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Search results

  1. FS: rs vents

    Bump. Still for sale
  2. FS: bnib chrome grille

    If I can keep it under 2kg it will be 35usd to ship
  3. FS: bnib chrome grille

    Send me your postal code please. I imagine 30/40usd
  4. What kind of Coilovers?

    ^So this evo 8/9 ones do offer a smooth and comfortable ride ?
  5. What kind of Coilovers?

    Damn it. I'm really ready to spend 2500/3000 usd if I have to but I do not want a coilover set which isn't capable of offering a smooth daily driver ride.It's even not a problem if I have to dial them in everytime I go to the track but it just has to offer some comfort daily driving.But...
  6. What kind of Coilovers?

    Hijacking this post a bit but what coilovers offer still a lot of comfort for daily driving ? I don't mind if I have to adjust them in between but I don't want such super bumpy rides and stiffness while cruising with the family. On track it's super but I use it for daily driving and away time...
  7. Vr4 coilovers on a zr4?

    It's the hatchback version of the vr4. Bit beefier and heavier on the back.My main concern was the weight difference. I was wondering if the extra 75 kg constantly was worth an extra concern or that it doesn't matter so much. Would it cause extra wear per example ?
  8. FEELER: Used ABS unit & computer for parts, ABS prop vand front ABS lines [FREE]

    Very interested. Perhaps some abs sensors as well ? My front right sensor is dying and I really need another one.Rest would be great to have as backup . Really want to keep abs
  9. FS: rs vents

    I've got a pair of vr4 rs hood vents. Wanted to make a vented hood myself but luckily found a complete rs hoodCan make some pictures upon request but they are in perfect shape. No broken tabs or threads. No rusted out threads100 usd obo
  10. FS: bnib chrome grille

    Price drop 90 usd
  11. FS: bnib chrome grille

    Like the title says, brand new. 100usd plus shipping obo
  12. New owner #77/2000

    So soon already?
  13. WTB: 93 headlights in perfect condition

    Send me a pm with the pictures and we'll go from there
  14. WTB: 93 headlights in perfect condition

    Like the title says. Very good price!
  15. Vr4 coilovers on a zr4?

    How do you guys think about putting vr4 specific coilovers on a zr4? I mean, there's a difference in weight, dynamics and dimensions between the two. Would the rear coilovers do for the hatchback as well?
  16. FS: gvr4 roller/parts

    Willing to separately sell the hks272's?
  17. WTB: complete ac setup

    In the market for a 100 percent complete ac setup . Compressor evaporator engine wiring loom brackets linesMust be complete. Very good price !
  18. FS: gvr4 roller/parts

    Complete ac setup with EVERYTHING included?
  19. Rear subframe bushings

    Anyone got an idea on where to buy the rear subframe and mustache bushings? Boostx used to sell those back in the day, but I've got no clue on where to buy them nowadays....