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  1. WTB: Excellent condition stock steering wheel

    Hey guys and gals, as the title suggests after a really good condition stock steering wheel. Centre pad not necessary as I'll be using my stock MMC one.Let me know what you got!
  2. WTB: mint GVR-4 stock steering wheel

    After a mint/great condition stock OEM leather wrapped GVR-4 steering wheel. Let me know what you have!
  3. WTB: SCE 3S-Evo8 rear suspension adapters

    Hey all I am chasing a pair of SCE 3S-Evo8 suspension adapters (rear). Does anyone have a set laying around not being used?
  4. FS: JDM keyless Silver fuel door $45 shipped - ** SOLD **

    ** both sold, will keep an eye out for more **Paypal is [email protected]
  5. FS: JDM keyless fuel door - $35 shipped

    Hey guys I have two keyless fuel doors available. One is from a Midnight blue (GGSX color) JDM Eterna Sava while the other is from a Minter Silver NZDM Galant.$35 shipped. PayPal is [email protected] Get in quick as I'm leaving to go overseas next week.
  6. FS: JDM Dash mat $40 shipped ** LAST ONE **

    I have one last one. You know the drill! $40 shipped anywhere.Paypal is [email protected]
  7. FS: JDM Cyclone Inlet Manifold $175 shipped

    I have a spare JDM Cyclone inlet manifold (sadly no vac canister or solenoids) that I no longer need and may as well convert to cash.$175 or best offer shipped to anywhere in the US (or anywhere else in the world for that matter).
  8. FS: JDM Dash mat $35 shipped

    Get in quick - have three of these in as new condition available.US$35 shipped to your door. My paypal is [email protected]
  9. FS: JDM Driver side (US passenger side) projector fog lamp

    Hey guys,Due to being mucked around by the world's biggest time waster in which I essentially transported this fog lamp from my spares bin from New Zealand to Australia to send off (before even getting payment... yes.. I know...) I now am able to offer it up for any one else who is a genuine...
  10. JDM Galant VR-4 and Eterna ZR-4 Model Information

    Hey guys, been procrastinating a little at work so made up a little web page outlining all the JDM models of the Galant VR-4 sedan and Eterna ZR-4 hatch with their dates released and quick run down of major specs. Hopefully this will resolve some confusion over the many variants of the JDM VR-4s...
  11. Thoughts on Zone ARX rims?

    Hey guys, came across a set of fairly beat up 90s period Zone ARX 15x7" rims in 4x114.3mm +16mm fitment. Just thought they would be good to have as a spare set for track days etc. I'm a little bit worried that the offset is going to be too agressive, especially when I'm running at near standard...
  12. Enlighten me about better shifter bushes and a T/E/L shifter

    Hey guys,So I finally want to do something about my sloppy as f**k gear shifter, it's got worse to the point where it can be difficult to select 5th gear, and will often crunch going into 3rd. The clutch master and slave cylinders are quite new, and the flexible hose going from the body to...
  13. Transfer case recall kit part number request

    Hey guys, apologies if this is a repost but couldn't find what I was after using the search function.It's now *my* turn to ask for a part number from you guys! Mitsubishi NZ do not have any records of the transfer case recall kit, which I understand is actually cheaper to purchase than buying...
  14. Fuel pump relay clicking off - possible faulty ECU?

    Hey guys,Am looking at picking up a 1991 Mitsubishi RVR S AWD 5spd (same as Expo/Summit) which has the DOHC 6 bolt 4G63 engine but the later 2G style AFM.The engine will start (but idle a bit rough, though comes right when there are more revs), but the MPI relay will click itself off just...
  15. rebuilding transfer case

    Hey guys, I have a bit of a whine in my driveline and I think it's coming from the transfer case, as there's a leak from the rear shaft (probably the seal or the driveshaft yolk) - anyway I think I went too long between topping it up and may have run it close to dry.Is it easy enough to do the...
  16. Blacked out & refurb'd headlights

    I thought I would refurbish the headlights - I did this to a previous 6G Galant of mine and thought it just updated its looks ever so slightly, and have been meaning to do it to the VR-4 as it looks better on black cars. I pulled the headlights out and put them in the oven to separate the glass...
  17. FS: Pair JDM headlamps

    Hey guys,Got a pair of JDM VR-4 headlamps spare, early type without the 'city lights'.Probably would cost about $70-80 to get sent over to the US from NZ, so am only after a small amount on top of that. PM me your offers.Cheers, Phil
  18. TD05 16G - what would cause these bent fins?

    On the VR-4 - I pulled the turbo off to replace the manifold with an Evo III one and noticed this. It seemed to run well with no unusual noises from the turbo, I've been running no more than 14-15psi of boost max, and the shaft seems to have little to no play etc. There is a small amount of oil...
  19. And you thought your 4G63 was amazing!

    Check this out - click
  20. FS: JDM Passenger (US Drivers) Side headlamp FREE + shipping

    Hey guys, have a JDM passenger side (which would be the US Driver's side) headlamp sitting around spare. It is the pre-facelift type without the internal city lights. Can come with bulbs if required. In good condition with no marks on the glass or broken mounting tabs or adjusters etc.I am...