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  1. WTB: High Mount LED Brake Light On Spoiler

    Just as the title says. Mine stopped working so I would like to replace it with a working assembly. Thank you
  2. JDM Projector Fog Light Wiring.

    Hey all, I recently acquired front and rear JDM bumpers with the facelift projector fog lights. I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on wiring of the fogs. I have searched and information is very scarce. I have only found one post regarding splicing so that the inner fog serves...
  3. WTB: FP Intake Pipe and 89 Galant Dash with Pocket

    Title says it all. I am looking for a non-recirculated FP Intake pipe with couplers to 16G and an 89 Galant Underdash with Pocket. Let me know if you have either for sale. Thank you
  4. WTB: Passenger Side Fog Assembly

    Everything is in the title. I am looking for a passenger side fog light assembly. Would like pictures of item before payment sent through paypal. Thank you
  5. New Owner of 91 VR4

    Hello All, I am the new owner of a 91 White VR4 number 287/2000, She has about 163K on her and is in need of some repairs but I plan on taking my time and nursing her back to shape. I have a pretty decent past in 4G Vehicles including: First car was 94 Galant GS with the 4G64 Almost...