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  1. FS: 92 Galant VR4 425/1000 Davenport, IA $13000.00 SOLD

    I hear you KC. AC is not happening, but I may redo the center console.Thanks for the compliment, it means a lot coming from you.
  2. FS: 92 Galant VR4 425/1000 Davenport, IA $13000.00 SOLD

    Quoting Ben: I know you said no trades, but it doesn't hurt to ask. A 1960 mini cooper?Sorry, no.However, post up yor Mini in Anything Goes. I would love to see it.
  3. Soft spongy clutch

    That or a bulging rubber line to slave.
  4. What is this Connector for?

    AC compressor clutch control wire I think.
  5. Help I think I have a bad ECU( stranded)

    Does it start up and run for a second or two and then die?If so, you have a fuel pump power issue at the ECU or MPI relay.Could be either one.If it is a fuel pump control issue, I "think" you can power on the fuel pump at the fuel pump test wire by the brake vacuum booster under the hood...
  6. Plugs around the ECU

    It is a narrow band O2 output. For testing purposes only. Or you can connect it to a cheap O2 "blinky" gauge and impress your friends.
  7. I think I pissed 425/1K off.

    I think it happened because of two reasons.I mounted the MBC loosely hanging from the adjuster shaft and the set screw was loose. The vibration and the loose set screw allowed for the adjuster to back off.Tightened the set screw after readjustment and we will see if it is consistent.This...
  8. I think I pissed 425/1K off.

    I think my problem is how I mounted it. It is hanging by the adjuster screw shaft and over the last year must have backed out slowly because the set screw was not tight.All better now.
  9. FACTORY MOD '12-Date changed 9/22/12

    JC and Adam won't be making it. Work is too demanding right now.See you in a few days.
  10. I think I pissed 425/1K off.

    Haven't even started 425 since I picked up the Jaguar (3 weeks) and MOD coming in 3 days I needed to make sure she is ready for the annual 400 mile trip.I decided to swap in the 180 t-stat and remove the 160 stat. Found a tiny leak on the plug that blocks off the t-body coolant return. Fixed...
  11. M12 Metic Allen Bolts Downpipe bolts

    LOLMissed that entirely.
  12. M12 Metic Allen Bolts Downpipe bolts

    Here is the post I made years ago and is now in the How-to section.Perfect solution to the down pipe fitmit
  13. What happens when injectos are to big

    Once you get serious about piping, everything from intake to hot/cold side, go to are good, quality is great, and service is fast.If you look at my car in the link below, you will see their 4" chrome piping for the intake, 2.25" piping on the hot side...
  14. timing light

    After everything is connected as you already stated, engine at full temp, and a steady 800 revs, if you leave the dail at 0, then turn CAS so the mark is at 5 on the timing cover. If you want to turn the dial to 5, then adjust the CAS so the mark is at TDC, or 0 on the timing cover.The dial...
  15. 90 laser half shaft help?

    The male spline part is toast. If the female socket or clean, it should be just fine to reused.Look carefully at the spline high and lows and make sure there is no wearing. They should be straight and have defined grooves that are not worn to sharp points.
  16. 90 laser half shaft help?

    Looks like the lat IoM it was apart,it was not seated fully and it was drove on. The only part of the splines that were driving the wheel was the part before the clip.Time for a new half shaft. No fixing that.
  17. WTB: Long shot, 18" rims 5x108 around 8" wide. Set of 4

    DTD has sent me return labels. Looking at a new set of wheels from them but they are out of stock right now.Oh well, still looking.