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  1. ApexHunter

    FS: Techna Fit SS Braided Brake Lines, ***SOLD***

    sold, thank you.
  2. ApexHunter

    FS: SoCal - BBS EVO MR Wheels, *SOLD*

    SOLD Thanks17x8, 5x114.3, +38Look great on GVR4s, just need that 5 lugPrice is $850 obo. Local pickup preferred.These are really in fantastic shape; not sure how many are out there that are this clean.The tires have nothing to do with the price (in my eyes). They are on...
  3. ApexHunter

    FS: 2003 Honda S2000, SoCal, **SOLD**

    <b>Overview</b> This car is fantastic and someone is going to come up on an extreme value here. This is the classic tale where I spent a ton of money and now get to sell the car for pennies on the dollar. I have two other vehicles, and I am moving and going back to school. Unfortunately I must...
  4. ApexHunter

    FS: 2003 Evolution ***Please Delete***

    No longer available. Thanks for the space!
  5. ApexHunter

    MOD 2017 - West Coast - July 8th 2017

    It's official! July 8th
  6. ApexHunter

    ***SOLD*** 2006 Honda S2000 ***SOLD***

    ***SOLD***2006 Honda S2000Thanks for the space!
  7. ApexHunter

    FS: Heads up...........FEAL Coilovers PROMO

    Howdy all,FEAL is running a promotion through October 31st!As of this writing, i'm able to give you guys an extra 5% off the sweet Special that i've been running!!Please contact me directly (PM or email david at for details!
  8. ApexHunter

    FS: FEAL Coilovers *Summer Solstice Sale*

    Howdy folks,Feal hit me up to let us know about their current sale. It is a pretty hefty discount and they aren't one of those companies who does this all the time.**10% off of MAP (which is $1350) through July**I've been offering a deal to for several months on these, and i...
  9. ApexHunter

    Classic Recaro Seats (Lexicon/Chart)

    This is informative and can be quite useful if you are on the hunt for classic/NLA Recaros or just want to see all the different variations and features.
  10. ApexHunter

    West Coast MOD 2016 - 7/9/16

    It's been announced! MMNA will once again be hosting MOD at their headquarters in Cypress, CA.July 9th, 2016Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. 6400 Katella Ave, Cypress, CA 90630 click
  11. ApexHunter

    FS: FEAL 441 Adjustable Coilover Damper Kit for 1987-92 Galant VR-4

    <b>FEAL 441 Coilover kit, built specifically for the 1987-92 Galant VR4</b>Hi, this is meant to consolidate info from the existing thread located here into one post. Special deals exist through HeelToe Auto for .org members!I'm involved here because this kit has been in...
  12. ApexHunter

    FS: Turbosmart CompGate40 ****SOLD*******

    Turbosmart CompGate40 (40mm external wastegate) ****SOLD*******Price: $225 shipped within USA.****SOLD*******
  13. ApexHunter

    FS: WORKS Grab Shift Knob ***SOLD***

    Item is like new. It has probably seen
  14. ApexHunter

    FS: EVO MR Suspension ***SOLD***

    SOLD - $450 Picked upThis was the cleanest set i could find. It was not easy to find a set this clean and low mileage. These came off a Southern California car. Previous owner told me that he took them off his Evo IX MR at 34k miles and replaced them with a set of HKS Hipermax coilovers...
  15. ApexHunter

    MOD Socal 2015

    It's official, mark your calendars for July 11th. MMNA has already booked RRE for the annual dyno competition.Same place as always- Mitsubishi Motors North America 6400 Katella Ave Cypress, CA 90630So who's going? Anybody planning on camping? Fortunately, if you have a gvr4 you can sleep...
  16. ApexHunter

    FS: Denso EVO IX fuel pump ****SOLD****

    ****SOLD****Denso OEM EVO IX Fuel Pump. Approximately 15k miles on it. Worked great when it was swapped out for a 255. Dominates the Evo VIII pump. SOLD - $40 shippedSOLD ITEMS:ABS Delete Kit - Prop valve sourced from a JDM VR4 RS for maximum nerd points and bragging...
  17. ApexHunter

    FS: BNIB Defi Fuel Pressure Gauge

    Howdy folks, have a look and if you are interested or have any questions, please contact me via PM, h22aaccord94 at yahoo, or mobile 9four9 - three85 - E39A . Paypal or Cash Pickup only! Thanks!Defi Fuel Pressure Gauge, 52mm. These retail For ~$200 or so. As fresh as it gets, I never...
  18. ApexHunter

    FS: Cheap Helmet ***SOLD***

    Nothing wrong with it, this was my spare but i sold my bike. Probably a good buy as a cheap trackday helmet.SOLD
  19. ApexHunter

    Mitsufest 2014 @ Autoclub Speedway Fontana, CA November 23rd

    Hope to see some GVR4s out there! Mitsufest