

    So I've been working on the engine a little bit here and there. Car was making no boost, so I did a boost leak test and found a couple leaks. TB shaft seals, PCV and hose to J pipe was leaking. After I fixed those, still no boost. Checked the timing and found that it was way off and could...
  31. WTB: Alternator Adjusting setup

    Got these now. Thanks all!
  32. WTB: Alternator Adjusting setup

    I am looking for the alternator adjusting hardware. The long bolt and the other bolt and piece to adjust the alternator tension. Apparently mine is missing lol.
  33. FS: 6 and 7 bolt parts and random.

    Ok cool. I'll probably pick one up. I'll let you know in a couple of days. Thanks!
  34. FS: 6 and 7 bolt parts and random.

    Got a 1G CAS?
  35. Possible a bad CAS?

    I am having a similar issue.
  36. 97/2000

    Well, I'll be honest. I have been a Nissan and Toyota guy all my life. I'm originally from Kauai, HI and drifting was my thing. After living a few different places that allowed me to stick with those brands of cars (240 SX's and AE86 Corolla's) now living in Rochester, NY having one of those...
  37. 97/2000

    It needs some engine, brake, and body work.
  38. WTB: GVR-4 Stock MAFS

    Thanks all, I picked it up from Struc.
  39. Rad Fan Switch

    Awesome, thanks. I'm trying to figure out why my fan isn't coming on.
  40. WTB: GVR-4 Stock MAFS

    Ok cool, thanks.
  41. Rad Fan Switch

    Where is the radiator fan switch located? I cant seem to find it in my FSM.
  42. WTB: GVR-4 Stock MAFS

    I'm looking for a stock MAS for 97/2000. I was having idling issues among other things and decided to look at the MAS and found zero honeycomb left! I figure I need to fix this before I can move on to figuring out the other problems.
  43. leaking TB shaft seal

    Ok, well I have no boost and that's the first leak I found. I still need to check my exhaust manifold.
  44. leaking TB shaft seal

    Would this cause no boost to build up at all?
  45. 97/2000

    Just picked up this car. Has a bit of issues, no shocker. Needs some heart and soul put into her, then she'll be a great DD.
  46. The "Registry"

    I just got 97/2000. Will pm you VIN.
  47. GVR4 Tail lights

    Oh cool. Let me know, thanks!
  48. GVR4 Tail lights

    Ok, thanks for the info. My VR4 has a mismatched set =(
  49. GVR4 Tail lights

    I was wondering what tail lights can fit on a 91 GVR4? Do any of the normal Galants fit or do I need GVR4 tails?
  50. Exhaust options

    Hi, I was wondering what kind of options for an exhaust system would be? Also if any exhaust parts are useable from a 1g. Any info would be great.
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