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  1. clutch pedal engaging

    watsup guys, so finally got 747 started up yesterday and as far as the motor goes, besides needing a tune, it is running pretty good.few small issues1. the clutch pedal engages like a pubic hair out from the floor, did switch to after market clutch but from the small things i have read that...
  2. WTB: GVR4 specifc j pipe

    as title states, looking for hotside intercooler pipingthanksadam
  3. WTB: ISO ETS fmic piping

    As title states, i have the core but am in search of the pipingthanks
  4. WTB: Fender Liners

    Driver and Passanger Side Fender Liners
  5. WTB: J pipe from ETS FMIC

    prev owner did not run J pipeneed it for 16g swtup if anyone has one laying around
  6. WTB: Drivers side front fender liner

    As title states looking for front fender liner drivers side
  7. Build Thread for 747/2000

    Picked up 747 about a year and a half ago and since then have been hoarding parts to build it. (original sale post Link)I finally have reached the point where i can begin to install everything that I have and see what breaks first.As it sits, the car currently has 144k on the odometer and...
  8. WTB: ETS Intake or similar custom intake

    i know one of you hoarders has one somewhere or someone that is parting out!pm me please =)
  9. WTB: ETS Intake or similar custom intake

    Looking for an ETS intake or a custom intake that is similar in style.not planning on moving the battery and have the ets fmic piping so would like to have an intake to go with itthanks
  10. WTB:ortiz gauge pod or vr4 specific single din pod

    ortiz gauge pod or vr4 specific single din pod
  11. WTB: Gauge pod

    looking for single din triple gauge pod, speaker pod, or a pillar pod(only if u have an a pillar to sell with it, want to keep my stock one unhacked)
  12. WTB: power folding mirrors with switch, stock head unit w equalizer

    Looking for power folding mirrors preferably white, WITH switch Also looking for stock head unit w equalizer Would be interested in any other cool oem or jdm accessories
  13. WTB: key fob/key chain

    Key fob for 1991 vr4 saw someone posted blank ones on here awhile back
  14. key fob

    saw a post on here from a few years ago about someone making blank key fobs, wondering if theres any floating around or that person is still on here, thanks!
  15. Panda junction

    Anyone on here going to panda junction this Sunday?
  16. Just bought #747, ,lots of questions about modding

    This car is so pristine that I don't want to ruin it by doing too much, but the first thing I want to do is the 5 bolt swap and bigger rotors, calipers, wheels. Car has coilovers on it, planned on putting on better ones when I do the lug swap. There are so many forums and pages to pan through...