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  1. JDM VR-4. Speed Limiter.

    Didn't know that was a thing, but then again the USDM cars don't have such a thing.
  2. USDM bumpers to JDM bumpers E39A

    Pretty sure those sold off as soon as he listed them.But yeah, you need the L brackets and make sure the bumper is complete and not missing any piece of the skeleton. You will need to remove your usdm fogs as well and splice in the jdm fogs if it comes with them.
  3. Scirocco radiator question

    With some trimming the chase bays S13 tucked radiator is an option too, if you have AC deleted.
  4. Does anyone make a "new" engine/wiring harness for the gvr4

    Their customer service is a bit shaky though and some haven't had a great time with their quality on harnesses (plugs pinned incorrectly), but its still an option if you absolutely need one.
  5. Does anyone make a "new" engine/wiring harness for the gvr4

    Ohm-Racing does now apparently
  6. FS: rs vents

    Hood vent mounting location measurementsAlso note that on a non-vented hood, they will not sit flush (there will be a noticeable gap between the vent and the hood) as the area around the vents is recessed on the vented hoods.
  7. OEM parts?

    Most of those "Mitsubishi parts" sites are attached to dealers.However, you gotta remember these cars are approaching 30+yrs old now. When the oem supply on the shelf runs out, that's it for availability and that's already been happening more frequently now. Welcome to the world of "obsolete"...
  8. Production number??

    But there would be a serial number following the chassis code on the firewall, which is as close to a production number as he would get from the ~30k built lol.
  9. Exhaust Manifold 411(T3 to TD05h/TD05 adapter)

    your local dumpster will take it free of charge
  10. New owner, hello new friends

    either replace the caliper or rebuild it, most likely has a rip in the boot and moisture got inside behind the piston, causing things to rust.
  11. Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    172409522124367280 expires on July 4, 2021
  12. Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    169628137124367280 expires on June 6, 2021
  13. parking brake lever does literally nothing - replace cables?

    Quoting yubh8tn: Alright, thanks everybody who helped. Rockauto has new cables for us, $25 a side, so I'll do that when I rebuild the rear hubs and calipers. Hopefully I can soak the cables enough in the meantime to break them free...its actually misleading on Rockauto, as when you try to...
  14. parking brake lever does literally nothing - replace cables?

    most likely discontinued, they were becoming hard to find about 10yrs ago.
  15. Active Toe Eliminator Kit Extra Toe Out

    Which trailing arms? Dsm/gvr4 and 3000gt stuff are very different. The 3kgt arms will widen the rear tracking.
  16. What kind of Coilovers?

    Quote:Any new players bring a gvr4 specific option to market, thats not just another taiwanese manufacturer who can put together a whatever spring and cartridge with e39a mounting parts? As far as I know, nope. Just FEAL and they now make their own springs, so you need at least the...
  17. New to the scene w/ '91 Eagle 2000 GTX

    And blow through all his transmissions and transfer cases in the process? Yeah sure he can do that way, but it's not the proper way to do it, if you want it to last at all. We have enough issues as it is for the 500+ ft-lbs of torque level for AWD, now you want to send all that torque through...
  18. New to the scene w/ '91 Eagle 2000 GTX

    Many mechanical parts do interchange, but some things are specific to the Galant chassis of course, obviously a windshield will be specific to the Galants.AWD swap would require cutting of you trunk floor and welding in one from a AWD 2000GTX/Galant GSX or Galant VR-4, then needing the AWD...
  19. New to the scene w/ '91 Eagle 2000 GTX

    Or rather 1G dsms are basically 6g Galants, because that's the chassis they were derived from lol.The Eagle 2000GTX is just Chrylser Canada's rebadged version of the 87-93 Galant (89-93 here in the US), whether AWD or FWD.
  20. Looking into buying a galant vr4

    Quoting mk2davis:A common criticism of left hand drive cars is that it's harder to pass because your sitting on the wrong side. Just something to be aware of.Did you mean Right hand drive? LHD is what we have stateside.