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  1. Shifter bushings?

    My shifter is pretty sloppy. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get new replacement / lightly used shifter bushings? looking for an entire kit. thank you!
  2. USDM bumpers to JDM bumpers E39A

    Question ya'll, I have a 1992 Galant VR-4 and it's usdm. If I wanted to get the JDM bumper which I found, what would I need to switch it? do I need different brackets to hold it? or will they hold the same with the same clips?
  3. Where to buy parts?

    I am currently trying to buy parts for my 1992 Galant VR4 and i am unsure of where to buy them from. I do want to get an RS hood, and a wing. I also was using click to buy a few parts like a silver timing belt cover, some internal parts i needed, is this a trust worthy...
  4. What kind of Coilovers?

    I have just gotten a 92 Galant VR4 #508/1000 and as of now she has snow tires and some other wheels, i am replacing them with the Volk TE37 White Wheels and was wondering what Coils to get for a good fitment, and what spacers i should get because when putting the wheels on, they barely nick the...