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  1. FS: Mitsubishi Diamond Logo Horn Buttons

    “Mind Limiter” (Mind Power x Rev Limiter) collaboration.This is the famous Mitsubishi diamond logo(three water caltrops). The logo was chosen by founder Iwasaki Yatarō and combines his family crest with that of the Tosa clan(the family crest of his first employer). It also reflects...
  2. FS: VR-4 Logo Keychains

    “Mind Limiter” (Mind Power x Rev Limiter) keychain collaborationThis is the exact trunk badge logo from the E39A Galant VR-4. Matches the horn button to perfection and makes a great companion if you already have one. Super nice metal keychain with a very ornate bail, which makes it super...
  3. FS: Custom DSM & Eagle Logo Steering Wheel Horn Buttons

    Hey there. After having success with the VR-4 trunk badge logo horn buttons, I’ve come up with a couple designs for the DSM platform.“Mind Limiter” (Mind Power x Rev Limiter) collaborationI have 2 options available.Option #1 is the same exact Diamond Star Motors font logo that is on...
  4. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Hey everybody. I am working with a company to reproduce the VR-4 trunk badge to exact perfection. The OEM badge has been NLA since about 2012 when I bought mine new. A lot of people have been asking me to buy one, so I have decided to do something about it. Lots and lots of emails, but I'm...
  5. FS: Custom Steering Wheel Horn Buttons

    Hey everybody. I haven't been very active due to unforeseen circumstances, but I'm back with a product that I'm sure a lot of you will really like.I am partnering up with Adam of to produce a batch of '91 VR-4 trunk badge logo steering wheel horn buttons. I myself came up with...
  6. FS: Stoof

    Hey everybody. I have a few things for sale.1G AWD non-ABS knuckles. They are clean and rust-free. $50 shipped. 3 pairs available.New OEM non-ABS brake fluid reservoir(MB534534). The difference between the non-ABS and ABS, is that the non-ABS lacks a filter. $25 shipped. I already...
  7. Sold: Evo 560's

    Hey there. I have Evo 560's that I bought from 524of1000. One of them was missing a pintle cap, so I bought all new ones from FIC including new seals. For some reason the insulators between the injectors and rail have cracked. Only have 25 miles on the caps and seals. Not sure how many miles...
  8. RRE Camber and Caster Plates

    Hey guys. I was talking to Robert at RRE yesterday about the camber plates they offer for DSM's. Their plates are the best out there IMO because the Torrington bearings they use separate the shock and spring loads away from the spherical bearing. The plates are designed to work with 2.5" springs...
  9. Sold: 2G Dejon Intake W/ K&N FIPK Filter

    Hey guys. Plans have changed again and nothing is wrong with this setup. Was planning on using this for a long time, but a rare setup presented itself, so I had to jump at it. Bought both new and only have about 50 miles on them. All you need is a 2G MAF and MAF adapter harness from...
  10. LT1UltraZ

    Couldn't find a thread for Marcin(sp?). Excellent communication and sent money promptly. Thanks again.
  11. Found: MHI TD06 20G Compressor Cover

    Hey there. Looking to swap out my Evo 16G with a TD06 20G. Just looking for the downfiring compressor cover. Has to be MHI, no universal covers. Inlet needs to be 80mm please. Let me know what you got. Thanks.Found a blown GReddy 18G instead. Thanks guys.
  12. SOLD: New Stainless Brake Lines

    Hey there. I bought some Techna-Fit GVR-4 specific stainless brake lines, but will not be using them. Going a different route. Brand new, still in the packaging. They have a black PVC covering to prevent grime from working into the stainless weave, which is ideal for street cars.$120 shipped.
  13. SOLD: Super VR-4 Badge

    Hey guys. I have one more Super VR-4 badge that I am getting rid of and brand-new.$60 shipped.
  14. SOLD: AMG Spark Plug Cover

    Hey guys. Bought this off of jordanvr4 not too long ago for $150. Only reason for selling is because I found a new one.Asking $125 shipped. Thanks.
  15. Found: AMG Grille

    Hey there. Looking for a white or black AMG grille with mesh, Mitsu emblem, and no broken tabs please. Thanks.Found. Thanks wop.
  16. SOLD: Boomba Racing Catch Cans

    Decided to go a different route. They are anodized black and set up for 8mm(stocK) hose. Only used for about 50 miles. Won't come with the bracket unless you want it. These are sealed, which is what you want. They do not have baffling, but I've noticed in the short time using it that the cooler...
  17. FS: New 1G Manual AWD Drop Engineering Motor Mount

    Hey guys.I have a brand-new black mild steel motor mount with a 75A durometer. These are discontinued and made for 1G's, but I was able to get 3 of them to work fine. From what I recall, this piece did not work on the Galant crossmember, so I had to get a Torque Solution front motor mount. Not...
  18. Found: Front VR-4 Mud Flaps

    Hey guys. I found rears, but need front VR-4 specific mud flaps. Thanks,
  19. FS: Authentic RAYS Engineering 50mm Extended Lug Nuts

    Hey guys. I have brand new RAYS Duralumin 50mm extended lug nuts in blue. Weigh 31g each. These have been discontinued according to RAYS and their vendors. You can check here to see if mine are indeed real. These were bought from Vivid Racing, an authorized RAYS dealer. I have decided to go...
  20. SOLD: Authentic GReddy Type RS BOV

    Hey guys. I have a good condition, authentic GReddy Type RS. Lots of fakes out there, but this is a real deal 2G-specific one. You can check here if you think mine is fake. The recirc fitting is 32mm. I can include blue silicone hose if requested for free. Comes with a used gasket, but they...