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  1. nrvous

    FS: 92 Kensington Gray 223/1000 non-running Buford, GA $500

    I have a non-running Kensington Gray Galant VR-4 in Georgia that needs to go to a home. Car is in Buford, Georgia. It has not run since 2007. Somebody with $500 and a hauler can get it out of there, otherwise it is going to be called to a donation charity or salvage yard. It rolled off a...
  2. nrvous

    Sept 15 - Rochester BBQ

    I am sorry for the late notice. We are having our Rochester DSM cookout this weekend and wanted to make sure all of our friends on the Galant VR-4 board were included. We only get a handful of people traveling in from outside of the Finger Lakes NY region, but it never hurts to offer it up for...
  3. nrvous

    FS: Tial 38mm External Wastegate

    Tial 38mm External Wastegate - $175 Add $5 for shipping. For intensive purposes it is new. It was actually used for a week while Harper sent his in for repair and he needed something to drive his car with. It was on my list of things to do on the VR-4 and has been patiently sitting here for...
  4. nrvous

    FS: Outdoor Car Cover

    I have a fitted CoverCraft Noah car cover, designed for the Galant VR-4. I used it for a year or two. $100 for it and I will pay for shipping.It is a nice cover, doesn't have any tears in it and aside from a few bird crap stains showing it's effectiveness it is in really good shape.I...
  5. nrvous

    Rochester DSM Cookout - September 17th

    I wanted to extend the offer out to anybody who is interested in joining us for our end of season cookout here in Rochester. It usually turns into quite a field of cars, we cater in the food and we have prizes coming from our local shops and supporters. I will send my address to anybody...
  6. nrvous

    Galant VR4 Placement in the Wedding Cake

    Somebody posted up a copy of the Galant VR4 model when talking about aerodynamics. It reminded me that I own the model, because we used it in the decoration of our wedding cake. I have to think I hold some form of record among the community for getting a Galant VR4 model placed on the wedding...
  7. nrvous

    the Wedding cake of Galant VR4 enthusiasts

    I wanted to share a picture of my wedding cake from our 2007 wedding. Yes, that is a model replicate of a Galant VR4 on my wedding cake, complete with the carbon fiber hood. For those who know us well, this was not a stretch of imagination. The truck is the Toyota FJ cruiser that my wife...