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  1. FS: 93 Headlights 100+shipping

    Have a set of 93 headlights. Not the greatest set I've found but I need the room.One has very good chrome. One, not so much. It would probably make sense to swap the chrome on the bad one but I just don't have the motivation to do it.Here are some pictures.Both of them. Top one is in good...
  2. FS: 89 Manual seatbelt setup

    Want to get rid of it. 200.00 shipped./brox
  3. FS: 6 bolt block w/crank, ACL, ARP, more

    I decided to sell just the pistons and rods from my block, so now I have a block.It's a 6 bolt, standard bore. New oil scraper, main seals. ACL bearings on the crank. ARP main studs. Most of the timing components, all of which were new. Mitsu Stubby BSE, the one with the oil race on the stubby...
  4. FS: Another Black Top CAS

    Apparently I have an additional one.Since last time I posted one I had 15 replies in less than a day, I will put the price at the same dollar amount of the highest offer I got from the last sale.55.00/brox
  5. FS: The rest of the all my stuff sale.

    This is mostly interior stuff and I'm trying to keep the posts down to just two. Of course, I did donate my old badge to the org, so maybe I should bogart some of that bandwidth. I wonder how much you have to donate to get some changes made around this place?Here is more stuff. Most of this...
  6. FS: Transfer case

    Didn't check the spline count but it fit both my original transmission and my TRE 2G tranny, so I assume the most common one. Iron Head.I quite literally have no idea what it would go for so let's say 300.00 or best offer. Yes, I realize it is not worth 300.00, but I have to put a price...
  7. FS: Nearly New Spec Stage 3 Clutch

    Zee clutch has beeen zold and zhipped./brox
  8. FS: 90 OFH with custom cooler, Stainless lines

    My old cooler setup from 379 a long time ago. Uses a modified Volvo Cooler, -6 stainless lines.160.00 shipped OBO/brox
  9. FS: The all of my stuff sale

    Alright people. Seems the cut of my jib may not be a clear as I would have liked. Everything I have, is clogging my garage. I need it gone. When I say send me an offer, I mean even if it's crazy, send it. You may be surprised.I am consolidating all the FS posts into one. All the prices are...
  10. WTB: Nissan 240SX OEM flexplate

    I'm swapping an auto into the 240 I bought but it currently has the 5 speed manual in it. I need an OEM flex plate so I can have a new one made the same size but SFI certified./brox
  11. FS: AGX Adjustables, all four corners, 350.00 shipped

    Title again.I pulled the springs off them figuring peoples might want the struts alone instead of my bizarre spring setup. They have no more than 3K on them since new.Price is with shipping which is considerably high due to size so keep that in mind when you consider the price. New...
  12. FS: My Custom Ignition

    Sold, paid. Shipping out in the AM. ThanksThis is the same ignition I used on the dyno when I made 362WHP. I realize that isn't a ton of power, but this is the ignition I built to run 600 HP.135.00 shipped./brox
  13. FS: Evo 8 AEM EMS W/IAT and MAP sensor

    Since I'm going a totally different route with the new project, I can sell everything on 379. So the AEM is up for sale.Series 1 AEM EMS, Both sensors with pigtails and the serial cable.It is for an Evo 8. Keep this in mind.650.00 shipped/brox
  14. The Inaugural GalantVR4.Org Raffle : Buy tickets now for 5.00$

    And the Grand Prize Limited Edition Badge, Key Fob and JDM bumper brackets winner is raffle ticket #2.The Runner-Up replica Key Fob winner is raffle ticket #50.Thank you everyone who participated. We will contact the winners with further instructions.--Announcing the inaugural...
  15. FS: 1G leather shift boot(s), 1G shifter

    I have 2. They are not perfect, brand new, but in good enough shape I would put them in my own car. Neither has any serious defects other than a loose stitch or two. As a bonus, they do have the usually missing rubber grommet which holds the actual boot to the shifter,which is nice.20.00...
  16. FS: USDM Foglights

    Pretty good shape honestly. The rubber surround is not even crispy or anything.125+10 shipping, so 135./brox
  17. FS: Black top CAS

    45.00 shipped. It's in the shipping box already or I'd take a picture, but it looks like a black top CAS./brox
  18. FS: K sport front camber plates

    Sold and shipped./brox
  19. FS: Evo VIII seats

    Gone. And now I have a guy I can call when I break down in Louisiana./brox
  20. FS: Manual seatbelt conversion, complete.

    Every part for the Manual conversion. Both A pillars, Upper and lower B pillars and the upper trim piece. Both retractors, all hardware, all the spacers.To let everyone interested know, under no circumstances does this "bolt in". That notion is a lie. You will have to drill into the A pillar...