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  1. FS: 1991 Galant VR4 -All Original 90K miles SOLD

    1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 Belize Green 90,6XX milesAll systems and features on this car are working and intact including: Power steering 4 wheel steering AC (R12) ABS Cruise control Power sunroof Original floor matsThis is a true surviver car. It has been in this area it's...
  2. WTB: GVR4 rear window

    Looking for options on a rear window in good shape with intact defogger element. LMK what you have.
  3. FS: Clear headlight protectors for '93 headlights

    These are for the '93 USDM glass headlights only at this time. I have 10 sets available. 5 are currently spoken for.***Here is the thread for the fog light version for anyone not familiar with these: Fog Light Protectors***Here is the list from the feeler thread for these particular covers...
  4. Feeler: Clear headlight protectors

    Gauging interest in making a run of clear headlight protectors. Planning to make myself a set for my '93 lights, as well as my JDM set. Price is yet to be determined. I will have to price the material. Due to size, I'm estimating $50ish per set.***Here is the thread for the fog light...
  5. FS: FIC 950cc injectors

    Set of low-Z 950s. Still in the car but coming out this week when I drop the larger ones in. They run great. Had them cleaned right before I moved them to this car. $260
  6. WTB: stock MAS

    Looking for a stock vr4 mas to hack up. Even the plate without the mas attached will work. LMK what you have.
  7. Ryan Clark's 1991 Galant VR-4 1280/2000

    Name: Ryan Clark Board Name: strokin4dr Badge number: 1280/2000 Location: Savannah, GA Build thread: CLICK1991 Galant VR-4 #1280/2000 Summit White Non-sunroof model Dash plaque, numbered key fob and original keys present Original window sticker Owner’s manual...
  8. FS: 1g head w/ 1mm OS valves

    1g head machined for +1mm valves and fresh resurface. Came on a built 6 bolt I bought. I swapped to a 2g head and took the cams and springs/retainers off this one. Includes what you see in pics.$300
  9. WTB: 1g/VR4 ECU patch harness

    Looking for a patch harness for a VR4. LMK what you have!
  10. WTB: Interior door handles

    Looking for some interior door handles. LMK what you have.-Ryan
  11. WTB: Multiple parts

    Looking for: -AC control box. (small black box located behind glovebox) -2 strut tower plugs (rubber blanks that go in the unused holes) -Rubber hood seal that runs along the front of the cowl -interior door handle in good shape -2g upper turbo heat shield (new or in good shape) -vr4 front...
  12. FS: Rebuilt 63mm throttlebody with extras

    1g turbo throttlebody Bored to 63mm with new tb plate Half-shaft mod Uber boost shaft seals Extra ports deleted on top (only P port open) includes 2 new gaskets and new ISC seal It is set up to either use a 2g TPS or simulate the closed throttle signal in ECMlink. If you want it to work...
  13. Issue when replying to messages

    When I try to reply to a received message lately, I get a bunch of junk in the middle of the reply. See below:Paypal is <a class="__cf_email__" href="/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection" data-cfemail="d0b4a3bda4a2b4a4a5beb5a290b1bfbcfeb3bfbd">[email protected]</a><script...
  14. FS: Mofugas short throw shifter w/ upgraded bushings

    Mofugas short shifter. Powder coated black. This is a 3000GT shifter with bronze spacer bushings to allow it to fit perfectly into a GVR4. I had a friend copy the Mofugas plastic bushings and replicate them in bronze. I have this same shifter in all 3 of my cars. Best you can get for the VR4...
  15. WTB: Passenger fender and trunk lid

    Needs to be in good shape. LMK what you have. Thanks
  16. WTB: Washer fluid bottle

    LMK what you have.
  17. WTB: Door strikers

    Looking for one in good shape. May take 2 to have a spare. LMK
  18. WTB: Cruise control

    Looking for a cruise control box w/ cables, etc. Lmk what you have
  19. FS: Air/Water intercooler, bosch Cobra pump, and other parts

    Air to water intercooler setup from Frozen Boost. All parts are brand new. Make an offer on the lot.2 x Brass 1/2" NPT Male to 3/4" Barbed 90 Elbow 1 x Water to Air Intercooler - 12"x12.25"x4.5" 2 x Brass 1/2" NPT Male to 3/4" Barbed Straight 1 x Water to Air Intercooler Pump and Harness...
  20. WTB: stock 1g/vr4 boost solenoid

    Looking for a boost control solenoid.