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  1. Hey. New 6G Owner

    Wheels updated, 15'' Enkei OZ Racing for a more OEM style look.Need to drop the height slightly to sit them into the wheel well a bit better. Along with some spacers to the rear.
  2. Lowering Springs. EU available?

    @gvr4everThanks, any chance you can post up the part numbers for the H&R springs you bought? Are they the 40mm drop. Would be brilliant to have a number I can cross reference. Sitting on an Island in the Atlantic its critical I get the part right first time as shipping back parts gets...
  3. Hey. New 6G Owner

    Steering rack required an overhaul, all new seals.Cant help photo these two together! So photogenic!
  4. Lowering Springs. EU available?

    Cheers Iceman, RockAuto have those KYB replacements in stock. Ill dig further.Its a pure OEM car, so a little lower but pliant road ride is what I'm after.
  5. Lowering Springs. EU available?

    Cheers for that. the hunt continues so
  6. Lowering Springs. EU available?

    Revisiting these. I am also in the market for new suspension. Not coilovers but keeping the OEM standards.I see Rockauto has KYB adjustables in stock.On their part list they list the Galant as a 2.0 DOHC. I guess this is the same for the VR4? I really want to make sure as I dont want to...
  7. Upcoming server move

    Looking forward to the upgrade. Thanks for the work and effort.
  8. Lowering Springs. EU available?

    E39A. JDM Galant VR4Thanks
  9. Lowering Springs. EU available?

    I have found these, and by all accounts are the correct fit.Does anyone else with the H&R springs can confirm the same part number? H&R 29731-1 for Mitsubishi GALANT IV GALANT IV Stufenheck
  10. Lowering Springs. EU available?

    lads and lassies!Looking for Lowering springs for my JDM Galant Vr4. My supplier of H&R reckons the options for the Galant are US only and not Europe.Anyone this side of the pond have any clues or where to go for a decent set? Nothing major, just trying to drop it down a few mm.Thanks
  11. Hey. New 6G Owner

    Quoting bobdole: Looking good. Keep sharing the progress.Hi Charles! Next up is sticker replacement. I have your decals waiting here.Any tips anyone for removing the old stickers?
  12. Hey. New 6G Owner

    Quoting VR485: Looking good. What part of Ireland are you in?Indeed the green part! Im not too far from Dublin. North East.
  13. Hey. New 6G Owner

    Slowly but surely each little job is tackled. I love this stage...spending a few hours in the garage, tunes or podcasts on. One little job at a time.Deep clean in around the arches, couple of trays to collect the dirt and liquids. Very satisfying.Also the under bonnet grime was unreal. A...
  14. Hey. New 6G Owner

    Is this the correct forum area to keep the progress alive on this car?So the list of jobs grows, as does the parts list. Viamoto in UK have been awesome in helping with parts. Most of all the rubber bushes,joints etc underneath are ordered. New bushes for the gearstick assembly and that...
  15. Hey. New 6G Owner

    Even better, its a TWO tone cloth interior
  16. FS: 16x8 5x114 BBS RG-II +42

    Id love these, love to know what shipping costs would be to Ireland?!
  17. Hey. New 6G Owner

    Thanks guys, just finished the Gear stick rebushing and new gearstick gator. Big difference. Next up is Cambelt, waterpump, steering rack refurb, ISC to solve erratic idle, and all the rubber bushings beneath. Then its onto wheels/tyres etc
  18. Hey. New 6G Owner

    Picture of how it sits now. 3 spokes are still under question. I have a set of Sparco Racing wheels to refurb and go on this. Or a set of Enkei wheels. Yet to decide.
  19. Hey. New 6G Owner

    Finally got registered, my 1989 Galant VR4 landed from Japan a few weeks back after winning the auction back in November.It's a 1989 Galant VR4 in white, one owner car just hit 100k miles. Lots of refresh work underway, waiting on parts etc. It joins it's younger brother a Lancer Evolution...