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  1. FS: HKS Wastegate to exhaust manifold flange

    HKS Wastegate to exhaust manifold flange Roughly $40 new or at least it was when I bought it. $18 shipped or free if you buy a Scatter Shieldlink
  2. sold: Hallman Manual Boost Controller - Evolution Pro - $109.00 shipped

    HBC (Hallman Boost Controller) Evolution Pro. BNIB (brand new in box) Click link below for details. The lowest cost and best way to adjust your boost pressure. $172.00 new$109.00 shipped to lower 48
  3. FS: Three-Speed Stickers

    Details [email protected] is the paypal address
  4. sold. Apple Airport extreme base station(s) - wireless access point Sold

    I have two Apple Airport Extreme base stations that I used in my home and I want to give them a new home at a great price. They both work. I have the OEM power supplies and power cords for each unit.$60.00 each shippedor $100.00 for both shipped.I also have a Netgear WGR614 v.9...
  5. FS: 1991 Mazda Miata, White, 5 speed, hardtop, low Miles $4,400.00 obo. SE PA

    1991 Mazda Miata 5 Speed White with matching hardtop 87,170 miles (WOW! That is roughly 4,000 miles a year!)Cruise control AC CD player with USB input tires are like new. Brakes and rotors are new.This car drives great and looks great.It is not perfect. It is a 1991 and I...
  6. FS: T-shirts $25.00 - Limited run

    $25.00 shipped lower 48L or X largeThese photos are of the shirt I have worn for 10 years. Your will be crip, clean and new.As always, remember all of Three-Speed profits go to charity.thank you,paypal gvrfou[email protected][edit] fix photo and add paypal address
  7. FS: 1G/GVR4 AWD transmission scatter shield

    On sale (for the cooler air, faster car... race season) our famous stainless steel scatter shield (SSSS) to the GalantVR4 board at a great price.First up is the most popular model the 1G AWD. It will fit your GVR4 or DSM with a 1G AWD trans. $155.00 shipped to the lower 48 with a FREE...
  8. King of Bling

  9. FS: Silver

    Looking to buy physical silver? I am about to sell some of my personal stash. PM me.
  10. Harness Bar

    Geno said:Got mine in today and layed some paint on it this afternoon.Get one while they are available guys!
  11. Photo Needed

    Anyone have a high res shot of the back seat area with out the seats in the car?
  12. FS: E39A Harness bar - NOW ON SALE SAVE $80.00! special

    This bar fits E39A USDM Galant VR4It bolts to the car using the OEM seatbelt bolt locations on the B pillar. The bar will come unpainted.Payment:Paypal address is [email protected] add 10.00 to cover their fees or send as a giftSend a check to:Three Speed 401 church...
  13. FS: Scatter Shield - ThreeSpeed stainless steel - winter sale

    Once a year I offer our famous stainless steel scatter shield (SSSS) to the GalantVR4 board at a great price.First up is the most popular model the 1G AWD. It will fit your GVR4 or DSM with a 1G AWD trans. $150.00 shipped to the lower 48.Next up is the super duty 1G AWD 360. It too will...
  14. Harness Bar for sale question.

    I have been asked a number of time how long is this good for??? This is what I have been telling people."The last time I made them was about 3-4 years ago and sold roughly 20. Then I stopped. I sold them for roughly $300.00 plus shipping back then, but they were painted too.I have been...
  15. ThreeSpeed meet

    Any interest in a meet like we have hosted in the past?
  16. FS: 1993 Subaru Impreza wagon blue : Sold

    1993 Subaru Impreza AWD Automatic Air Conditioning Power windows and locks 133,800 milesMy Grandmother bought this car brand new in 11/94. She was in her mid 70s at the time. See thinks it is a sin to break the speed limit. (I kid you not) It was garaged everyday and serviced only by...
  17. Old pictures you may enjoy.

  18. Mike 1101

    He bought number3 and was very honest through the entire process. Thank you and enjoy.
  19. number3 on the move...

    Click me please.As you all may know my Galant VR4 of 11 years was sold and here are the last picture I will probably ever take of her. Godspeed number3 and enjoy your new home.The new owner (I am sure he will introduce himself when he feels it is time) seem very excited and I am sure will...
  20. 92 Black Galant VR4 (3/1000) - SOLD

    Lots of information and pictures in here.You will get plenty of extras along with this once in a lifetime opportunity. Examples: The matching painted steel hood that I took off to install the carbon fiber hood. The polished SSR wheels (17x7 very light and rare) will also be included in...