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  1. ACT Clutch Install Issue

    GVR4 guys,ACT MB1-XTSS clutch kit…Anyone had any issues with install on stock flywheel??Car grinds going into reverse…
  2. Engine Vibration AFTER timing belt / water pump service - HELP!?!

    Hello again VR4 community,Need help figuring out what’s causing my VR4 to start to vibrate at around 4-5k RPM range?This issue arise after timing belt / water pump service done at a local shop. Car drives fine under 4k rpm BUT starts to vibrate after that. I returned the car back to the...
  3. ABS issues... after installing new coilovers

    Hey guys,I have a JDM RHD 88’ GVR4...Having issues with ABS being activated after installing new BC Racing coilovers.Never had any issues before the install. No just driving around the neighborhood at no more than 25mph and using normal braking I can feel the ABS engaging on...
  4. E39A GVR4 Catalytic Converter Sensor?

    Hello,Noob here...Can someone tell me if the sensor on the Catalytic Converter form my 88’ JDM GVR4 is an O2 Sensor or Air Temperature Sensor or something else?Here’s a PicThanks in advance