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  1. tyeler18

    Daily racecar, 736/2000

    This is the Build Thread for Daily racecar, 736/2000. Reply below.
  2. tyeler18

    WTB: double din radio bezel

    Looking for the trim ring around the radio. Double din needed, preferably all the clips in good condition. Some moron broke into my car and stole the trim ring in his poor attempt at taking my stereo. I'm on here off and on, for a faster response text 520-610-4269
  3. tyeler18

    FS: All 4 centric OEM blanks, Front/Rear 4 lug hubs with ABS rinfs

    I recently 5 lug swapped 736, 6 months ago I did front/rear brakes. These are the thick centric OEM blanks, they have just under 4K street miles and zero track days. Their in awesome shape, still show some of the cross hatching in them, no lip worn in it yet or anything. I wasn't planning on...
  4. tyeler18

    WTB: real Evo 3 hood vents

    Looking for a set of real Evo 3 hood vents. Color doesn't matter, just need to be in good condition with good studs. I have a set of the replicas and they were exactly what I was hoping they would be. Need them shipped to Arizona. Shoot me a price and pics!
  5. tyeler18


    I've owned this car for 3+ years now and have been dealing with the neglect from past owners without really fixing anything. The car has sat in my shop for the past year, mostly untouched as I traded off my street bike for a 98 Trans am to daily. I finally decided to sell the trans am and put my...
  6. tyeler18

    how to disassemble fuel door lock cylinder?

    Anyone ever taken apart their fuel door cylinder? I've got to be missing something here. I've got the spring and lever off the back but can't figure out how to get the cylinder to even budge. I've got one sticky tumbler so its a pain to unlock and the cable for the lever needs fixed. It appears...