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  1. FS: garage clean up hks gauge pod, amg corners, amg grille, jdm side mirrors,

    I didn't get a message, though maybe because of the update
  2. 2021 calendar

    Completely understand. Thank you for your effort and for doing it in the past. Hope all is well with you and gets better!
  3. 2021 calendar

    Any update about the 2021 Calendar? Thanks
  4. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Any update on these badges?
  5. 2020 Calendar

    another on if you need itThis one was submitted by someone on facebook
  6. 2020 Calendar

    I posted on all the facebook groups. What is your e-mail address they can send them to?
  7. 2020 Calendar

    Out of curiosity, Did you post on the Facebook groups as well? I feel like this same post on there would generate more than enough photos. If you aren't on Facebook I would be more than willing to post for you, either way I'd say hit Galant Vr4, USDM Galant Registry, and Galant Vr4 Barter...
  8. jnava

    Another fantastic transaction with Nava. Top notch communication, great prices, and lightning fast shipping. I mean it when I say he sets the bar for everyone else to try to measure up to in these kind of transactions. Thank you again!
  9. jnava

    Another great transaction with Juan. I'd gladly pass up similar items at lower prices just to deal with Nava. Great guy, great items, highly trusted!
  10. bobdole

    After Multiple Transactions I Couldn't be Happier. Hood Shocks for Carbon Fiber Hood, Strut Bars Front and Rear, JDM Plate Adaptor, Oil Cap and Drain plug Just to name a few. Items always arrive well packaged and fast, communication is top notch, and He's a great guy to top it off. Charles is...
  11. White gvr4 spotted near Gary, IN 2 nights ago...

    I was just thinking of posting to ask how many of use are in the Chicago area. Went to a nostalgic import car meet at Busse Woods a couple months back and there wasn't a single Mistu other than mine.
  12. Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

    I didn't own a gvr4, but I had a fully built 92 GSX that I loved. Ended up parting it out when I got engaged to pay for the wedding. I grabbed a 90 GSX that I kept mostly stock as a daily and then sold when I moved from Ohio to Chicago. Went through a period of about 3 years without any Mitsu...
  13. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Thank you for the update. Looking forward to the finished product
  14. FS: Custom Steering Wheel Horn Buttons

    Here one is on a Momo wheel