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  1. moving car without engine running

    Yes that is true and I just want it to push it 300-400 ft. I wonder what it takes to get the fluid to lock it up. If there was no fluid in the trans it would be no problem. The trans and transfer case have been rebuilt and have no fluid in them now. Is fluid is needed for the pushing I need to do?
  2. moving car without engine running

    Is there a way to push the car around, with engine not operating, without screwing something up such as viscous coupling? Remove driveshaft? Shop manual says only way to tow it is to put all tires on dolly's.
  3. roll bar bracket

    When installing engine and trans together into car should either of the roll bar brackets be attached to the block first?
  4. ac compressor mounting bolts

    I can't find my bolts. Parts book say they are washer assembled 8x100. Are they hex head (non flange) with both flat and lock washers? I will probably use after market pieces instead of searching for Mits ones.
  5. Super VR-4

    Very nice indeed.
  6. Attachment of turbo to ex manifold

    Yes all stock. I thought the one on the car when I bought it was original but when I started to refresh the engine I took the turbo to a diesel truck shop and they said it was no good. I bought a new Mits one they had which turned out to be a big 16g not the 14b. I discovered this through Justin...
  7. Attachment of turbo to ex manifold

    For sure. I bought some M10 and they would not go through ex. man. Checked old ones and they were 9 x 1.25. I checked to see if a M10 would go in the original ex. man. and it was no go. I checked and all 3 of my turbos take 9mm so I decided not to enlarge ex. man holes and rethread the turbos.
  8. Attachment of turbo to ex manifold

    What is the purpose of a stud and 3 bolts and not 4 bolts for attachment as shown in parts and assembly books? Also parts book '89-'92 says the bolts are 10 x 80 but mine are 9 x 80 was there a change somewhere along the line? What size are the popular turbos tapped for?
  9. My build/question page

    You are doing great.
  10. exhaust manifold gasket

    Thanks, good to hear it.
  11. engine hanger

    Anyone have an engine hanger MD130498? I am sure I will find mine after I locate and buy one.
  12. My build/question page

    Way to go Sherlock!
  13. Old new member

    Always been paul j. I have always been a member but would go many months without posting.
  14. My build/question page

    I say check wheels/tires for balance first as you say.
  15. Old new member

    Welcome to both of you. I too am a on/off guy on my project.
  16. exhaust manifold gasket

    Best exhaust manifold gasket? Is two layer sheet steel riveted together or the composition with steel inner best? What are pros and cons? I have both.
  17. removing water return pipe

    Finally got the fitting loose. No room for vise grips. Lots of heating and adding ATF/acetone solution for several days. Bought a Craftsman flare wrench set which I believe helped. I was using Harbor Freight one but Craftsman is a much better fit on the fitting even after the fitting was...
  18. removing water return pipe

    Yes that is it and not rusty at all that I can see. Sprayed with PB Blaster, heated cast stub with small butane burner, heated with MAP to about 700*F and put ice cube on hex. Flare wrench is rounding the nut. I have been searching and saw if you heat one part and spray penetrating oil, or...
  19. WTB water inlet and water return pipes

    Need to buy water inlet and water return pipes. Can not get mine separated which means I can not remove my exhaust manifold and turbo without cutting return pipe off.
  20. removing water return pipe

    I have tried everything to remove return line from water inlet in order to remove turbo. Is this a common problem? Any suggestions on why the steel fitting will not unscrew? I am thinking I will have to cut it off and replace both pieces.
  21. Water pipe inlet

    WTB: Water pipe inlet & water return. "91 if it matters.
  22. FS: corner lights and one fog light (Left)

    I will take the fog light.
  23. Motor Removal Question

    How about an update on what bolt holes or pieces to attach a chain to engine for install. The bracket at ex manifold for that purpose is not on the engine. So where do you attach at front and back of engine that will not strip?
  24. 504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    Very nice and interesting. I notice your fog light lenses are bright and shiny, are they original or where did you get them as I need new ones.
  25. Galant GSX build (and how to evict rodent squatters)

    Nice to know of this. Thanks!
  26. Galant GSX build (and how to evict rodent squatters)

    And the 2 piece ones that are now available are $400. I am debating on getting the set just to have on hand. Not sure how mine are, this summer I should be able to check them.
  27. Galant GSX build (and how to evict rodent squatters)

    You are certainly diligent in your work. Hope the VR4 gets finished.
  28. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Great. Hope it turns out well.
  29. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    I would still like to.
  30. 504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    I like Simple Green a lot. Full strength cuts grease very well.
  31. 504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    Great clean up, what did you use? Show plates are great.
  32. Super VR-4

    Great job on both of the cars.
  33. right side engine cover- air control

    I need the right side cover that goes behind the transaxle. MB545796. Mine got a hole rubbed through somehow. Thanks.
  34. engine cover right side

    I need the right side cover that goes behind the transaxle. MB545796. Mine got a hole rubbed through somehow. Thanks.
  35. '91 fog lights

    I need left fog light lens or whole unit. Any available?
  36. what goes here on trans case?

    Thanks, that makes things easier for sure.
  37. 1g jmf catch can NEW

    Why did stock VR4 and other turbo cars not have catch cans?
  38. 1g jmf catch can NEW

    Are there any good, lower cost catch cans available that attach fairly easily on VR4 and work?
  39. what goes here on trans case?

    Can you tell me what attaches to this threaded hole in top of trans in area between reverse switch and mount? I can't recall.
  40. terminals and connectors

    I have found some at Ohm. Thanks for info.
  41. Galant GSX build (and how to evict rodent squatters)

    You are moving along much faster than I am with my very minor but extremely time consuming small project.
  42. terminals and connectors

    How do you separate the wire terminal from the plastic connector? I have tried for 3 days to figure it out. It seems like all the connectors are about the same but the ones I am working on are the ones around the thermostat housing. When I started I thought all female connectors had a tang on...
  43. engine/trans mount replacement

    My balance shafts have been removed. I now have prothane mount for front engine and the other are rubber. I thought this might minimize the shaking. My trans mount is still usable so I kept it. Polly rear roll came with Prothane kit but I opted for the rubber swap with RockAuto mount they...
  44. Installing engine and transaxle

    What are your thoughts on installing engine then trans vs attaching trans to engine and installing both together? Seems like putting the trans up and getting input through clutch is a hard, heavy chore. Is it easy enough to do both together with all the harness' and controls hanging down?
  45. FS: '91 Gvr4 Partout (xxxx/2000) NB *Updated September 11, 2022

    Do you have the coupling bolts for the front and rear roll stoppers?
  46. engine/trans mount replacement

    For my rear roll stopper I removed the original bushing, removed the bushing from RockAuto (not for VR4) mount they sent and had new one pressed in - $60- and they said it was very hard getting it pressed in. I still need coupling bolts for front and rear roll stoppers to arms from block.
  47. miscellaneous mounting bolts

    No pictures. Unless you have a parts book. 1st one goes through rear stopper rubber bushing on body and connects to arm that goes to block. 2nd one goes through front stopper rubber bushing on body and connects to arm that goes to block. 3rd ones hold front mounting bracket onto block. The...
  48. miscellaneous mounting bolts

    Rear roll stopper coupler bolt M10 x 110 tapered cone end Front roll stopper coupler bolt M10 x 75 flange and locking flange nut Front engine mount bolts at firewall side of the mount M10 x 73 washer assembled - two of these.I may cut down some new 75mm ones for the front mount. I can not...
  49. exhaust manifold

    Yes the classic cast FP is what is on it. Very nice piece. The ATP manifold seems nice but is rougher inside the runners than the original. Perhaps slightly larger ports in vertical dimension. Anybody else have some thoughts on the matter? All very interesting comments.
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