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  1. turbowop


    This is the Build Thread for 1051. Reply below.
  2. turbowop

    WTB: JDM city light pigtails

    Shipped to 98908 plz.
  3. turbowop

    FS: Couple of Mitsubishi static model kits

    Tamiya Pajero model. Decals are kind of rough, but it's all there still sealed in baggies. Rare kit and pretty old now. Really cool because it has a little turbo 4g63 in it and a lot of Tamiya models don't even have engine details. I have two so I'm selling this one off. $60 shipped...
  4. turbowop

    FS: Seasonic X-650 PSU

    I used this in my current PC for about a week after I built it a year ago. I swapped it out for an X-850 for more headroom as I was planning to use two power hungry video cards. And I literally just swapped the actual PSU, so all the cords and stuff that the X-850 came with are still sealed and...
  5. turbowop


    So now when I click on images to see them larger, some 4b11 website comes up? And no larger image. What's going on?
  6. turbowop

    WTB: door window trims

    Does anybody with a parts car have a decent set of these four pieces:
  7. turbowop


    Shipped me some Sam Adams Utopias to try out, free of charge! (For those that don't know, that beer is around $250 for a 24oz container depending on year) Awesome new member to the forum. Packed well and shipped quick.
  8. turbowop

    period correct aftermarket head units

    So I have a really nice high end Alpine CDA-7965 head unit in 1051. It's been in the car since I purchased the thing new at a stereo store in 2000. It requires an amp as it has no power of its own. I use the Ai-net input to power and run a MP3 player since it won't play burned CD's for sh*t. I...
  9. turbowop


    When boost leak testing your intake system, make sure to turn off you meth kit.It's been a long time since I busted out the compressor and adapter to make sure my system was leak free, so I did it this evening. My stupid ass didn't shut off the methanol master switch. And since I had the key...
  10. turbowop

    Looky here...

    Hidden in the background.
  11. turbowop

    So I entered 1051 in a street car competition

    About a month ago, for the hell of it, I sent in a submission to for entry into their drag/autox/show streetcar competition happening this August. It's a PNW group putting it on. I really didn't think they would choose my car, but I got an email over the weekend saying I'm one of...
  12. turbowop

    email notifications for PM's

    This stopped working for me out of the blue sometime last week. I still have it checked in my preferences, but I'm not receiving emails anymore. Any idea as to what's up?
  13. turbowop

    I need a spare tire for 1051

    In the off chance I get a flat during a drive to Seattle or on any road trip, I need something that will allow me to limp the car to a tire place. For the past few years, I have had the stock 4-lug spare in the trunk and crossed my fingers that if I did get a flat, it would be a back tire since...
  14. turbowop


    Picked up a JNZ short-throw shifter from him. Super fast shipping and great communication!
  15. turbowop

    FS: Tein HA coilovers

    I was gonna hang on to these and use them on 503, but I'll stick with my GC/GR2 combo as it's a bit softer and I don't need 503 to be on suspension like this while using 205/70r15 snow tires.I picked these up new way back in '01 I think. One of the last sets of HA's that Tein ever made...
  16. turbowop

    fan override switch

    What would be the easiest way to tackle this? I want stock radiator fan functionality retained for both my AC (pusher) and radiator (puller). I'm going to install a 180* thermostat so I just want to wire in a switch to flip the fans on when in stop/go traffic or waiting in the staging lanes at...
  17. turbowop

    New Suspensionz and other stuffs

    Well, new to me anyway, but pre-ownedI purchased one of the last set of Tein HA's in the country for our cars back in '01. They were about the best thing you could get back then and I got a good deal through a buddy that owned a small ricer shop. They're still in great shape, but stiff as...
  18. turbowop

    First time at the dragstrip in six years last night...

    ...and I can't launch for sh*t.First pass was bad. Knock light went crazy in fourth so I let out of the throttle early and ran a 12.8 @ 115 with a crap 2.2 60ft due to a bogged launch. Looked at the log and saw massive knock in fourth which resulted in a melted plug in cylinder 2. I'm lucky...
  19. turbowop

    Slave cylinder video

    So I've been having a clutch drag issue ever since I swapped from the twin to the single. It was a hydraulic problem and I finally got around to installing a new master a slave cylinder today. Even bled it by myself thanks to a speed bleeder on the slave. I used a Beck/Arnley master and a...
  20. turbowop

    recommend me an awesome slimfan...

    So I reinstalled my OE 190 thermostat, pulled the radiator out of the car and flushed it out, then used this nice non-spill funnel to refill with coolant and to burp the cooling system of all air. It worked great, BTW. While driving, after fully warmed up, my coolant temps stay between...