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  1. Can I engine swap a 4G67 to 4G63?

    I have recently received the car back from my mechanic, we replaced all four engine mounts with the ones from the AWD VR-4 and they all fit fine. I think I will come back to this thread later to post any updates on the engine swap, for science . Thanks everyone for the help!
  2. Can I engine swap a 4G67 to 4G63?

    Hi, i've found out much more about the car now. It is a 1990 Viento, is there a way to check what year the engine is?Also, are the engine mounts that fit to the E39A Galant the same as the ones on the E-E35A model? All four of mine are broken right now and I'm looking for replacements.
  3. Can I engine swap a 4G67 to 4G63?

    Hi, I recently purchased a Galant Super Viento and was wondering if engine swapping the old 4G67 to a newer 4G63 is a viable choice? My end goal is to get more power out of the car and I am considering this as one of my options. Sorry if this question has been asked before, I searched for a...