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  1. WTB: 1g FMIC setup

    Looking for a 1g setup. ETS, VRSF, Slowboy etc.
  2. HKS spark plug cover

    Where can I view it in english? Are yahoo auctions easy to deal with?
  3. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    going against everything in this thread but I have a 3.5" ETS setup and was wondering if anyone has tried using a vr4 setup on a dsm. I have way too much money into the kit to sell and buy a dsm kit and UPS damaged the outlet on the core. I know the middle hanger mount isn't centered on the core...
  4. Partout: #1365/2000 Black 91 CRASHED

    Had the intake sitting in my cart wsiting for a response on the remaining piping. Oh well.
  5. Drive Shaft

    jafro has a series of videos on youtube about servicing mitsu driveshafts.
  6. WTB: genuine/replica badges and decals

    looking for a set of rear door decals and trunk badges. I know JNZ has replica VR-4 ones just looking to see what someone may have laying around.
  7. Partout: 1353/2000

    Is the badge available so I can have consecutive badges?
  8. Partout: 1353/2000

    Nooooooo! I have 1354. How bad is the rust really?
  9. WTB: 91 gvr4 oem front steering rack

    I have one that I plugged the 4ws ports when I changed to a 4 bolt. I'm affraid shipping will be crazy to get it to hawaii though.
  10. WTB: JMF VR4 specific catch can

    One that says jmf? I have an older one with 2 -8 inlets. Cylindrical style
  11. how many of you have a "budget"build on your GVR4?

    I got pretty lucky with a junkyard here. Avid mounts, 4 bolt lsd, chromoly crossmember, 650 injectors, SS clutch line, CC sprung 6 puck, ACT flywheel, 2g maf adapter, 255 pump, socketed eprom, eibach/kyb setup. Those are just what I put on the galant. I don't think I spent more than $200 for all...
  12. Why can't I find any rear lower control arms?

    Rock only has front lowers.
  13. FS: Last of the Cyclone Upper Manifold Gaskets

    Emailed. I want it all.
  14. FS: evo 1 close ratio trans,rear diff and t- case 1200

    What rear axles fit? LSD or non?

    Evo 8/9 rear suspension setups do not bolt on. The lower attachment needs to be modified.
  16. WTB: EVO 3 5th gear

    I know its alot more but you may have to buy a whole used trans to get the set. I bought an Evo 2 trans just for 1st and 5th
  17. Does anyone still make a BBK kit?

    I'm showing the NT 3s pistons as 43mm while the stock gvr4/93+ awd as 41mm. Not a huge difference really. But still bigger.
  18. Does anyone still make a BBK kit?

    Non turbo 3s cars have 2 piston fronts that bolted right on my front. I'm running evo 8 17's though.
  19. FS: random parts I will prob never use, price dropped/updated

    Do you have the AEM cable to go with it?
  20. Kentstatetsi

    No big deal. Great price for the good stuff!
  21. FS: Sooo many go fast goodies for sale

    Does the turbo setup clear the power steering and is it water cooled?
  22. WTB:

    bolt on turbo setup.please nothing stock. I'm looking for the manifold all the way to the O2 as long as it bolts to a stock location downpipe.
  23. WTB: 344 bracket and thermostat housing

    bumpI won't pay more than 35 for the 344 bracket.....
  24. Wanted - Picture of GVR4 A/C Compressor

    IIRC the dsm compressor mounts with 4 bolts. The Galant is 3.
  25. FS:

    do you have the "344" front motor mount bracket?
  26. WTB: 344 bracket and thermostat housing

    bump.1g and gvr4 front motor mount brackets are not the same. I need the bracket not the mount.
  27. any1 want this stuf i already junked a bunch!!

    is the cruise control complete?
  28. WTB: 344 bracket and thermostat housing

    looking for the front motor mount bracket and a galant specific thermostat housing.
  29. Hard block no water pump

    Jay Racing sells fittings to only run coolant through the head. Any water pump with AN adapters would be fine.
  30. WTB: 344 mount

  31. transmission and mount bracket questions

    doing a trans swap because it was popping out of 1st and 4th. I have 4 extras so no big deal on that. The mount bracket I was using was stamped 22-H. I found a bracket stamped 210H in my garage that is slightly different but both mount to 1g transmissions. Which one is correct? I've searched the...
  32. WTB: 344 mount

    Still looking. The one I got in the mail was a drivers side mount.
  33. WTB: 344 mount

    If paypal is ok $15 plus shipping is awesome.
  34. WTB: 344 mount

    Its the front motor mount bracket that bolts to the motor. It has 344 stamped on it.
  35. WTB: 344 mount

    tried to get away without using one and my trans likes to pop out of gear under load.
  36. 1354 is alive again

    After many, many 4g63 powered cars. I finally put a galant together. I bought it a few years ago during a deployment and it sat for a while. Bought a '90 motor and wound up with a bunch of suprises installing it. I really wish the engineers kept more in common with the 1g cars.
  37. WTB: Stock intercooler setup with bypass valve.

    Looking for the whole intake tract really. Turbo outlet all the way up. and an intake tube with maf and can.
  38. WTB: Stock intercooler setup with bypass valve.

    Looking for the whole thing. Turbo outlet to throttle body inlet with bypass valve.
  39. FS: Stock 1991 GVR4 parts, MSD DIS-2, AEM Wideband, etc..

    Sent an email the other day. I am interested in the complete intake and intercooler if you can ship them to ohio
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