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  1. slugsgomoo


    This is the Build Thread for 461/1000. Reply below.
  2. slugsgomoo

    WTB: AC delete duct

    Wondering if anyone has seen one in a bone yard or something. My knowledge is that there's a duct piece that replaces where the in-dash piece of the a/c sits- I'd like to get rid of that and put the proper duct in there.
  3. slugsgomoo

    PNW: GVR4's at the LeMay car show 8/25/2018

    There's a huge show at the LeMay Marymount location each year, this year is Saturday August 25th.41st Annual LeMay Car showWe can go as a club, and I'm planning on submitting registration for us as you're interested in going please let me know- one caveat is that I have to...
  4. slugsgomoo

    FS: stuff from my parts bin

    Prices don't include shipping. If you send paypal as gift, no extra, if you send it as payment, plan on covering the fees. There's a long list of people here I've traded with who will vouch, and an ancient good guy thread somewhere.$150 - Delphi 650cc injectors (will include rail 1 for free)...
  5. slugsgomoo

    Spotted in Bremerton, summit white 91

    Spotted in traffic on Burwell Friday 9/26 headed west. I was in the Focus and you told me the badge number, but I totally spaced on it. Didn't know of any other gvr4's on the peninsula so it was great seeing your car. I was actually headed to get some tires swapped around on wheels for #461 when...
  6. slugsgomoo

    #461... Soon to be a real car again (again)

    So as many of you know, I've been JSB for a long time. Long enough in fact that I'm on the second motor since I took the car apart (without starting it... the first one I had has since gone 11.3 in an automatic 1g with an Evo3 on E85). I now have the motor that was originally in BrianAWD's gvr4...
  7. slugsgomoo

    FS: 92 Sentra - SR18DE swap - Bremerton, WA - $1995

    Has SR18DE (JDM 1.8L) motor swap. Previous owner upgraded clutch and fuel pump but I do not have the details.I bought the car to be an autocross toy but I have too many projects & toys already and don't have the space or time for this one.K-Sport Coilovers home-made strut braces...
  8. slugsgomoo

    FREE: Complete non-leaky 4WS setup (local pickup Bremerton, WA)

    Everything except the reservoir, I might even have a spare pump and lines to the front rack...Basically rear rack, lines, front rack, etc. Removed without cutting, and I didn't have any steering leaks before I started taking it out.Price is free, except you have to bring me at least a 4...
  9. slugsgomoo

    what should I do with #461

    Aside from some need to remove some junk (like the rest of the 4ws crap) and the need to source a four bolt axle and front mount, I basically have everything to finish my car.I'm just not sure I care anymore. It's a retarded amount of money and I don't know if I care enough anymore to even...
  10. slugsgomoo

    FS: 91 #1007 Belize Green - Bremerton WA SOLD

    Up for sale is a 1991 Galant VR-4. Belize green, Badge #1007 161k on body, 12k on motor w/ new headI bought this to daily drive, and use when I went to the mountains, but unfortunately, I need money more than I need another car, so the time has come to sell...
  11. slugsgomoo

    Andrew Staley's 1992 #461/1000

    The car is definitely a work in progress, and has some rough points, but it's definitely coming along. The first pic is the current state, then a current mod list, and then the pics of the car's evolution since I've had it.EngineBottom End 9:1 Wiseco Pistons Eagle H-Beam Rods ARP...
  12. slugsgomoo


    Good deal on parts, and shipped quick and when he said he would.
  13. slugsgomoo


    I sold a brand new oil cooler setup to him, he paypal'ed me as soon as I had a shipping estimate and there were no issues at all.I'd definitely do business with boostn again.
  14. slugsgomoo

    MattPark & English Racing

    I needed some parts for my swap (miscellaneous bolts, studs & nuts) and the local shop was closed for the holidays, so I gave Matt @ English Racing a call. He ordered all of the parts I needed, and because mitsu was taking so long on a transmission bolt, pulled one out of his own car so he could...
  15. slugsgomoo


    bought some manual seat belts from him since I was missing parts. quick shipping, etc etc.