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  1. Speed Density setup

    it literally is a gm style map sensor that doesnt have any numbers on it..just has abc for the pins..i have the line td into my bov..i know i shouldnt have it td into anything but didnt really have an option..can i run the map sensor off say the p port?
  2. Speed Density setup

    So i am finally at the process of starting up my galant..number 1953/2000..wiseco 8.5:1 piston eagle h beams l19 headtuds felpro multilayer headgasket stock head beside kiggly beehive valve springs fp2 cams bpr7es stock cam gears jmf smim stock throttle body tial bov tial 38mm v band external...
  3. Fuel Cell!!!

    so my sending unit and tank are pretty I have decided to run a fuel cell...I was thinking a 16 gallon or so tank and a walbro 255 in line pump...i just have a couple questions for you guys...first the fitting that comes off the sending unit to the line that eventually runs to the...
  4. WTB:

    looking for a sending unit for a galant...also how much do one of these and a 1g hanger run? im not sure
  5. New to DSMLINK need some help

    finally got the drop box setup...i thank you guys for the is my datalog... not a very good one and i promise ill get a better one soon but right away my question is should the combinedft look like this...
  6. New to DSMLINK need some help

    Hey guys...i just picked up v3 dsmlink and have my innovative lc2 wired in...i also have narrowband simulation running and im confused on my fuel just trying to setup idle and cruise closed loop right now and cant figure it out...all the other logs ive seen including the demos on ecms...
  7. Looking for a new clutch

    Hey guys i just had my clutch go out on me...i pulled a pressure plate finger out of the hole for the clutch fork...i had a act 2600 in it and it could have been install error not really sure because i didnt install it...either way my car is making about 250whp if goal is...
  8. Ecmlink and Ostrich

    Might be a dumb question but can i hook up my friends ecm link to my car...tune it to the way i want it and somehow download the bin file off of it and burn a chip with that bin file? or is that just out of the question?
  9. TunerPro and Ostrich

    Does anyone here still use tunerpro and an ostrich instead of link?
  10. Wastegate Problems

    I have a big 16g with an internal wastgate and am having some issues...I don't have any boost leaks..I think it has a 8psi spring in it but am not sure...when I run the wastgate by itself with no boost controller. It hits 8psi and then in third gear will creep up to 15...when I put a boost...
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