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  1. 02 Volvo s40 rims

    Does anyone know if these rims fit? It is the same bolt pattern 4×114.3. I just wanted to know if the middle part (or whatever the center hole is called) is wide enough to fit. I bought some rims off an old Hyundai Elantra awhile ago and it was the same pattern but I had to hone them out a...
  2. WTB: Throttle body

    I'm in need of a new throttle body. I have a vacuum leak and I thought maybe the gaskets were bad, I took it apart and apparently the owner before me took the front part of the throttle body off, that connects to the tubing and replaced it with one from a different car. Not sure what it's from...
  3. Wrapped exhaust?

    Has anyone wrapped their entire exhaust with heat wrap? Not looking into it performance wise but more of dampening sound. I have a straight back exhaust no muffler or cat and it gets pretty loud. I don't have a muffler to weld on right now but I do have some heat wrap. Just want to see if it...
  4. 3rd gear pull

    im trying to upload it but it keeps telling me this page isn't working. I'll try later.
  5. 3rd gear pull

    Tell me what you guys think. I've done some tuning with ecmlink he's a 3rd gear pull tell me if it looks good or not. There was some knock I retarded the timing just haven't logged since then. The parts I have on the car is rs bov recirculated, oil catchcan from my timing cover to my intake...
  6. Battery relocate

    I have redone the wire harness, the cables are new zero gauge cables. the car has worked fine before but just recently I've had problems with it starting, sometimes it does and sometimes it won't. I cant remember the exact battery size but I think it was stock and only maybe 5 months old. I have...
  7. Battery relocate

    The battery is pretty new and all my cables are new. It's grounded well. I have another battery that is bigger im going to try it out and see if it makes a difference.
  8. Battery relocate

    I have my battery relocated in my trunk and sometimes my car won't start, my light come on and my radio works but it just doesn't turn over at all. I'll put jumper cables on the regular spot where my power cable goes to under the hood and after a little bit it starts. Im wondering if my cable is...
  9. Galant tune

    Wanted to see if anyone had a tune for a 2g maf and 550cc injectors, I have the stock one from ecmlink but it gets too much fuel around 4000rpm I've changed the fuel map and timing and it runs pretty well now just wanted to see if it's anywhere close to someone else's that might have the same...
  10. Wire harness

    Sorry I've been out of town, but i got it running it turns out a few of the wires were unplugged in the cab i guess i just over looked, by the driver side fuse box and on the passenger side like right above the glove box. It's running better than it ever has i don't have problems anymore with it...
  11. Wire harness

    So I redid my wire harness cleaned it up and put some new plugs on it, I got it all back together and now I'm seeing some black smoke coming from the exhaust. Any idea's, I was thing maybe I mixed up the injector plug wires. Would that cause black smoke?
  12. afr reading lean

    I have a aem wb i had it in my lancer and it seemed to work fine. It also dies a lot if I just let it idle with no throtle but after it warms up for about ten minutes its ok. Think it might be related?
  13. afr reading lean

    I have a safc 2 hooked up to my car right now they guy I bought it from installed it. I'm going to get dsmlink in the near future but for now I have the safc my problem is when I have it set to the correct starting point which I figured was 0%I have a 2g maf and 550 injectors. Everything else...
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