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  1. I think I pissed 425/1K off.

    Haven't even started 425 since I picked up the Jaguar (3 weeks) and MOD coming in 3 days I needed to make sure she is ready for the annual 400 mile trip.I decided to swap in the 180 t-stat and remove the 160 stat. Found a tiny leak on the plug that blocks off the t-body coolant return. Fixed...
  2. Newbie wheel question.

    I am looking for new wheels for my DD.The stock wheels are +49mm backspacing. The wheels I am looking at are +40mm back spacing.Does that mean they will be 9mm further into the wheel well (closer to the a-arms) or further out of the wheel well.And am I thinking correctly that on a 8.5 wide...
  3. WTB: Long shot, 18" rims 5x108 around 8" wide. Set of 4

    Looking for a set of 18" rims with a bolt pattern of 5x108. Back spacing in the 40-48mm range. Somewhere between 7.5-9" wide.Typicle applications are Older Lincolns, Jaguar, Range Rover.Don't need to be pretty, will be installing 245/45/18 snowsPrice with shipping to 52806.
  4. FS: 92 Galant VR4 425/1000 Davenport, IA $13000.00 SOLD

    I have owned this car since Dec of 2003. I started with it as a bone stock car with 113,000 miles at a bank repo lot. I have spent 9 years bringing this car to this point. It is a 9.8(maybe better) out of 10 both inside and out. I am extremely anal and nothing has been left to chance. I daily...
  5. FS: Windows 7 64bit OEM w/SP1 $90 brand new

    I bought this and found I needed 32 bitI did open the box, hense why it is not being returned.Never installed, product key still on cd case ready to be removed and stuck on PC you want to use.$90 shipped in lower 48.
  6. Galant VR4 car insurance for true value... At great prices

    Ok guys, his topic comes up a few times a year. And I want to try and get some benefits for us.I have been talking to Hagerty Insurance and they are now offering their insurance for our cars no strings attached.The reason for me posting this is two-fold.#1 - Ability to insure our cars for...
  7. Rebuilding drive shaft. To fill or not to fill

    I am in the middle of this project.I am really second guessing the idea of filling the brand new bearings with window weld.I have seen two new rebuilds vibrate badly after the filling of the bearings.Well, what you you do?.Fill or no fill.
  8. Spring cleaning - GVR4 style.

    I will be removing the interior from 425 and dying the carpet, re-sound proofing the floor pan, installing new vibration foam tape on all the trim, wiring, and anything else that can rattle and I have a question from anybody that has "professinal detailing" experience.I will be bringing the...
  9. WTB: Springfield XD40 subcompact magazines

    Prefer the 12 round but will concider the 9 round.Anybody got some they want to let go?
  10. WTB: Super cheap winter wheels 18" 5x114

    For Mitsu hubs. Will have Blizzacks mounted. Need a full set if wheels, can be steelies. Don't care about looks, just price.18" with 5x114 with an offset between 35mm-45mm?Shipped to 52806
  11. 1st set of production hood props installed. VERY COOL

    Bobdole has come through in a big way.They look and work great.Here is the For Sale thread and my full write up.clickGood job Bobdole (or should I call you Chuck). Now lets see them head lights and tail lights you got in the workx....
  12. FS: 155/80/13 Firestone Winterforce tires on Honda steelies $175

    These were the snow tire set for my cousins 91 Civic. He used them for 2 seasons and they are like new. This car did not even have enough power to spin the wheels on ice.Tread depth is 10mm and are fully mounted and balanced. The steelies have lots of rust but are solid and perfect for the...
  13. WTB: EVO 9 Top heat shield

    Want to play with one, does not need to be very good. I will most likely cut it to pieces so I want a cheap one.Shipped to 52806.Thanks
  14. FS: Full set - General Altimax-Arctic tires on factory 3G wheels

    I used these on my Ralliart for 2 winters. 205/50/17 They have about 5 months on them and approx 5000 miles. 9mm tread depth left. Rims are in 98% condition. Mounted and balanced, ready to go. Absolutly zero uneven wear.I mounted them on brand new set of Enkie 3G factory wheels and also...
  15. WTB: 1G shifter arm

    Shipped to Davenport,IA 52806.Thanks
  16. Problems with factory alarm or dome light not working?

    I have been having some issues with the factory alarm and my dome light won't always come on when I open the drivers door.I also have an issue with the factory horn that is for the alarm system. Only the headlights flash and the relay on the firewall that drives the horn clicks but the horn...
  17. Limp home condition cause after engine wash ( or large puddle)

    I washed the engine bay late today and cause a limp home condition after driving it for a few miles. This has happened once before years ago when I was running a 3G MAS and now I am running speed density.After limping it home the last 4 miles and racking my brain to figure out what still could...
  18. Thank you Cheekychimp

    It took almost a year, but they are finally on. Thank you for everything.
  19. Update on 425/1000. What I have been up to.

    Most of you know that I have spent the last 3 years rebuilding my Summit White 1992 GVR4. This rebuild literally has included everything from the chassis all the way to a full drivetrain upgrade.The only thing left is to rebuild the driveshaft and bolt on the strut tower braces(front and...
  20. FS: Scirocco radiator w/ fan and temp switch (SOLD)

    I bought this new in early 2010 for my Galant VR4 and used it for about 400 miles. It worked great for daily driving but wont cool enough for 600 crank HP on the dyno. It performed great to 320 wheel horsepower on the dyno and kept the engine at 215F.It is a Nissens product with the part...