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Search results

  1. WTB: GVR4 or 1G ECU

    need one. thanks!
  2. WTB: rear doglegs

    anybody got one of each side?color is not an pics?thanks!
  3. WTB: 2G MAF

    got one? shipping to CA. thanks!
  4. idle surge

    any advice on what needs to be checked/cleaned?car idles fine, boosts good...except that while slowly stepping on the pedal and upon reaching and staying in the 1.2krpm range, idle surges...but stepping harder on the pedal and leaving this rpm range, revs will continue...thanks!click
  5. Injector Ohms ok...but no click???

    Is it possible that an injector has in-spec resistance, but does not pulse/clickThis is tested off the car, using a 9V battery to turn the injector on/off.Thanks!
  6. WTB: 275cc injectors

    Needing a set of 4pcs for a non-turbo project. PM me. Thanks!
  7. WTB: driver side half shaft inner axle cup

    got one? or two?shipping is to NV or CA.thanks
  8. WTB: ignition key light

    got one of the these?pm me or email please.thanks!* thanks to whoever for the pic.
  9. WTB: 2G 94-95 EPROM ECU

    looking for an EPROM ECU with these part numbers:MD312464 [E2T61672]MD309947 [E2T61674]​thanks!
  10. WTB: thermostat housing

    anybody have this? off a 1G or GVR4. with or without sensors, with or without the cover [with radiator cap on a 1G], it does not matter. shipping to CA or NV. please PM me. thanks!
  11. FS: OEM GVR4 door handle protectors/guards

    got two sets of theseone set's still got the tape, but you'll replace them anyway...the other one looks painted in matte blackOEM [not replicas]$125, shipped and Paypal'dPM for more detailsthanks!
  12. WTB: 6 bolt AC bracket

    looking for a good bracket. shipping to NV or CA. thanks!
  13. HKS spark plug cover

    clickapprox $900...
  14. WTB: 264/272 or 272/272 cams

    got a set?let me know. pm me please.shipping to 89123 NV.thanks!
  15. WTB: dead 1G/GVR4 ECU

    non-working damaged/destroyed no metal caseas long as the connector/pigtail housing is meshipping to either CA or NVthanks
  16. WTB: fuel rail grommet/insulator

    any have one set [3pcs]?two sets [6pcs]'s the round spacer between the fuel rail and the cylinder head.shipping is to CA 92707thanks!
  17. WTB: fuel fller lid with key cylinder

    the color doesn't matter... shipping to CA. thanks!
  18. WTB: sun visors

    got the pair?for sunroof'd galants.shipping to either NV or CAthanks!
  19. WTB: sunroof surround plastic trim

    got the set? mine's cracked in four locations...shipping to either NV or CAthanks!
  20. WTB: wiper arms and wiper linkage

    got the set?shipping to either NV or CAthanks!