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  1. FS: Built 6-Bolt Head $1200

    4G63 6-bolt built head with ported intake/exhaust and 5 angle valve job. All brand new parts: -Supertech nitrided intake valves, 2mm oversize -Supertech inconel exhaust valves, 2mm oversize -Ferrea EVO 8 dual spring kit with titanium retainers -Supertech valve guides -Supertech viton valve...
  2. Valve/Piston Clearance

    I have a question about calculating (or anticipating) piston/valve clearance issues. While waiting for my short block build, I picked up a set of 264/272 cams, and a built head with 2mm oversize valves. I wasn't looking for bigger valves, but as I was ready to buy parts for rebuilding my...
  3. FOUND ONE...WTB: Oil Pickup

    Need a good oil pickup tube/screen, p/n MD113024 shipped to 20871
  4. 1dvsdsm

    Great seller, packed my parts up better than rare art!!! Well, actually, the parts are Plus, he spent hours telling me about needs building out a new short block. Awesome! Thanks
  5. What's up with this mess?

    Why do the ACT discs lose springs anyway? If they fixed the "issue", what did they change? Is there a serial number range that identifies the vulnerable discs? What other sprung disc, compatible with the 2600 plate never loses them? I put this in a couple years ago. Maybe 10K +/- since then...
  6. Can we use this alternate timing belt number for our cars?

    MD327394 Finding this number in several places ( example ) as applicable to our engines. These are aftermarket brands, but what Mitsu car(s) does this OEM number belong to? **Edit** Looking some more, I found a notice stating it replaces our old number, at least for the EVO 8/9's. LOOK...
  7. Breakerrr

    Great seller! Bought a condenser fan blade. He shipped it immediately, and actually before I got the paypal posted. Can't get no better than that! Thanks Man!
  8. Import vs Domestic at MIR - MD/DC/VA

    MIR's biggest turnout every year. Last year they estimated 40,000 people but probably a few less. The 400+ car field has been locked for months. Must have been 20+ cars running 13Bs, floated in from the Caribbean. Great event to spectate, but you better be early. Arrive after say, 10 am and...
  9. Strut tower brace bolt

    On the front brace, is any particular bolt needed for the front bolt position on this? The position isn't used for the stock strut.
  10. What's up with this?

    Left rear. The damage is on the inside edge. Only thing i can think of is something getting wedged in there for a few seconds at speed. Not likely, but I did have a caliper sticking on this wheel...that's when I discovered the tire issue.
  11. Alternative OFH feed

    Can I use one of the other unused ports? The plug in the port I was going to use would not come out. Tried a little heat, liquid wrench, etc. Hoping not to have to remove the housing. BTW, this is for FPgreen with journal bearing, and still have the balance shafts in.This is what I tried to...
  12. FOUND...WTB: A/C Cooling Fan

    Need a good condenser fan. THIS ONE, mounts on the driver's side in front of the condenser. Really only need the plastic blade, assuming it is removable. But I'll take the whole assembly if you're within an hour or so of the D.C. metro area. Shoot me pm here or email: [email protected]
  13. WTB: 1G Front Brake Splash Shields

    Shipped price (20871) for a pair of straight, rust-free splash shields. I believe the correct P/Ns are: MB587450 (L) and MB587451 (R) Thanks!
  14. WTB: Automatic AWD transmission for 94 Expo

    Looking for a known-good transmission. I think it is a 2G style but not sure. Let me know what you have with $ shipped to 20871. Thanks, Mike
  15. Combination Switch

    Last night I turned the left blinker on and the headlights go out. Same with the right turn. Anyone know what piece in the combo switch is actually broken? I looked around and the parts houses want takusan okane for the assembly.
  16. EGR Connection

    My car just barely failed MD emissions. I do have a cat on the car. So I go looking and see the EGR valve is disconnected. Thinking I would hook that up in hopes of re-burning some of the unburned fuel. But I have a couple issues. I looked all over here and all over the web. 1. The sticker on...
  17. Remove plastic trim plugs without breaking

    How to remove these 20+ year old pieces without breaking them?Locked a Dollar Tree putty knife in the vise and broke a couple inches off the end, basically halfing its length. Locked the stubby in the vise and gently bent into an arc shape. Then sliced a V-groove in the leading edge like a...
  18. Underside of hood vents?

    Found this and was wondering if it is the matching under-the-hood piece for the vents I see people putting on our cars.
  19. Transmission Issues

    Edited this down some.... I'm having a trans issue and would appreciate input/recommendations. Its a GVR4 trans in a 1g. Is supposed to be a Shep trans. I've been having some dialogue with them (Shep Transmission) and it seems like they're not interested in rebuilding it...too busy. I was...
  20. Gombos

    Bought a FMIC from Mike a few weeks ago. Quick replies to emails, good description and pricing, even met me halfway to save me some time. Nice doing business the way it should be done. Good Guy.